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Phoenix Day Le Grand Hotel

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  • Rate:★★★☆
  • Price:¥328
  • Tel:+86 744 8362222
  • Address:鳳凰古城入口,Inside the Ancient City
  • Nearby:Phoenix ancient town,Fenghuang town
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Located in 鳳凰古城入口(文化廣場),Inside the Ancient City.

Phoenix Day Le Grand Hotel is located in the scenic Phoenix Town Core Cultural Plaza, Check Inn Hotel was in the scenic city, let you feel close to the simplicity and beauty of the ancient city of the ancient city, play all the attractions are very convenient, walk to the city street in the 2 minutes, 3 minutes to Shen Cong, to the north gate of Tuojiang River Rock jump for 5 minutes. The hotel location, you can stroll around the hotel to visit the ancient city in the leisure hotel; simple and elegant appearance, and the ancient city with brilliance, in front of the hotel is the tourist center and village government compound fat ban on and off; is the most concentrated city people; the hotel has various rooms, bright and spacious room decoration, fashion chic hotel; configuration elevator, optical network, free WiFi, central air conditioning and equipped with independent air conditioning; also in the scenic city of only one underground parking lot Hotel parking, hotel and pleasant environment, warm service, high ratio of performance to price, union parking, accommodation, play in one, let your peace of mind and effort; the hotel is equipped with tourist reception department, free consultation attractions and shuttle service to the guest. Stay comfortable, convenient travel is Chinese and foreign guests to tour the ancient city of Phoenix preferred the ideal hotel, is an embodiment of national charm of large-scale four-star style resort hotel.

Opened:2010 Number of rooms:168 Postcode:416200 Redecorated:2016


Inside the Ancient City

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