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  • 2016 Zhangjiajie Airport Arrival flights Time Table(April-November)

    2016 Zhangjiajie Airport Arrival flights Time Table(April-November)

    Flight lineCome FlightFrequencyFlight NoDep time Arr time Shanghai pudong-ZJJHO101713251535247FM9343188020301234567MU5375192521551234567FM9341201522401234567Beijing-ZJJCZ66006359201234567CA1359183521201234567Guangzhou -ZJJCZ33812300351234567CZ3227112513001234567Shenzhen-ZJJCZ3991200021451457    Xian-ZJJJD5107201021351234567MU2431222523501234567Chongqing-ZJJ3U8955125013503467    Chengdu-ZJJCA4377725850257Nanjing-ZJJ3U8763171018451234567    Tianjin-ZJJBK3029120517351357Yinchuan-ZJJCZ3228171019101357Qingdao-ZJJCZ3984180520301234567Shenyang-ZJJCZ3984133520301234567Changsha-ZJJBK28637408501234567BK2909112512401234567Nanning-ZJJBK3030175019351357Lanzhou-ZJJCZ324617101900236Hangzhou-ZJJHO1019135515451356MU536315551755246Taibei-ZJJCZ3026182021001234567Kunming-ZJJHO1020193520551234567Guilin-ZJJBK2760174519301234567Wuhan-ZJJBK280285010101234567
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  • 2016 Tongren Phoenix Airport Flights Time Table(April-November)

    2016 Tongren Phoenix Airport Flights Time Table(April-November)

    Flight lineCome FlightFrequencyFlight NoDep timeArr time Guiyang-TongrenGY71358008351234567G52639112011551234567GS6487130013401234567GS6481162017001234567Beijing-TongrenCZ39946209101357Guangzhou-TongrenCZ3921193521051357Changsha-TongrenBK29178009301234567BK2761134515151234567ShanghaihongqiaoMU588213551615246-TongrenHangzhou-TongrenGS6488172019201357Kunming-HangzhouMU58819001015246Ningbo-TongrenGY7136121514451234567Flight lineBack FlightFrequencyFlight NoDep timeArr time Tongren-Guiyang G52640123513101234567GY7136152515551234567GS6482175018301234567GS6488201521001234567Tongren-BeijingCZ39932155401357Tongren-GuangzhouCZ392295011201357Tongren-ChangshaBK2918100011301234567BK2762155017201234567TongrenMU5881110012552460Tongren-HangzhouGS6487142516151357Tongren-KunmingMU588217051825246Tongren-NingboGY713591511251234567
    Flight 2016-03-31 21:18 View:1425
  • 2016 Changde Taohuayuan Airport Flights Time Table(April-November)

    2016 Changde Taohuayuan Airport Flights Time Table(April-November)

    Flight lineBack FlightFrequencyFlight NoDep timeArr time Changde-BeijingCZ31872200252357Changde-GuangzhouCZ3230205022351234567Changde-ShenzhenCZ6446105012201234567Changde-Kunming    Changde-Shanghai    Changde-HaikoGS652618402025135Changde-XianGS763617201850246Changde-XiamenGS763512001355246Flight lineCome FlightFrequencyFlight NoDep timeArr time Beijing-ChangdeCZ3188175020252357Guangzhou-ChangdeCZ3229183020051234567Shenzhen-ChangdeCZ644590010351234567Kunming-Changde    Shanghai-Changde    Haikou-ChangdeGS652516101755135Xian-ChangdeGS76358201010246Xiamen-ChangdeGS763614551640246
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  • 2016 Huaihua Zhijiang Airport Flights Time Table(April-November)

    2016 Huaihua Zhijiang Airport Flights Time Table(April-November)

    Flight lineBack FlightFrequencyFlight NoDep timeArr time Huaihua-GuangzhouCZ3166212522451357Huaihua-ChengduCZ648710251155246Huaihua-ShenzhenCZ648815551725246Huaihua-BeijingCZ397910051245246Huaihua-BeihaiCZ398021452320246Huaihua-Kunming    Huaihua-Shanghai    Huaihua-XianGS657515101645246Huaihua-HaikouGS657610151155246Flight lineCome FlightFrequencyFlight NoDep timeArr time Guangzhou-HuaihuaCZ3165184520051357Chengdu-HuaihuaCZ648813051440246Shenzhen-HuaihuaCZ6487815945246Beijing-HuaihuaCZ398018052055246Beihai-HuaihuaCZ3979750915246Kunming-Huaihua    Shanghai-Huaihua    Xian-HuaihuaGS6576700905246Haikou-HuaihuaGS657512501425246
    Flight 2016-03-31 21:06 View:1560
  • Zhangjiajie Bus Timetable

    Zhangjiajie Bus Timetable

    Reservation:聯繫我們(Contact us):線上郵箱(On-line Email)  2dragonholiday@gmail.com線上服務(On-line QQ):QQ345395505  852224124  455415132線上微信(On-line Wechat):ZJJONINE;線上交流(On-line Skype ):SHUIRE2線上交流(On-line Facebook ):shuire@gmail.com線上電話(Phone No):(+86) 0744-8362222 8298777OUR WEBSITE: (For overseas service)  (For domestic service)DRAGONHOLIDAY DEPARTMENT公司名稱:湖南湘中旅國際旅行社有限公司(中華假期)Company:Zhangjiajie-XZL-International Travel Service Co., Ltd公司地址:張家界市高盛澧園給力大廈14棟23B03Address:Zhangjiajie City Gaoshengliyuan Building14-23B03DirectionDestinationDeparture  TimeDistanceBus TypePriceZJJ-ChangshaChangsha 7:00am-6:00pm/every one hour380km/4 hours' driveCoachCNY125ZJJ-FenghuangFenghuang8:30am-6:00pm220km/4 and a half hours' driveCoachCNY70ZJJ-JishouJishou8:30am-6:00pm3 hours'driveCoachCNY50ZJJ-WulingyuanWulingyuan7:00am-6:00pm40 minutes'driveMini BusCNY12ZJJ-National Forest ParkNational 7:00am-6:00pm40 minutes'driveMini BusCNY10Foret ParkZJJ-Cili County Cili County 7:00am-5:00pm1 hour's driveMini BusCNY28ZJJ-Sangzhi County Sangzi County 7:00am-5:00pm1 hour's driveMini BusCNY18ZJJ-YangjiajieYangjiajie7:00am-5:00pm1 hour's driveMini BusCNY18Scenic AreaZJJ-Furong Town Furong Town 7:00am-6:00pm2 hours'driveMini BusCNY28ZJJ-Yongshun  County Yongshun County 7:00am-6:00pm2 hours' driveMini BusCNY28ZJJ-WuhanWuhan 5:30pm,only one per day550 km Coach with hard sleeperCNY180
    Flight 2016-03-31 21:03 View:16156
  • Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station

    Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station

    Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station is located in the west part of the new train station square in Guan Li Ping Street, Yongding District of ZJJ, the new-built Central Bus Station which is invested by Zhangjiajie Economic Development Investment Group, covers an area of 300-odd mu (approximately 20 hectares) with a main building of 8000-odd square meters.Enjoying a 2000-odd-capacity waiting room and a 300-odd-capacity parking lot, the new bus station is designed to reach a passenger flow volume of more than 15,000 in rush hours. It is a huge step forward in terms of bus station construction concerning its well-equipped facilities.ZJJ Bus station to Zhangjiajie Park is about 35 km, take the bus 11RBM per person,10 minutes1 times.ZJJ Bus station to Wulingyuan is about 38 km, take the bus 12RBM per person,10 minutes1 times.ZJJ Bus station to Yongshun Village ( Hibiscus Town ) is about 80 km, take the bus 40RBM per person;ZJJ Bus station to Jishou is about 150 kilometers, take the bus 55RBM per person, about 150 minutes;ZJJ Bus station to Phoenix is about 228 kilometers,take the bus 70RBM per person, about 4 hours;ZJJ Bus station to Changde is about 180 kilometers,take the bus 70RBM per person, about 2 hours;ZJJ Bus station to Changsha west bus station is about 350 kilometers,take the bus 120RBM pax, about 4 hours;
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  • The Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed

    The Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed

    The high-speed passenger-dedicated Wuhan-Guangzhou railway, as the south section of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, spans over Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong provinces. It starts from the Wuhan New Railway Station in Wuhan city, capital of central China's Hubei Province, and ends in the Guangzhou New Railway Station in Guangzhou city, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, via such stations as Xianning, Chibi, Yueyang, Changsha, Zhuzhou, Hengyang, Shaoguan, and Huadu. The line extends 1068.6 km in full length with a total investment of 116.6 billion yuan (about 17 billion U.S. dollars).The construction work started from Jun. 23, 2005. On Dec. 9, 2009, the railway made its trial operation with a complete success and was officially put into operation on Dec. 26. The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed trains run at a designed speed of 350 km per hour and reached a maximum speed of 394 km per hour in the trial run, ranking the top in the world. After its opening to traffic, the 10.5-hour trip between Wuhan and Guangzhou has been shortened to three hours. The ticket prices from Wuhan to Guangzhou are divided into three classes, ranging from 490 yuan (72 U.S. dollars) to 780 yuan (114 U.S. dollars). The line earned its name on the list of the World Record Association of China as the line of its kind with the longest mileage, the highest technical standard, the biggest investment, and the highest ticket price in China, boasting several tops of China and the world. Hubei: The Wuhan-Guangzhou line Hubei section covers 173 km in length, with three stations set up in the province, namely, the Wuhan New Railway Station, the Xianning North Railway Station, and the Chibi South Railway Station. Hunan: The Wuhan-Guangzhou line Hunan section spans 518 km in length, with eight stations located in the province, namely, the Yueyang East Railway Station, the Miluo East Railway Station, the Changsha South Railway Station, the Zhuzhou West Railway Station, the Hengshan West Railway Station, the Hengyang East Railway Station, the Leiyang West Railway Station, and the Chenzhou West Railway Station. Guangdong: The Wuhan-Guangzhou line Guangdong section extends 298 km in length with four stations newly built in the province, including the Shaoguan Railway Station, the Qingyuan Railway Station, the Guangzhou North Railway Station, and the Guangzhou South Railway Station. The total length of bridges accounts for approximately half of the total mileage of the railway. As for the Shaoguan-Huadu section only, there are 39 large and medium-sized and grand bridges as well as 20 tunnels, 2 frame bridges, and a highway overpass railway bridge.
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  • 2015 Zhangjiajie to Guilin & Zhangjiajie to Wuhan Flight Time

    2015 Zhangjiajie to Guilin & Zhangjiajie to Wuhan Flight Time

    Fly Date: May-October.1、Between:Zhangjiajie and WuhanBK2801:Weekly 1,2,3,4,5,6,7;Zhangjiajie to Wuhan  07:40am-08:55am;BK2802:Weekly 1,2,3,4,5,6,7;Wuhan to Zhangjiajie  09:25am-10:40am;2、Between:Zhangjiajie and GuilinBK2759:Weekly 1,2,3,4,5,6,7;Zhangjiajie to Guilin  15:20pm-17:05pm;BK2760:Weekly 1,2,3,4,5,6,7;Guilin to Zhangjiajie  17:35pm-19:20pm;
    Flight 2015-05-16 14:58 View:1174