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14 Days Package Silk Road Tour in Gansu Province

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D1,By air KUL-CTU

Arrive in Chengdu by international flight, Guide and Driver meet and transfer to Hotel, Take good rest in the hotel.


D2,Train Chengdu-Tianshui (Meals:B)

Check out hotel in the morning,Guide and Driver will accopmay you to the Wangjiang Park,Which is located at the bank of Jinjiang river, It offers a nice view of bamboo scenery,thenvisit Jinli Ancient Street,Where you can enjoy the ancient and traditional Chinese goods and arts. Proceed to train station to cacth train at 15:20 to Tianshui(K856)

Accommodation:On the train

D3,Bus Tianshui

Arrive in Tianshui in the early morning, Meet and greet by local guide and driver.Transfer to have breakfast, Proceed to Maiji mountain, Visit Maiji Grottoes, Which is one of the top 4 grottoes in china. Check in hotel in Tianshui.


D4,BUS Tianshui-Lanzhou (Meals:B)

Hotel check out in the morning, About 5 hours bus ride to Lanzhou,Visit Gansu provincial museum in the afternoon.


D5,Bus Lanzhou (Meals:B)

Visit white pagoda hillin the morning,Which is park near zhoangshan iron bridge, Then you can walk on the zhongshan Iron bridge-the No.1 iron bridge over yellow river. Then visit the waterwheel garden. Free time to discover Lanzhou city for yourself.


D6,Bus Lanzhou-Wuwei (Meals:B)

About 1 hour bus ride Proceed to Bingling temple, Visit the thousand Buddha caves in Bingling temple in enjoy the different carvings and Grottoes, Back to hotel in Lanzhou.


D7,BUS Wuwei (Meals:B)

Check out hotel in the morning, About 4 hours bus ride to Wuwei, Visit Tiantishan Grottoes in the afternoon.


D8,BUS Wuwei (Meals:B)

Visit Laitai han Tomb and Xixia Museum in the Morning, Free time relax yourself in the afternoon.


D9,BUS Wuwei-Zhangye (Meals:B)

4 hours bus ride to zhangye in the morning, Visit colorful Danxia landform.


D10,BUS Zhangye-Jiayuguan (Meals:B)

Visit the Grand Buddha temple and wooden tower  of Sui dynasty in the morning, About 3 hours drive to Jiayuguan.


D11,BUS Jiayuguan-Dunhuang (Meals:B)

Proceed to Jiayuguan scenic area, Visit jiayuguan pass,The great wall on the cliff. 4 hours bus ride to Dunhuang.


D12,BUS Dunhuang (Meals:B)

Proceed to the Singing sand Tunes and crescent spring in the morning, Following visit Mogao Grottoes in the afternoon.


D13,BUS Dunhuang (Meals:B)

About 2hours Drive to the nortwest of Dunhuang cityVisit Yumenguan, And Yardang national geological park.You can enjoy the beauty of gobi desert on the way to Yardang.


D14,AIR Dunhuang (Meals:B)

Relax yourself in the hotel until transfer to airport,Directly connect to international plane to your home town.


3-Star hotel:

240//(天水掛三酒店3* 含早)

260//(蘭州掛三酒店3* 含早)

220//(武威掛三酒店3* 含早)

200//(張掖掛三酒店3* 含早)

170//(嘉峪關掛三酒店3* 含早)

200//(敦煌掛三酒店3* 含早)

Only 3-Star standard hotel:

180//(天水掛三酒店 含早)

220//(蘭州類三酒店 含早)

180//(武威類三酒店 含早)

180//(張掖類三酒店 含早)

120//(嘉峪關類三酒店 含早)

140//(敦煌類三酒店 含早)

2.Entrance Fees 門票:

麥積山70+15 伏羲廟 40水車園10炳靈寺50 雷台漢墓50 天梯山石窟40 西夏博物館40 張掖大佛寺41 張掖丹霞景區40+20 嘉峪關城樓120 莫高窟220/180 鳴沙山120 雅丹地貌50+30 玉門關40.備註:莫高窟如果安排英語講解門票240/人。

3.炳靈寺快艇Speed Boat in Bingling140/

4.車輛33 seats tour bus:15000/輛(33座旅遊空調車)

5.導服Guide service: 400//*10=4000(優秀漢語導遊 純玩團 Chinese speaking guide )

6.司導住宿費Hotel Fee for Guide and Driver200/*6=1200

7.導遊長途交通費用,敦煌/蘭州火車票:254元(Train tickets for the guide go back to Lanzhou from Dunhuang