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  • TuJia Brocades

    TuJia Brocades

    It has a long history for Wulingyuan TuJia brocades.Most traditional brocades are used as bedding,clothes.We call this kind of brocades for "Xi Lan Ka Pu",the meaning of which is TuJia bedding.the main materials of TuJia brocades are silks,cotton thread and worsted.
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  • Fermented Tea-Dark Tea(Hei Cha 黑茶)

    Fermented Tea-Dark Tea(Hei Cha 黑茶)

    (Also known as post-fermented tea or dark tea)is a class of tea that has undergone microbial fermentation,from several months to many years.the exposure of the tea leaves to humidity and oxygen during the process also causes is to undergo endo-oxidation(Derived from the tea-leaves enzymes themselves)and microbial catalysed exo-oxidation.the resulting dark color of the tea and its resulting liquor vary according to the level of oxidation achieved and thus,the various kinds of fermented teas produced across China are also commonly referred to as dark tea,not be confused with black tea.the most famous fermented tea is Pu-erh produced in Yunnan Province and the Anhua black tea produced in Anhua county of Hunan Provinc.Dark Tea(Hei Cha 黑茶) is an unique type of tea made by most fermentation with a more than 400 years history,in is usually called Border-Sale tea(Bian Xiao Cha 边销茶),literally,tea sold on borders as it is commonly compressed into forms of bricks and sold in western minority areas of China.its name comes from the color of dried tea leaves which results from old coarse raw materials and long time stacking fermentation during its production.According to the producing areas and production process,it can be divided into Hunan Hei Cha,Hubei Hei Cha,Sichuan Route Tea,Diangui Hei Cha and etc.for people who like delicate green tea, it is hard to get used to the strong and unique mellow flavor of dark tea.Hei Cha won popularity in Yunnan Sichuan and Guangxi provinces of China.Now dark tea.
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  • Fenghuang Red Rice Wine

    Fenghuang Red Rice Wine

    There are three major specialties in Fenghuang,Hunan: Ginger candy, silver-ware and rice wine, of which the two former can be purchased in many places across the country, but the last one that made by Fenghuang people themselves with rice can not be reproduced.Among Fenghuang rice wines, the best is absolutely Fenghuang red rice wine in terms of taste. Made by ancestral process and secret prescription and utterly used rice, this red rice wine is mellow, velvety but not heavy drunken, rough and mouth-drying.While among a serials of red rice wine, glutinous rice wine ranks the best. Proceed from its name, sticky rice is the main ingredient in glutinous rice wine, adding red date, candied date, Barbary wolfberry fruit, and Codonopsis pilosula and other rice ingredients. Adopted ancestral process, the red rice wine is made after three to five days. It has the functions of enriching yin and nourishing kidney and keeping fitness, with dark green color, fragrance and sweet mouthful. Moreover, it has no side-effects and is the fine nutriment.Friends who come to Fenghuang for visit can take a bottle of red rice wine. It can not only keep blood flowing and healthy , but also can call up elder’s memories of the past.Translated by Crystal
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  • ZJJ Specialty–Eucommiae Tea

    ZJJ Specialty–Eucommiae Tea

    ZJJ can be said to be the origin of tea with various kind of teas; such as Chun-ming emerald green tea, lobster scented tea, tippy tea, dew tea and Tujia cloud tea, to name a few, of which“the King of Tea”is Eucommiae tea.1.Brief introduction of Eucommiae TeaEucommiae tea has its materials with the lefts of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. It is picked when Eucommia ulmoides lefts flourish or the flower buds blossom, or when the flowers blossom but the fruits are not matured. Processed with traditional method, it becomes a healthy drink, with a scent of bitterness and combined sweetness. Drinking it before sleep is very wholesome with any side-effects.2.Characteristics of Eucommiae tea(1)Pure, green,natural and without pollution;(2)Without theophylline and caffeine; easy absorb and healthy;(3)With rich protein and aminosaeren;(4)Crisp, fragile and black color of the wild tea;(5)With gutta-percha in the left and bark of Eucommiae tree; white silk pulled out when broken off.3.Health care value of Eucommiae tea(1)Blood press reduction;(2)Strengthening body immunity;(3)Adjusting cardiovascular;(4)Anti-inflammation, antiviral;(5)calming-down and abirritation;(6)Lowering cholesterol level.Direction:Put Eucommiae tea into cup and brew it for five minutes with 300cc water and then you can drink. Different from regular teas, Eucommiae tea has no Caffeine, so you will not suffer from insomnia or get addicted to it even if drink for a long time. Cooled or iced tea will be a good flavor, or you can add some Chrysanthemum, Ganoderma lucidum, honey or sugar into the tea according to your own taste.By Crystal
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  • ZJJ Tujia Sticker Painting

    ZJJ Tujia Sticker Painting

    ZJJ Tujia Sticker Painting is a kind of painting pasted on tri-ply wood. A wonder for making such a painting is that it never use commonly used painting material such as paper, oil painting, brush and ink, but sand, gravel, bark, root, leaves, branch, plant straw and rags.The contents of Tujia Sticker Painting are usually about local ethnic people, Xiangxi scenery, auspicious animal and beautiful flower. It embodies rich ethnic culture, especially Tujia people, such as their daily lives, faiths, and customs.ZJJ Tujia Sticker Painting has achieved the national patent. With unique manual work and excellent craftsmanship, vivid and lifelike Tujia Sticker Painting has aroused more and more interest in people at home and abroad.By Emma
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  • Hunan Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone

    Hunan Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone

    Chrysanthemum Stone, A unique handicraft of Liuyang,Hunanis cut and polished by chrysanthemum carving stone which formed 270 or 275 millions years ago. It is generally distributed among southern parts of China, such as Hunan, Jiangsu, and Guizhou. Among those, the one that bears most of the fame is Hunan Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone. Just as the real chrysanthemum, this stone also has a single, two and three stamens or without, which are similar to bamboo chrysanthemum, Longku chrysanthemums, Puye chrysanthemums, and Jinqian chrysanthemums. Based on these characteristics, craftsman sculpture and define those stone into throngs of Chrysanthemums with petals, leaves and branches, both vivid and lifelike.In recent years, the craftsmanship of Chrysanthemum Stone has broken the old pattern of plane modeling and developed into three-dimensional and multi-layer type. And the image of legend character and historical figure has also been added into these arts, for instance, the work of Huangchao’s appreciation of Chrysanthemum and the heavenly maids scattering blossoms. Since the exquisite craftsmanship and ingenious design of Liuyang chrysanthemum carving stone, it was awarded the prize of Panama Pacific International Fair.By Brenda
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  • Xiangxi Fenghuang Batik

    Xiangxi Fenghuang Batik

    With a long history of its arts, pure, beautiful, ancient and plain, Fenghuang batik is an exquisite article in Fenghuang’s folk arts and crafts.Thanks to its bountiful patterns, elegant tue and unique style, batik is applied to making apparels and various living utilities. When looking a piece of batik, you feel its simplicity but no lack of freshness and pleasure to your eyes, especially with ethnic features. At the same time, as a folk art in the ancient time, batik has a history of over 1,000 years. Its unique ethnic style and bountiful national identity are poplar among tourists.Currently, batik art is spreading in Fenghuang and you can see these refined crafts in high streets and back lanes. Moreover, it is one of craft that tourists must take home when come to Fenghuang. Designed according to real demand, batik can be produced into wall hanging, byobo, bedcover, table cover and clothe. All these finished products are unique with distinctive national style and strong ethnic flavor.By Crystal
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  • ZJJ Local Featured Handbags

    ZJJ Local Featured Handbags

    When you come to the scenic spots or downtown arts and crafts shops in ZJJ, various kinds of special handbag featured with Tujia customs will jump into your eyes. And these handbags are made of straws, wheat-straws, bamboo canes or rattans. They differ in styles and sizes, thus they are favored by a large number of touristsVaried in its design decoration and cheap in price, many tourists like to buy these as souvenirs!Therefore, when you arrive in Zhangjiajie, never forget to take these handbags home to memorate your wonderful jouney!By Brenda
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