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Yongzhou Introduction

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The unique landscape and fantastic culture make Yongzhou a wonderful place to visit in Hunan Province.

Linking Hunan Province with various coastal cities in Southern China, Yongzhou is famous for many sites of historic and cultural interest, including Mount Jiuyi where Emperor Shun died during his southern trip, Liuzhi Temple built in memory of the distinguished writer Liu Zhongyuan (773 AD-819AD) of the Tang Dynasty, and the Wuxi Park where hundreds of stone carvings have been left by many celebrities across history.

The city’s unique landscape and fantastic culture make Yongzhou a wonderful place to visit in Hunan Province. Mount Jiuyi, Mount Emperor Shun and Mount Yangming all have amazing scenery. The King Pan Hall is a holy place for the Yao people to worship their ancestors. The ancient battlefield in Qianjia Cave exhibits the Yao people's unconquerable spirit. Female scripts in Jiangyong County, a unique writing system only learned and used by local women, show the diversity of human culture. All these splendid scenes and rich cultures have attracted many tourists from home and abroad.

  • ROK people flocking Zhangjiajie? China ready for more foreign visitors!

    ROK people flocking Zhangjiajie? China ready for more foreign visitors!

    Tourists from overseas are flocking the picturesque landscape of Zhangjiajie, a mountainous gem in Hunan province celebrated for its unique quartzite sandstone formations, with a remarkable 43 percent arriving from the Republic of Korea in January and February alone.
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  • Yongzhou Qianjiadong Scenic Area

    Yongzhou Qianjiadong Scenic Area

    Qianjiadong is a natural scenic area integrating limpid water, beautiful waterfalls, and spectacular caves, green mountains in thousands of postures and hot springs.Qianjiadong comprises of three basins, including the upper and the middle basin, with an area of 200 square kilometers. In the language of the Yao nationality, Qianjiadong of Jiangyong means a valley where thousands of households live. Inside the area, there are 80,000 mu of primitive forests and 28 kinds of rare and precious animals under state’s key protection. It is celebrated as the gene pool of flora and fauna resources of South China. Qianjiadong Scenic Area was ranked into the list of the provincial scenic area in the year 1998.According to historical records, the ancestors of the Yao nationality inhabited Qianjiadong, living and working in peace and contentment. There was only one stone cavern entrance to the cavern. The cavern was embosomed by mountains all around, with fantastic rock peaks, pouring waterfalls and dense forests. Inside the cavern, the earth is fertile and there are wide fields, with a river going through it.
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  • Yongzhou-Mount Emperor Shun National Park

    Yongzhou-Mount Emperor Shun National Park

    Located in the northwestern part of Dong\'an County, Mount Emperor Shun National Forest Park was once called Jinfeng Mountain and later it acquired its present name from Emperor Shun who died during a hunting trip here. The park covers an area of 14553.6 hectares with forest coverage of 91.8 percent. In this park, the beautiful mountains, elegant lakes, amazing stones and vast forests constitute beautiful scenery. Also it is called \"the gene bank\" for various plants and wild animals and \"a natural oxygen bar\". Therefore the park is praised as paradise on earth and it is an attractive destination for tourists to be close to nature.Transport: Take public buses in Dong\'an County to Taimiaokou and then take a taxi to the destinationTel: (86)746-4611229Admission(for reference): RMB 218 yuan/adultOpening hours: 7:30-18:00
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  • Hunan and Guilin Ink Agreement on Tourism Cooperation

    Hunan and Guilin Ink Agreement on Tourism Cooperation

    The state-level scenic area of Wanfo (Ten Thousand Buddhas) Mountain and Dong Village was officially opened on April 27 in Tongdao Dong Autonomous County of Huaihua City, Hunan Province. About 40 managers of travel agencies in Guilin of Guangxi Province visited the scenic area and signed an agreement on tourism cooperation with Tongdao Dong Autonomous County.Tongdao County has accelerated tourism development, and vigorously promoted the regional tourism cooperation between Hunan and Guilin in recent years. The establishment of state-level scenic area of Wanfo Mountain will contribute to the protection and development of Danxia Landform and earthy Dong Culture. Great efforts will be made to forge Wanfo Mountain and Tong Village into a world-renowned scenic area integrating culture research and ecological conservation, and Daotong County into a tourism county with the characteristic of ecology, folklore and red culture.The cooperation agreement plays a significant role in upgrading the quality of Guilin tourism and expanding the development space of the tourism circle for Guilin.Translator: Wang XiaoluSource: Hunan Official Web Portal
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  • Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park

    Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park

    Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park, located in Ningyuan County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, is a large integrated multi-functional national forest park where various demands for forest tour, entertainment and leisure, heat-escape and recuperation, archaeology, practice teaching, scientific investigation, preservation of natural resources can be met. Please follow me to appreciate classical scenic spots in Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park.Great Emperor Shun Temple  It is traditionally deemed that Emperor Shun (a very famous emperor in China’s very remote ancient time) was buried here. In very ancient time, emperors preferred to bury themselves under mountain after they demised. Now, Shun’s Tomb is just a rough position. The Great Emperor Shun Temple in front of Shun’s Tomb is built for convenience of memorizing Emperor Shun.Mount Shunyuan Mount Shunyuan, as the highest mount in Jiuyi Mountain, is as high as over 650m. On the peak, there is a large auld-stone fir which can only be hugged around by two persons. At the summit, there is also a pavilion for sight view and rest. Standing on the peak and see as far as you can, you can see that endless mountain tops are leaning toward Mount Shunyuan that a great vision of “mountains forwarding Jiuyi mountain” will definitely shock you.Ningyuan Confucian Temple   Ningyuan Confucian Temple, a lofty palatial architecture, is an important culture relic protection site as well as an important human landscape. It had been great thinker and educationist Confucian;A temple and an official school in ancient time. It had been an educational institution with temple and school combing together. It had been a holy shrine for broadcasting Confucianism.Purple Light Rock  The Purple Light Rock was an early developed underground carst cave. What’s make it different from other caves is that on the cave wall left inscription since Song and Tang Dynasty. The whole tour path is as long as 1550m. At present, 1500m has been developed. Inside the cave, its space is exceptional large that it can hold thousands of people.Yongfu TempleYongfu Temple, situated in the north-west of Emperor Shun Temple, was built in guard of Shun’s Tomb. It covers an area of 900000 square meters. Over 20 buildings are built here along the landform of mountain, which make the temple natural and beautiful.Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park, a great land for exploration of China’s ancient culture which is the root of Chinese and has influenced ages of Chinese. Come! It won’t be let you down.By Patricia
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