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  • Zhangjiajie Maoyanmei tea

    Zhangjiajie Maoyanmei tea

    Named Tujia dew tea and Tujia magical tea, Maoyanmei has its vulgos like: longevity cane, glossy ganoderma, mee tea and bitter sweet dew. It is a kind of wild plant grown in the primeval forest of Zhangjiajie. The tea made from this plant has the freshness and simplicity from the climate.
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  • Dark Tea(Hei Cha 黑茶)

    Dark Tea(Hei Cha 黑茶)

    Dark Tea(Hei Cha 黑茶) is an unique type of tea made by most fermentation with a more than 400 years history,in is usually called Border-Sale tea(Bian Xiao Cha 边销茶),literally,tea sold on borders as it is commonly compressed into forms of bricks and sold in western minority areas of China.
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  • Junsheng Sandstone Painting

    Junsheng Sandstone Painting

    Zhangjiajie Junsheng Art Institute Ancestors of Tujia nationality have lived on this quartz sandstone land for thousands of years and no one has ever expected that there is a son of Tujia people, who changes the sleeping sand in the water or on the mountains for over ten thousand years into a new type of world recognized art- sandstone painting. Entering Li Junsheng and enjoying his sandstone paintings, you will find that it is always the nature and soul with the fragrance of soil that is the most beautiful.
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  • TuJia Brocades

    TuJia Brocades

    It has a long history for Wulingyuan TuJia brocades.Most traditional brocades are used as bedding,clothes.We call this kind of brocades for "Xi Lan Ka Pu",the meaning of which is TuJia bedding.the main materials of TuJia brocades are silks,cotton thread and worsted.
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  • Zhangjiajie Tortoise Figure Stone

    Zhangjiajie Tortoise Figure Stone

    The tortoise figure stone is the local special products in Mt. Tianzi of Zhangjiajie. It is the fossil of the coral aggregation. The stripe of the stone is very similar to the texture of the turtle shell.
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  • Zhangjiajie Duzhong Tea

    Zhangjiajie Duzhong Tea

    Zhangjiajie can be regarded as the home town of tea. Duzhong Tea is a kind of tea made by a kind of Chinese herbal medicine- Eucommia ulmoides oliv which belongs to defoliated arbor. The leaves are the material of making Duzhong Tea. Usually drinking Duzhong Tea can lose weight. Besides, it can control hypertension, and upgrade low blood pressure.
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  • Fenghuang Red Rice Wine

    Fenghuang Red Rice Wine

    There are three major specialties in Fenghuang,Hunan: Ginger candy, silver-ware and rice wine, of which the two former can be purchased in many places across the country, but the last one that made by Fenghuang people themselves with rice can not be reproduced.
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  • Zhangjiajie Eucommiae Tea

    Zhangjiajie Eucommiae Tea

    Zhangjiajie can be said to be the origin of tea with various kind of teas; such as Chun-ming emerald green tea, lobster scented tea, tippy tea, dew tea and Tujia cloud tea, to name a few, of which“the King of Tea”is Eucommiae tea.
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