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Spectacular trail race unfolds in Zhangjiajie

News 2020/10/01 View:761

More than 900 runners participated over the weekend in the fourth Xiao Xiang 100 Ultra-Trail on Mount Tianmen in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province - also known as the UTTM 2020.

At about 6 am on Saturday, with the crack of the starting pistol, runners from the 102-kilometer group took off first. They will run through winding roads with 99 turns, daunting stairs with 999 steps and wooded corridors and trails covered with fallen leaves on Tianmen Mountain.

The ultra trail race includes three segments for different sets of runners - 10.77 km, 67 km and 102 km. Contestants included Liang Jing, the top Chinese ultra marathoner, and Zhao Jiaju, the first Chinese champion of the Spartan Super Race.

The Xiao Xiang 100 trail running series attracts top athletes because its ingenious routes are all designed in national 5A-level scenic spots. The brand was created by Yufeng Sports company as a sponsorship vehicle.


Runners surge forward at the start of the UTTM 2020


A contestant crosses a bridge high on Tianmen Mountain

UTTM 2020-C.jpg

Contestants work their way up 999 step on Tianmen Mountain

Source from Chinadaily