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Xiangxi Jiemu Stream National Nature Reserve Zone

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Xiangxi Jiemu Stream, A national natural reserve zone located in Jiemuxi Village, Yuanlin County, Hunan Province. Has enjoyed the laudatory title of “Nine-village valley in Hunan”. It is of excellent geographical positon that it is adjacent to world famous tourism site Zhangjiajie tourism zone and Xiaoxi National Nature Conversation Zone. What’s more, The stream is of unique scenery, which makes it a all dimensional sport square where you can enjoy hiking, river trekking, cave exploration, rock climbing, prompt landing,drift and so on.

Apart from its inviting view spots, there also assembles the most concentrated and most comprehensive flora and fauna of eastern, southern and southwestern China. As researched by biological experts, The flora of Jiemu Stream Conversation Zone is mainly of valley forest with rich and rare species owing to evolution of valley plants. According to statistic, There are over 460 kinds of ornamental plants. A kind of vine plant which can only survive in South Africa was even found in Jiemu Stream Forest. Besides, A large quantity of rare animals lives in this valley. There are 108 species of terrestrial vertebrates, 29 mammals and 5 chicken shape birds, in which 10 species are of state protection. The most special first-grade protection animal must count to be Elliot’s Pheasant which is first found in this area.

No matter for fun, adventure or scientific research, This is definitely a wonderful land for you!

By Patricia

  • Xiangxi Gumiao River

    Xiangxi Gumiao River

    Xiangxi Gu miao River originates from Huayuan County, Xiangxi. According to legend, She is the daughter of mars Chiyou. After hearing that her father was defeated and was killed by Yellow Emperor using chains, she came to Chong Moutain, in which his father’s chains were abandoned. At that time, Chiyou became a god and was on the way to heaven. The daughter felt desperately sad and held her father’s feet to avoid his leaving. Chiyou cannot bear to leave then, so he magically changed to Stones together with troops. After that, The daughter became a river there.Xiangxi Gu miao River is the mother river of Miao people. She has stubborn characteristics and broad mind. Gu miao River looks dazzling and picturesque. Over there, thick forest and high mountains are here and there, which make its summer without too high heat and winter without severe cold. Its annual temperature is about 11.4 ℃. The average temperature in summer does not exceed 30 ℃. So Xiangxi Gu miao River is also a good choice for being away for summer holidays.Translated by Becky
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  • Xiangxi Lingzhi Valley

    Xiangxi Lingzhi Valley

    Lingzhi is called lucid ganoderma in English. Lingzhi Valley scenic spot is famous for the stalactites formed there that look like lucid ganoderma.Lingzhi Valley is located in Wugang Village, Luochaojin Town, the western part of Fenghuang County. It is 30 kilometers away from Fenghuang County. By the way to Xiangxi Lingzhi Valley, you can see famous southern great wall, Huangsi Bridge ancient city. So the traffic there is really convenient.Xiangxi Lingzhi Valley combines folk customs, natural sceneries with karst caves, which makes it original, unique landscape in western Hunan. Over there, water and mountains are commonly seen. Generally speaking, it is also a natural air anion bar. At the foot of the hill, Niaochao River flows around the mountain. Ancient plank roads wind along the mountain ridges. In the mountains, water curtains made by springs make it look special. Within the caves, stalactites are in different poses. At the summit the mountains, Five Finger Mountain stands straightly. Ancient Miao villages can lead you to appreciate the cooking culture of Miao Nationality.For you, the beautiful sceneries have kept waiting for thousands of years.Translated by Becky
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  • Fenghuang Ximen Gorge Drifting

    Fenghuang Ximen Gorge Drifting

    Ximen gorge is located in Jixin ancient town, Which is only 20 kilometers away from famous Chinese historic and cultural city Fenghuang County. Traffic there is really convenient since it is near to 209 National Road.The whole length of Ximen gorge drifting is 6 kilometers. Ximen gorge belongs to Wanrong river drainage basin. Along the way, cliffs can be seen here and there. All kinds of trees are flourishing. Water is clean. Riffles, dangerous shoals are all around. Overall, there are more than 30 dangerous shoals. Qinglong shoal is the most famous one, which has a overall length of 400 meters. Qinglong shoal and Longway shoal are called the classics in drifting with China.Ximen gorge drifting area is divided by a river. In the left area, Miao people live there and Han people live in the right area. Along the river, many relics and historical sites are there. It is also the location of many famous movies and television plays, like Putting Down Bandits in Wulong Mountain.All in all, The stimulating degree and cultural atmosphere make Ximen gorge drifting irreplaceable.Translated by Becky
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  • Xiangxi Ancient Village–Shu jia tang

    Xiangxi Ancient Village–Shu jia tang

    With nearly seven hundred years, initially constructed in Yuan dynasty and built its bulwark in Ming dynasty, Shu jia tang formed its present scale in Qing dynasty.Built around mountains, Shu jia tang falls into three stockades: up, middle and down. The bulwark has five meters and was built with local bluestones. The groundmass is very solid with very compacted stitches. After undergone ups and turns, these stones remain as before. Against the mountains around, the time-dyed black stones, high bulwark and splendid village gate speak their vicissitudes and antiquity to tourists. Before the village is fish pond, and it can act as an sightseeing as well as a safeguard. There are three defensive walls and three village gates in East, West and North. Behind the village are two castles. Although they were destroyed, you can still taste their grand sight in those days from the remaining. Geographically speaking, situated between Huang si qiao ancient city and Ting zi guan, and standing in difficult terrain, as well as its large scale, Shu jia tang was military key point and also is the attached product of the Southern Great Wall.Around Shu jia tang, there are barracks sites of Southern Great Wall, of which Wang po barracks site is the best protected one. Thanks to these barracks, Sh jia tang could thrive and have a peaceful and stable life amid the ups and downs in past time. And as such, there were scholars and candidates for the imperial examination coming forward in multitudes, which made Fenghuang the only place that has set “Wei zi”(A kind of plate that praises a place has brought many scholars) The people in Shu jia tang aren’t named after Shu or Su but Yang, besides, thanks to the style prosperity, hundreds of thousands of stored books and a galaxy talents, it was named “Shu jia tang”By Crystal
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  • Huaihua Yelang Village

    Huaihua Yelang Village

    Yelang Valley, situated in Xinhuang Autonomous County of Dong Minority in Huaihua City and bordering the Wanshan Special District which is located in the easternmost Guizhou Province, is a mysterious valley winding originately from the Gaolouping Village of Wanshan Special District to the Fangjiatun Village in Xinhuang Autonomous County of Dong Minority, a bright pearl in Western Hunan. The valley is as long as 15km with a vertical depth of 200 to 650m and a narrow width of less than 30m.Standing on a higher position and then looking down, you will see an unfathomable crack as if torn by a giant. What’s more, over 20 waterfalls, spat from hanging caves on high cliff, are contending to scatter their most beautiful jades and pearls.Yelang Valley attracts tourists not only by its unique natural scenery but also by the mysterious ancient legend of Yelang Kingdom. Yelang, a king of Yelang kingdom in south-west of ancient China, was said to be a famous arrogant and ignorant king. Yelang kingdom was only as large as present Sichuan Province, however, Yelang thought it as the largest country in the world. However, due to the incomplete record of history of ancient Yelang kingdom, many mysteries have remained unveiled and unlocked until now.Yelang Valley locates among the railway from Hunan and Guizhou, 320 state road and high-grade highway from Tongren to Yuping, so you can get to here directly from Huaihua, Zhijiang, Xinhuang, Tongren of Guizhou Province, Wanshan, Yuping. Apart from the easy traffic, its also very convenient to visit a vast of scenic zone like Zhangjiajie, the Lotus Bridge, Japanese Surrendering Town, Green Dragon Cave and Fanjing Mountain in Guizhou and so on for the not very long distance between them. Ticket price entering Yelang Valleyis 128RMB and you can buy preferential price on internet or by other methods. After having a taste of culture of ancient Yelang kingdom, it’s also a good choice for you to cool yourself by taking a rafting in this hot summer, which will charge you 90RMB.If you are interested in very ancient culture of China, I bet it will be an amazing tour for you. What else mysterious there still be, it is waiting for you to find it.By Patricia  
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  • Fenghuang Miao People Valley

    Fenghuang Miao People Valley

    Situated in Shangjiang town, Fenghuang, county,Hunan,eighteen kilometers away from Fenghuang ancient city,valley of Miao people in Fenghuang covers an area of four square meters and is an iconic attraction of pure Miao culture in Fenghuang. Thanks to its natural scenery with uncanny workmanship and well-protected ancient stockade village, it is universally accepted the “living fossil of Miao people” by experts and scholars both from home and abroad.Hundreds of flowers in bloom, hundreds of birds contending in singing, a limpid stream winding its path smoothly and two deep and serene valleys riding its way into the unknown, all of these sceneries speak a sense of quietness and beauty. In the two caves, roads extend in all directions and three springs cascade as if from the sky. Standing in the cave, you may feel that the cave is hidden in the valley and the valley is also hidden in the cave. More especially is the invisible Miao people’s head, which can not be seen by naked eyes, but camera can catch it. Thus it is called “An odd in the world”. Bestowed with beautiful natural scenery and strong folk customs, the valley of Miao people unfold itself before us like a nature picture. It remains many relics of Wu nuo culture and creats unique belief in gods and memorial ceremony.Except appreciating its mysterious culture, tourists can taste authentic and delicious Miao dishes. Here you can both feast your eyes as well as your stomach amid a pure and miraculous Miao culture and scenery.By Crystal
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  • Hunan Xuefeng Mountain Forest Park

    Hunan Xuefeng Mountain Forest Park

    Hunan Xuefeng Mountain Forest Park is situated in the region of Xuefeng mountain range in Hongjiang City, Hunan Province. It is called Xuefeng Mountain because for most of a year the mountain is covered by snow. Its altitude is 1934m. It is an integrated park in which Xufeng Mountain Holiday Village, Memorial Park of Anit-Japanese War, Xuefeng Mountain Hunting Park, Flora Park of Xuefeng Mountain, Mountainteering Base of Xuefeng Mountain, Lizicheng Memorial Park are included.Water resource is also very rich in the park. Luxuriant trees and unceasing murmur streams make this region a mysterious land. Besides, lakes scattered all over like stars and waterfalls run like wild horse. This park is not only suit for sightseeing of both natural and human landscape, but also suit for exploration and extreme sports.By Patricia
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  • Xiangxi Guzhang Xifeng Lake

    Xiangxi Guzhang Xifeng Lake

    Xiangxi Xifeng lake scenic area is located in the ancient cultural Guzhang county. In 1993, it has the approval for lake scenic area by hunan provincial government. With a total area of 431 square kilometers, the outside of xifeng lake is wide, and the inner lake is circuitous. It has the rich layers, peculiar landform, and ancient and magical ethnic culture and historical sites.Xifeng lake is the largest unitary man-made lake, covering an area of about 167 square kilometers. The average water depth is 30 meters, with dotted island, twisted shoreline. Especially in summer, the lake is full of cool wind, a pleasant climate.Translated by Sophia
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  • Hunan Red Rock Scenic Spot

    Hunan Red Rock Scenic Spot

    Red rock scenic spot is located in 10 kilometers to the north of Anhua,Hunan Province. In the mountains, there is a real wonderful hole, which named red rock reservoir. It has built red rock scenic spot.Red rock scenic spot, with red crag lake as the center, about more than 50 sites at the neighbor. It can be divided into red crag, xiangyang, small taoyuan and fairy pool scenic area. Each scenic spot has their beautiful legend.Red rock reservoir covers an area of 28.8 square kilometers. The water has the surface of 1.5 square kilometers. The castle peak is around clear water, the ever-flowing quiet environment. It is really a good place for leisure and travel sightseeing.Translated by Sophia
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  • Xiaoxi National Wilderness Area

    Xiaoxi National Wilderness Area

    Western Hunan Xiaoxi National Wilderness Area, located in the south of the famous Mengdong River Scenic Zone, is a natural zoo and botanical garden covering an area of 13000 acres. Rolling hills, endless sea of forest, ancient and abysmal vines and fascinating beast make the Xiaoxi National Wilderness Area an inviting and wonderful fairy land.In this preserved zone, There are 26 kinds of rare trees and 31 rare animal which are national preserved. The Xiaoxi National Wilderness Area preserves a primitive state that many tourists are indulged in its beauty of origin and pure. What’s more, unique house built in accordance with the beauty of nature and characterized folk custom have made here a wonderful place for tourists to seek novelty, have holiday and do scientific study.By Patricia
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