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  • Tianmenshan Glass Plank Road Introduction

    Tianmenshan Glass Plank Road Introduction

    Zhangjiajie Glass Plank Road is located at the top of Tianmen Mountain. The highest point of this bridge arrives about 1430 meters. Glass Plank Road is seen as another masterpiece after Ghost Path, Glass deck and wooden bridge over the gorge. In order to insure the transparency and cleanness, all visitors are required to wear shoe covers when walking on Glass Plank Road.It consists of the following three parts
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  • Tianzishan ≠ Tianmenshan, Glass bridge ≠ Glass plank road

    Tianzishan ≠ Tianmenshan, Glass bridge ≠ Glass plank road

    Tianzishan is located in Zhangjiajie Avatar Park, is also often said that part of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, it is one of Zhangjiajie must-seeing attractions. Zhangjiajie Avatar Park also contains other attractions: Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie, Huangshizhai, Jinbianxi, Shilihualang. Zhangjiajie Avatar Park is very large, Once ticket (Price 248 yuan, annual ticket 298 yuan), including entrance fees and park bus, you can visit four days, generally takes 2-3 days tour time.Tianmenshan is located in Zhangjiajie urban area, Tianmenshan cableway station is also in the city center, adjacent to Zhangjiajie railway station and bus station and airport, its traffic is very convenient, take a 30 minute cable car can go to the top of Tianmenshan. This whole tour time only 4-6 hours, the main attractions:Tongtian Avenue, Tianmen hole, Glass plank road, Guigu plank road, Tianmenshan Temple and so on.The Glass bridge is located in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, it is adjacent to Wulingyuan core area and Huanglong Cave. The Glass bridge tickets are not included in Grand Canyon tickets, need to pay another 141 yuan. The Glass bridge is built in Grand Canyon between the two peaks, from the bottom of the height of about 400 meters, the bridge length of 370 meters, The bridge is covered with transparent glass, the standard to achieve the most of the world, visitors can experience the feeling of walking in the air on the bridge.Glass plank road is located in Tianmenshan National Forest Park, tickets have been included in Tianmenshan park entrance fee, only need to purchase another shoe cover (5 yuan),The glass plank road is built on the edge of the cliffs of the Peak of Tianmenshan, it is thrilling glass plank road and makes the tourist legs soft, connected with the ghost valley plank road.
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  • How about Zhangjiajie's sister World Geopark?

    How about Zhangjiajie's sister World Geopark?

    As a member of the World Geopark, Zhangjiajie has become a sister park with many world geoparks at home and abroad. After verifying with Zhangjiajie City Geopark Management Office, Zhangjiajie has established a sister park with 19 world geoparks at home and abroad. Among them, there are 13 domestic sister geoparks and 6 international sister geoparks.6 International sister geoparks1. UK - Marble Arch Cave, World Geopark2. Spain - Maest, UNESCO World Geopark3. UK-Rivieira, UNESCO World Geopark4. Greece - Lesvos Island, UNESCO World Geopark5. Czech-Bohemian Paradise, UNESCO World Geopark6. Portugal - Aloca, UNESCO World Geopark13 Domestic sister geoparks1. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region - Alashan Desert, World Geopark2. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region - Keshiketeng, UNESCO World Geopark3. Henan Province - Wangwushan & Emei Mountain, UNESCO World Geopark4. Jiangxi Province - Sanqing Mountain, UNESCO World Geopark5. Jiangxi Province - Longhu Mountain, UNESCO World Geopark6. Fujian Province - Taining, UNESCO World Geopark7. Zhejiang Province - Yandang Mountain, UNESCO World Geopark8. Fujian Province - Ningde, UNESCO World Geopark9. Guizhou Province - Zhijindong, UNESCO World Geopark10. Jiangxi Province - Lushan, UNESCO World Geopark11. Guangxi Province - Leye Fengshan, UNESCO World Geopark12. Hubei Province - Shennongjia, UNESCO World Geopark13. Hainan Province - Leiqiong, UNESCO World GeoparkSource from shuire team
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  • Zhangjiajie weather and climate

    Zhangjiajie weather and climate

    January: January is the coldest month, It snows a lot with a lowest temperature of minus 3 centi-degree, and highest temperature of 10 centi-degree. People always stay at home to prepare for the new years holiday.
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  • Zhangjiajie travel entrance fee,cableway,elevator,sightseeing train cost

    Zhangjiajie travel entrance fee,cableway,elevator,sightseeing train cost

    Zhangjiajie national forest park entrance fee:Year pass: CNY295 + 3 InsuranceFour days pass: CNY245+ 3 InsuranceLow season fee CNY136+ 3 Insurance (From Dec 1st to next Feb 28th)Include the following scenic spots:Scenic Eco-buses fee in the park
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  • Online Booking ticket for Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge & Tianmenshan

    Online Booking ticket for Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge & Tianmenshan

    This is a special product, we can only accept a booking under full payment. Online Booking Group ticket for Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge and Tianmenshan national forest park glass plank.welcome!
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  • Zhangjiajie hiking tour recommended routes

    Zhangjiajie hiking tour recommended routes

    A line:Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Entrance-Laomo Bay-HIKING UP Huangshi Village(Front UP)-Around trip Huangshi Village-HIKING DOWN Huangshi Village(Behind down)-Cableway station-Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Entrance.The whole journey is about 15km and the time is about 5-6 hours.B line:Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Entrance-Golden whip stream(Jinbianxi)-Shuiraosimen-Ten-mile Gallery(Shilihualang)-HIKING UP Tianzi mountain-BUS-Yangjiajie-HIKING DOWN Sand road ditch(Shadaogou)-Zicaotan-Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Entrance.The whole journey is about 30km and the time is about 8-9 hours.C line:Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Entrance-Dragon and Phoenix Temple(Longfengan)-BUS-Yangjiajie Cableway station-HIKING UP Yangjiajie mountain-The world\'s first bridge(Tianxiadiyiqiao)-Walking tour Yuanjiajie-Mihuntai-HIKING DOWN Luanchuan hillside(Luanchuanpo)-Qianlixianghui-Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Entrance.The whole journey is about 28km and the time is about 7-8 hours.Source from SHUIRE TEAM\'s personal experience
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  • Hunan Province Weather Profile

    Hunan Province Weather Profile

    Situated in south China, Hunan Province features distinct four seasons: lots of rainfall in the end of spring and the beginning of summer, drought in the end of summer and autumn; the weather in spring (February, March and April) is changeable and wet; more sunny days in summer (May, June and July) and (August, September and October). The annual average temperature in Hunan is about 17 °C (63 °F).Hunan Province shows its beauties with different scenery in different seasons; hence the best time to visit Hunan will accordingly change. Changsha, the capital city of Hunan, is a nice tourist destination the whole year round except summer for the intense heat. Besides, autumn is the best season to visit Changsha, when the red autumnal leaves cover all over Yuelu Mountain and Orange Isle. To visit Zhangjiajie City, spring and autumn should be the best seasons, for there are pretty peach blossom in spring, and the colorful autumnal leaves and delicious fruits in autumn.SpringSummerAutumnWinter
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