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Zhangjiajie family tour-Holiday trip-Easy trip

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Do not worry about your Zhangjiajie journey, It is easy, convenient, self-service. As long as An email to us that all things are easy to solve.

DAY 1Arrived Zhangjiajie airport

Driver will meet you at Zhangjiajie airport, transport to Wulingyuan hotel(50 minutes)

Accommomation: Wulingyuan town

DAY 2Tianzi mountain—Yuanjiajie

Start your tour in the early morning around 9:00, this day will be a adventure into the worldwide famous forest park---zhangjiajie national forest park, you have the whole day for visiting Yuanjiajie to see the avatar Mountain,and Tianzi mountain, back to hotel around 5:00pm.

Accommomation: Wulingyuan town

DAY 3,Ten miles gallery-Golden whip stream

In the morning we will take a walk in Ten miles Gallery and Golden whip stream, enjoy the nice air and water.we can see the mountains from the foot of the mountain.Enjoy the Charming xiangxi show in the evening.

Accommomation: Wulingyuan town

DAY 4, BaoFeng Lake & Yellow Dragon cave

Visit Baofeng Lake, take a boat cruise.and in the afternoon Visit Yellow Dragon cave—the biggest underground cave in china.

Accommomation: Wulingyuan town

DAY 5, Tianmen mountain OR Join-in tour to Furong-town and Rafting

Tianmen mountain:Check out hotel in the morning, Driver will meet you Wulingyuan Hotel, transport to Zhangjiajie city(50 minutes),and visit Tianmen mountain, you will take the longest cable car which is 7.5 KM ,up to the mountain, take a walk on the suspension pathway and glass pathway, visit Tianmen gate. A lot of hiking in the Tianmen Mountain.

Join-in tour to Furong-town and Rafting:In the morning(7-8am), the guide with guests to Join-in tour to Furong-town and Rafting in Mengdong river.PM17:00 back to zhangjiajie city. One-way 2.5 hours drive from Zhangjiajie city to Mengdong river.

Heading to the zhangjiajie airport. finish your zhangjiajie pleasant trip.

About entrance fees to the scenic spot specified above, all cable car can make a choice.

森林公園National Park entrance(3 days)


百龍電梯 (Bailong elevator )


天子索道 (Tianzi Mountain cable)


天門山 (Tianmenshan)


黃龍洞 (Huanglong cave)


寶峰湖 (Baofeng lake)


魅力湘西Charming xiangxi show ticket


天門狐仙Tianmen Fox Fairy show ticket


猛洞河漂流Rafting in Mengdong river


導遊服務 English guide service

CNY400 per day