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Lusheng Festival Held to Celebrate Bumper Harvest

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On August 30, the Miao and Dong people attended a lusheng festival in Laoli Miao Village, Outuan Township, Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County. They sang and danced to celebrate a bumper harvest and pray for good weather in the coming year.

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  • Fenghuang Shanjiang Miao Village

    Fenghuang Shanjiang Miao Village

    Shanjiang Miao Village is located in the northwest side of fenghuang, 20km away from the ancient town. Lying in a narrow valley, ethnic people in Shanjiang Miao Village still keep the original lifestyle and customs in this modern time.Some people say if you miss to visit Shanjiang in Fenghuang, you will regret in your lifetime. Because of the unique Miao ethnic culture, you can have an exotic experience by visiting this village. Colorful Miao ethnic cloth, silver bracelaces and necklaces, all these dressing characters are special in the world.Every family has their very own blockhouse distinguishes Shanjiang Miao Village with other Miao villages, which endows the village with robust defensive function in military. The village was generally attracted from the central government throughout the past dynasties, for that reason the Miao people had to construct blockhouse to protect by themselves. The blockhouse can be a two-storey creating together with the 1st floor developed by stone along with the second floor produced by mud. There narrow windows on the four walls in the blockhouse used for overlooking and shooting, Apart from, there is a defensive wall built throughout the village, which is four to five meters higher. Now it’s a peaceful minor village, whilst the constructing in blockhouse fashion is its distinct attribute, telling the passing background.Translated by Sophia 
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  • Ecological Chenbu Charming Miao Village

    Ecological Chenbu Charming Miao Village

    “Dan kou-Chang’an Camp-Nan Shan-Ryanggang Valley is called the most beautiful travel route in Hunan”. From August 30 to 31, the report team of the 4th China hunan tourism industry expo“Hunan County Tourism New Discovery”comes to Chenbu. Gao yangxian, the deputy director general of Hunan tourism sector leads 10 media to here for reporting mainly on the new discoveries and exploring new resources in Chenbu.New Discovery–Leaf Song Blowing and Oil-TeaThere is a folk cultural celebity in Xinlipi, Dan kou county, Chenbu–Yang guang qing. He is called “The Number One Leaf Song Blowing in River south”. The wonderful sound of the leaf is sent out by the resonance from lip airflow and leaf. As how to pich up the leaf, it is better to choose those that are not too tough and too tender, not too thick and too thin, without sawtooth and wormtrail.Liu renxiu is the representative heritator of oil-tea custom in Chenbu. Every woman in Chenbu knows how to make oil-tea, but none of them has this honor as Mr.Liu. In the past decades, making oil-tea has become a daily necessity as well as a life style, which attracts more self-driving tourists and backpackers.New Discovery–“The most beautiful village in Hunan-Tachai”Locayed in the southwest of the county, Chang’an camp is the main settlement for Chenbu Dong people. Due to its far distance, it remians its unique beauty and mystery and is honored “ Hunan’s Shangri-La”, becoming a new business card for tourism in Chenbu.There grows the biggest cedar across China along the riverside of Tachai village with a long history of 1,600 years. Strolling around the tree, you feel harmonious beauty in rivers and mountains.New Discovery–“The largest apl moss in South China-Nan Shan prairie”Situated in the top mountain, Nan Shan is the largest apl moss in south China as well as the optimum wind power plant in south China. Around Zi yang peak of Nan shan, there are rolling grassy hills, waving their green surges to the farest. When you stand in here, you may have the feel that you were in the North prarie.Self-driving route(From Changsha to Chenbu): Xiangtan·Shaoyang Expressway–Shaoyang·Huaihua Expressway-S220-S219.By Crystal
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  • Fenghuang Miao Village of Miaoren Valley

    Fenghuang Miao Village of Miaoren Valley

    Miao Village of Miaoren Valley, located in Shanjiang Town,Fenghuang County,Hunan Province, is only 2km away from Shanjiang Town and 18km away from Fenghuang Ancient Town. It is a landmark of pure culture of Miao nationality in Fenghuang.Miaoren Valley consists of several scenic spots like “rafting on flat lake”, “Hmong King Cave”,“Zaogang Hmong Village”and so on. It’s said that the last King of Miao Nationality in western Hunanhad ever lived here. That’s why it is called “Hmong King Cave”. In the cave, three curtain of waterfall falls from the sky with the roaring of breakers. Climing on Hmong King Cave, going through a 200-meter underpass and by second boat, you will arrive the “Zaogang Hmong Village”.Miaoren Valley has been called“the living fossil of Miao nationality” for its perfectly preserved uncanny national scenery and ancient Hmong village, which has been publicly considered by domestic and oversea scholars. Here, you can not only have a taste of western Hunan’s sense of mystery, original folk culture, but also special food of Miao nationality.Besides, beautiful natural scenery makes tourists not wanting of leaving this holy land. Within the narrow and long valley, there is cave hiding behind valley and valley behind cave, which is just like a maze. It’s really a great gift from God for people living in this land. What’s more, all year around, mountain flowers are in blossom, birds are racing in singing and streams are murmuring in the valley. The first mystery here must be the “Invisible Head of Hmong King” that the head of Hmong King can’t be saw by naked eye but can be captured by camera. Standing in the valley, you will definitely be shocked by the tear of earth’s crust ten thousands years ago.By Patricia
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  • Xiangxi Guantianshan Miao Village

    Xiangxi Guantianshan Miao Village

    Xiangxi Guantianshan miao is located in national historical and cultural city – phoenix city. It is alongside adjacent to 209 national road, traffic is very convenient.It is closed to one of the eight sceneries of the phoenix ancient city — qiliang hole, ximeng gorge rafting, cultural art investment reconstruction “love” valley and other attractions.It is located in the center node position of zhangjiajie to the ancient phoenix city ,which is a tourism golden corridor.The place is advantageous for the hunan, hubei, guizhou and chongqing to have a self-drive tourism. Each big travel agency organizes a group of people to travel. It is the filming location of “border town”, “blood drum” and “blood in xiangxi phoenix”.Translated by Sophia
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  • Hunan tour to fenghuang town,Is it worth to see Miao village?

    Hunan tour to fenghuang town,Is it worth to see Miao village?

    Do you think we should add one more night in fenghuang? Is it worth to see Miao village?Fenghuang town is a small just walk around city,only for 2 hours walking.we think you only stay in fenghuang town for one night.this is ok.
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