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3 Days Hiking Tour to Zhangjiajie Mountain

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Quotation: Starting from US$264/P.P

Tour Duration: 2 nights and 3 days

Tour Description:

This tour will take you to the real nature, bring you an unforgetable experience in have a private driver and guide every day. Good for those who like hiking and walking.

Day1,In the morning Your guide meet you at hotel.Hiking in Golden whip stream and Yuanjiajie With a length of 7.5 kilometers, Golden Whip Stream is famous for its pristine water, its verdant mountains, its steep cliffs and its serene valley. As a veritable paradise for plants, its pathways are adorned by an abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses. Then too, this place is a kingdom fit for various fauna-birds, fish and land animals. Such comparable scenic poetry is only to be found in fairy tales. Indeed, someone has aptly remarked: It is a stream of bright watercolor painting, and a creator of ancient legends. To many other observers, Golden Whip Stream is a stream at once unique and mysterious, producing astonishment in the hearts of those fortunate enough to tour its wonders. Yuanjiajie-world natural heritage site, as a Hollywood photographer spent time shooting there in 2008. ‘Avatar’ Makes Its Mark on China’s Zhangjiajie, Floating Hallelujah Mountains featured in Hollywood blockbuster Avatar” ,the prototypes in Zhangjiajiegrand and tactile forest landscape,it seems vertiginously suspended with sky above (BLD)

Accomadation:Wulingyuan hotel

Day2,Hiking in Yangjiajie, take park bus to Wulongzhai, full day exploration in Tianbofu,Balipo,Yibudongtian,one-step-to -heaven ,Kongzhongzoulang-corridor in the air.Yangjiajie abuts on Zhangjiajie in the east and Tianzi mountain in the north, covering 34 square km. it consists of three parts: Xiangzhistream, Longquan valley and Baihouvalley , in which there are altogether over 200 scenic spots. At Xiangzhi stream, one sees undulating peaks extending into the distance and limpid brooks winding along the deep gullies, and hears birds and cicadas singing in the dusk along the ancient roads, it is a land of peace indeed! Longquan valley is characterized by precipitous cliffs. They form a natural defense that looks like huge ancient city walls.Baihou (hundred monkeys) valley, on the other hand, is a home of monkeys haunts the valley, and flocks of egrets rest among the green trees. (BLD)

Accomadation:Wulingyuan hotel

Day3, Hiking in Tianzishan, Tianzi in the north section of the reserve, is another popular expedition, also served by cable car. As is the custom, every rock,crag and gully has been given a fanciful name. Take park bus to Tianzishan, do sightseeing in Shen-tangwan,Helong park,Yubifeng,after finishing sightsee-ing on the top of the Tianzishan mountain, begin to take a trail downward the mountain from the Tianzi pagoda, you go through

Yueliangya, Wologling lying dragon ridge, Shilihualang ten-li picturesque gallery,finally you come to mini train station, and take park bus to Wulingyuan entrance.and transfer to your decent hotel.