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  • 99 Hunanese to Mourn over Chairman Mao in Beijing on Qing Ming Festival

    99 Hunanese to Mourn over Chairman Mao in Beijing on Qing Ming Festival

    A group of 99 Hunanese will fly to Beijing by charted plane on April 4 to mourn over Chairman Mao Zedong at the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, presenting flower baskets and chanting Yearning of Hunan People, and memoiring people's heroes at the Monument to the People's Heroes at Tiananmen Square.The memorial ceremony is launched by Hunan People's Radio Station, and co-hosted by the Chinese Culture Promotion Society, China Radio International (CRI), Beijing Broadcasting and TV Station, and Hunan Broadcasting System. On March 31, the list of the 99 representatives was made public. Those Hunanese include Mao Anping, son of the paternal cousin of Mao Zedong, Mao Yushi, secretary of the general Party branch of Shaoshan Village, Major General Huang Zushi, former deputy political commissar of Hunan Provincial Military District, Yong Xiaochun, China's only private collector of Mao's badges, as well as teachers and students representatives from Hunan First Normal University (Chairman Mao's Alma Mater), outstanding Party members, national model workers and ethnic minority deputies from across the province.Translator: Zhang MinsiSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Working Conference on 2011 Hunan GOV WEB Construction Held in Changsha

    Working Conference on 2011 Hunan GOV WEB Construction Held in Changsha

    The Working Conference on 2011 Hunan Government Websites Construction was held in Changsha on March 31, 2011. Vice Governor of Hunan Province Han Yongwen addressed the meeting and Assistant Governor Yuan Jianyao presided over the conference.  Hunan will further strengthen e-government construction, and establish unified e-government and office service platform covering the province. Efforts will be intensified for online government services and electronic monitoring system. By 2015, Hunan will strive to realize the full coverage of e-government in administrative departments at all levels and provide online service for 80% of administrative licensing items.  In recent years, construction of government websites has achieved remarkable results. Websites have been set-up among fifty-one departments under the Hunan Provincial People's Government, fourteen municipal and prefectural governments, one hundred and twenty five county and district governments. The governments make public of more information with improved quality.  In 2010, Hunan Official Web Portal (Chinese) ranked the seventh in China's provincial websites performance evaluation, and Hunan Official Web Portal (English) ranked the third in terms of internationalization assessment and evaluation among government's websites at provincial level.Translator: Zhang MinsiSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Hunan Witnesses a Surge of Foreign Tourists

    Hunan Witnesses a Surge of Foreign Tourists

    As the Changsha Frontier Inspection Station revealed on April 4, 99,188 passengers came in or went out of the city during the first quarter of this year, increasing by 16.9% over that of last year. Among the foreign travelers, Korean tourists account for most, followed by America and Australia.  In the first three months, 28,868 travelers from across Hunan and 43,327 passengers from abroad were received, respectively up 7.4% and 78.5% over last year. The top three destinations are Taiwan, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Korea. 22,558 Taiwan compatriots came to Hunan for sightseeing and/or visiting relatives, a year-on-year growth of 5%.  Hunan witnesses a surge of foreign tourists due to two factors. First is that development of tourism industry in Hunan leads to rise of tourists to Zhangjiajie and other resorts. Second is that because of the economic vitality in Hunan, Hunan-based enterprises work on more cooperative projects with foreign counterparts.Translator: Zhang MinsiSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Construction of “China Chiyou Culture Park” Kicks off in Xinhua County

    Construction of “China Chiyou Culture Park” Kicks off in Xinhua County

    Hosted by Loudi Municipal People’s Government, jointly undertaken by Xinhua County People’s Government and Loudi Municipal Tourism Bureau, the cornerstone-laying ceremony of “China Chiyou Culture Park” was held in Daxiong (Big Bear) Mountain, Xinhua County on April 1, 2011.The culture park consists of ancestry culture zone and religious culture zone, with the former starting construction this time. In 2009, the park was listed among Hunan’s key projects of tourism industry. The first phase of the project will focus on Culture Sqaure, Youchi Main Hall, Huwei Main Hall, Chunji Main Hall, Brother Corridor, Shanzhai Door, Worshipping Road, Sacrifice shrine, Chiyou Statue, Jinshui (Golden Water) Bridge,river improvement, Parking Lot and Tourist Center. The second phase will concentrate on Performing Center, beacon tower, museum, virtue corridor, Chiyou ancient stockade and stream scenic belt. Efforts will be made to set up a farming experience zone, a reception center and to renovate local dwelling houses at the third phase.Chiyou is considered as one of the Three Grand Ancestors of the Chinese nation alongside the Yellow Emperor and Shennong.Translator: Zhang MinsiSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Shaoshan Holds Memorial Ceremonies to Mourn for Revolutionary Martyrs

    Shaoshan Holds Memorial Ceremonies to Mourn for Revolutionary Martyrs

    Locals of Shaoshan City--hometown of former Chairman Mao Zedong, presented flowers to ancestors’ cemeteries, recited memorial poems and swept tombs on the Internet to honor ancestors and the deceased as Qingming Festival or Tomb-Sweeping Day draws near.More than 400 carders, citizens and students attended a simple but solemn memorial ceremony at Shaoshan Martyr Park to mourn for revolutionary martyrs on April 2. They laid flower baskets at martyrs’ cemeteries and vowed to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture.In addition, over 500 youths participated in a vowing ceremony on the same day to pay tribute to the proletarian  revolutionaries of the older generation. They voiced their lofty pledge to build up a more prosperous hometown.Translator: Guo YanSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Zhangjiajie Government for "Avatar" Event Marketing Awards

    Zhangjiajie Government for "Avatar" Event Marketing Awards

    April 1, 2011, Zhangjiajie Government officially announced "Zhangjiajie promotional marketing Award"list, "Avatar"Event Marketing won first, and their members are Deng daoli, Mao Jianjian, Song Zhiguang. The three of them will share the 50,000 yuan prize.After the Avatar release,Zhangjiajie is the first number of the reception, 5A scenic spots in China, about 15,240,000.The majority of tourism enterprises to this film combined with Zhangjiajie attractions publicity, played a very good effect.Visitors tour in Zhangjiajie, the integration of Avatar, Pandora, Hallelujah Mountain.Zhangjiajie-World Natural Heritage and World Geopark and The First National Forest Park of China.Yuanjiajie and Baofeng is mainly film attractions.Domestic and overseas tourists want to go to these spots in Zhangjiajie Tourism.By the impact of this film,More and more tourists to Zhangjiajie, in particular the growing influence of foreign.Many domestic and international film and television companies plan to shoot more movies in Zhangjiajie.Zhangjiajie of promotion will be more brilliant,Especially in Europe.We will also design products with a variety of movies.Zhangjiajie tour will flourish.
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  • Zhangjiajie SUNSHINE Hotel opened

    Zhangjiajie SUNSHINE Hotel opened

    One of the most luxurious hotels in Hunan Province - Zhangjiajie Sunshine Hotel  in March 30, 2011 Opening.Zhangjiajie SUNSHINE Hotel according to the national five-star hotel is invested and built,It is a luxury resort hotel.Hotel located in Zhangjiajie City,You can see the famous Tianmen Mountain,and go to sleep with the voice of the flowing water in the Lishui River.located high-speed exit,Next to Yongding government.It is only 20 minutes drive to the airport and 10 minutes drive to the railway station.geographical location is very convenient transportation.Rooms 500, the hotel has Chinese and Western variety of restaurants and lobby bar.Hotel conference rooms and banquet space all 2,800 square meters, the largest ballroom area of ​​1,000 square meters,with high-tech communications equipment; supported by professional meeting and banquet service team. In addition, the hotel is equipped with recreational facilities, indoor swimming pool, spa, badminton court, gymnasium, billiard room, table tennis room, chess room.etc.
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  • A Film Studio for Red Culture to be Set up in Shaoshan

    A Film Studio for Red Culture to be Set up in Shaoshan

    Themed by “Love for the Hometown of Chairman Mao, Joint Work for a Promising Future”, a large-scale investment-solicitation event was launched in Shaoshan recently. Over 100 investors across the country gathered here and mapped out a blueprint for development. A total of 18 key projects were signed during the event with the contract volume reaching 10.27 billion yuan, making the event receive the most assigned projects and enjos the largest investment scale. Among them, the Film Studio for Red Culture project, with the cost of 1.5 billion, was particularly eye-catching.With the natural landscape of Shaoshan core scenic spots as its platform, the studio will exert great endeavors to promote red culture, red films and red interpretation, and create a national-level red film-shooting base. Preparations will be made in May and shooting work started in June. The feature film and TV play “Yang Kaihui”(wife of Chairman Mao), the movie “Autumn Harvest Uprising” and the 120-episode TV series "Mao Family" will be staged in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the 120th anniversary of Chairman Mao's birth.Translator: Ma HuiqinSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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