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1 Day Tour to Tianmenshan National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie One Day Tours 2013/05/30 View:5540

Attractions in Tianmenshan Mountain, take the longest cable car in the world (7455 meters) to the holy mountain.

In the morning Your guide meet you at hotel,Tianmenshan Mountain is uniquely skyscraping and domineering. Tianmen cave the natural mountain-penetrating karst cave with the highest elevation in the world, hangs on the towering cliff. The cave become the unique sight under heaven and breeds the profound and grand heaven culture of Fairy Mountain in the local area. Tianmenshan  Mountain is the second national forest park in Zhangjiajie. On the mountaintop are intact sub-primitive forests with overflowing wild atmosphere in all the seasons. In addition, the densely populated karst hillocks and karrens plus the mating of strange rocks and graceful trees create a grand garden of bonsai as if blessed by the God. Tianmenshan  Mountain Temple, with an area of over 10000 square meters, has been honored as a pilgrimage site ever since the Ming Dynasty. It is the Buddhist center of Western  Hunan. The six unresolved mysteries in the past hundreds of years such as Opening of Tianmen cave, shadow of Guigu(famous ancient Toaist), and Auspicious Unicorn have added the mysterious and elusive atmosphere for Tianmenshan Mountain. Some grand events held in Tianmenshan Mountain, in 1999 international stunt plane flying through the Tianmenshan cave openning draw worldwide attention, 1n 2010, Freddy Rock, a tightrope walker from Switzerland, and Saimaiti Aishan, the seventh-generation Dawazi (high-wire) stuntman from Chinas Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region competed in speed, distance and difficulty of high wire walking. The two staged a spectacular performance on the last portion of the steel wire which runs at a 42-degree gradient and is more than 500 meters away from the bottom of the valley at the highest point.A lot of hiking in the mountain, you down the mountain and return to your decent hotel.

Tianmenshan Mountain admission261)(5-6 hours throughout the trip to spend time)