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Online Booking Group ticket for Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge & Tianmenshan

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If you choose to travel in Zhangjiajie during the peak season(March 01-November 30), or especially during holidays(China student summer vacation- July 1st to August 31st; China National Day-October 1st to 7th; Chinese Spring Festival - Lunar 1st to 7th,etc.),it is necessary to make a booking at least 2-5 days prior. and booking the specific check-in time, Because there are restrictions on the number of tourists(8,000/per day on Glass bridge; 20,000/per day in Tianmenshan national forest park).Also SHUIRE TEAM can help you do the booking for Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge and Tianmenshan national forest park glass plank.

1Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and Glass  Bridge

There are two kinds of tickets for Zhangjiajie grand canyon and glass bridge, you can make a choice as follow:

Line A. Package ticket(CNY248) for whole day check-in ZJJ grand canyon and glass bridge.

Line B. Single ticket(CNY161) for specified time(Adjusted with season) check-in Glass Bridge.

Line C. Package experience ticket(CNY80) .

Quotation inclusion

Zhangjiajie grand canyon entrance fee; Glass bridge entrance fee; Scenic bus fee; Shoes cover fee; Service charge.

Quotation exclusion

Elevator cost 25RMB; Zip Line cost 30RMB; Slide gloves cost 22RMB.

2Tianmenshan national forest park

There are three kinds of tickets for Tianmenshan national forest park, In general season, only the Line A ticket is opened. But in the peak season, all ABC tickets will be opened.

Line A. Long-Cablecar up and Scenic bus ride down, the ticket price is CNY278.

Line B. Fast cableway up and Long-Cablecar down, the ticket price is CNY278.

Line C. Fast cableway up and Fast cableway down, the ticket price is CNY278.

Quotation inclusion

Tianmenshan national forest park entrance fee; Cablecar fee; Scenic bus fee; Service charge.

Quotation exclusion

Escalator cost 32RMB; Shoes cover cost 5RMB; Chair lift single way cost:25RMB.


1Accept a booking at least 2-3 days prior, and more people more discounts.

2Please pay attention to your ticket's check-in time, otherwise, the overdue loss is by yourself.

3Full name details with passport No. is required when we do the booking, Also you will show your passport and order number for exchange paper ticket at the entrance station.

4Please ensure personal information you provided is correct. we are not supposed to refund any losses that result from incorrect and missing information.

5This is a special product, We can only accept a booking under full payment, please give us more supports. (You can pay us through Alipay or WeChat or paypal)

6Once the booking order is completed, it cannot be cancelled.