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  • World's Top Hotels Open in Changsha

    World's Top Hotels Open in Changsha

    Two five-star hotels, St.Regis Hotel and W Hotel under Starwood Group Inc. opened subsidiaries in Changsha Yunda Central Square on April 18. Starwood, a prestigious hotel management group signed a cooperation agreement with Hunan Yunda Industry Group at Changsha Yunda Starwood Hotel on the afternoon. Li Weiwei, director of the United Front Work Department of Hunan Province witnessed the signing ceremony and met with He Guoxiang, deputy CEO of the Asia-Pacific Investment Expansion Division of Starwood Group and General Manager of W Hotels China.    Director Li congratulated the business partners on their strategic cooperation. She hoped that the newly-launched world's first class hotels will play a positive role in promoting Hunan's future development and breathe new life into the development of the hotel sector. The province will attach more significance to the improvement of infrastructure and transport facilities. Efforts will be exerted on the optimization of development environment for the smooth progress of the cooperation. She also wished win-win results to be yielded in this cooperation.   Mr. He said,Starwood will make more contributions to accelerating the advancement of Hunan's hotel industry through their investment in Changsha.Translator: Guo YanSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Hunan Shaoshan to Forge Classic Red Culture-oriented Tourism

    Hunan Shaoshan to Forge Classic Red Culture-oriented Tourism

    During the “12th Five-year Plan” period (2011-2015), Shaoshan, hometown of Chairman Mao, is to further its “Red Tradition” by implementing a red tourism industry development plan so as to forge a film and television studio of “Red Subject”.  Mayor of the city Xiang Min told that during the next five years, Shaoshan is scheduled to bolster its tourism industry by carrying out the “14461Program”. That is, the number of tourists to Shaoshan will hit 10mln; the main focus will go to the exploitation of four places, namely, Tian’er(swan) Mountain, Shao Feng Peak, Blackstone Village and Shizi(lion) Mountain; at least four 4-star hotels and conference and exhibition centers are to be built; new investment will be injected into 6 areas, i.e. red culture experience, red culture performance, red culture film shooting, red culture education, red culture exhibition and green leisure sports; the total tourism revenue will exceeding 10bln Yuan.  In early April, the city collaborates with Beijing Red Joint Investment Co.,Ltd. in building a national red culture film shooting studio surrounding the Former Residence of Chairman Mao Zedong. The total input comes up to 1.5bln yuan.Translator: Zhou QiongSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Huitang Hot Spring Resort to be Made a National Tourist Resort

    Huitang Hot Spring Resort to be Made a National Tourist Resort

    Recently, Wu Wenxue, Party member and director of Financial Planning Office of the National Tourism Administration of the People's Republic of China headed a delegation to Changsha for tourism investigation.
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  • A New Terminal of Changsha Airport to Be Completed this Month

    A New Terminal of Changsha Airport to Be Completed this Month

    Lights in the shape of Chinese characters meaning Changsha were charged with electricity hoisted on the top of the main building of a new terminal of Changsha Huanghua International Airport on the evening of April 10, 2011. This marks that the project has come to the final stage. It is revealed that the new terminal is to be completed for acceptance check on April 30 and is scheduled to be put into operation this July.Covering an area of 210,000 square meters, the terminal was started in June 2009, and the main construction was finished last July. It is introduced that this new terminal’s area is five times as large as the one in the second generation, consisting of a main building in the front, a corridor in the middle, and three peninsula-shaped waiting halls. It has become the largest public works in steel truss structures up to now in Hunan Province."This terminal features all-steel structures. In this program, 15,000 tons of steelwork are made and installed." the project leader from China Construction Eighth Engineering Division told the reporter. Within 22 months, this project has involved more than 100,000 cubic meters of concrete and 50,000 square meters of roof sheathing, the fastest in airport construction across China.Translator: Zeng HuajuanSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Contributed 11 million yuan to Fenghuang Ancient Town (phoenix)

    Contributed 11 million yuan to Fenghuang Ancient Town (phoenix)

    Huang Yongyu, the famous Fenghuang-born painter, acclaimed as "wizard of the painting circle", contributed 11 million yuan to Fenghuang Ancient Town (phoenix).This money would be utilized for the construction of four landscape bridges over Tuojiang River. The launch ceremony in this regard, was held at Chengbeimen Dock of the ancient town on April 10, 2011.Planned to be completed within this year, the four bridges are named "Fengqiao" (Wind Bridge), "Yuqiao" (Rain Bridge), "Xueqiao" (Snow Bridge) and "Wuqiao" (Fog Bridge) respectively by Huang Yongyu. They are located at the Dixi Section of Fenghuang, the Hongyanjing Section, the Baoziwan Section and Shen Congwen Graveyard Section. Constructed in the archaized style, and inscribed by the well-known painter Huang Miaozi, the bridges gel with the mountain, water and city landscape of Fenghuang County, boosting its convenience and artistic value.Translator: Zhang MinsiSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • China's First Red PDL Inaugurated in Hunan

    China's First Red PDL Inaugurated in Hunan

    On April 13, 2011, over five hundred retired veteran cadres from Dongguan City of Guangdong Province arrived in Shaoshan via China's first red passenger dedicated line (PDL). The cadres made this travel in order to visit the Former Residence of Chairman Mao Zedong and recall the remarkable achievements of Chairman Mao.The cadres were warmly received by Shaoshan people. Zhang Zhanwu, deputy director of Shaoshan Administrative Bureau and other respected leaders attended the welcoming ceremony. At Mao Zedong Square, cadres from Dongguan City held a grand memorial ceremony and presented flower bouquets to the Bronze Statue of Chairman Mao.Deputy Director Zhang stated that Dongguan is a shinning pearl of south China since this was the place which gave birth to reform and opening up, while Shaoshan is the home of the great man, Mao Zedong On the 90th  anniversary of the founding of China's Communist Party, the attendees of the ceremony gathered in the hometown of Chairman Mao to appreciate azaleas, reflecting Dongguan people's affection towards Shaoshan and their love for Chairman Mao.Translator: Zhang MinsiSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • 30 Bln Yuan to be Invested into 11 Civil Airport Projects in Hunan

    30 Bln Yuan to be Invested into 11 Civil Airport Projects in Hunan

    The construction project of 11 civil airports in Hunan Province was included in the national planning scheme, prepared by the Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province on April 12. The completion of these projects will lay a solid foundation to Hunan's endeavor of developing into a powerful aviation province.The 11 projects involve renovation and expansion of airports in Changsha, Changde, Huaihua, Yongzhu and Tongren Fenghuang and construction of five new airports in Hengyang, Yueyang and Shaoyang's Wugang County-level City. Preliminary research of construction projects in Loudi and Chenzhou has already been carried out.During the 12th Five-year Plan period (2011-2015), Hunan plans to make an investment of 30 billion yuan into the civil airports construction projects. With the implementation of these projects, the province's airport network and transport capacity will significantly improve to better meet the requirements of the social and economic development.Translator: Guo YanSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Hunan Hosts First Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition

    Hunan Hosts First Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition

    The First Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition of Hunan Province was launched at Hunan Forest Botanical Garden, Changsha on April, 9.Heritors of Hunan's intangible cultural heritages at the national, provincial and municipal levels brought to the two-day exhibition their stunning and skilled performances.The items of intangible cultural heritage on display and live performances include Xiang embroidery, Changsha palm fiber weaving, paper cutting and Sangzhi folk songs, boosting visitors' enthusiasm.During their daily life and long-term working, ethnic people of our province created brilliant treasures in literature, music, embroidery, folk costume and folk festivals, which are of great significance to the development of the country and the world at large.It is for the first time that the province exhibited the achievements made in protecting intangible cultural heritages, introduced Dou Xuesong, director of Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center. The event is expected to raise people's awareness of protecting and loving local intangible cultural heritages and to promote the protection, handing down and development of these treasures.Translator: Xie JingjingSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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