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Zhangjiajie Cili Ganxi Valley

Cili County 2012/08/13 View:2156

Ganxi Valley— A virgin territory in Zhangjiajie,Ganxi Valley at the Gaoqiao town in Cili county is a huge spring cave originating from Nanxi village with a primitive forest on each side. Since no one lives in it, it is totally a virgin land without any pollution and also crowned as the”Jiuzhai valley” in Zhangjiajie. Ganxi Valley owns a stretch of 15 km,and most of the scenary lies in the 5 km within Jiantan. As for its beauty, here I will illustrate some pictures for you to judge

1, Teeming trees clinging to the stream provides a fairyland where flesh air embrace you with clean water tricking down along the way and hundreds of birds chirping around and those natural screens shut out the sun which enable us to walk cooly among them. So it is an ideal place for a summer excursion!

2, Apart from its inborn nature, the loyal love between the mountains and the steam will also meet your imagination. As the stream is like a mermaid while the mountain besides a handsome boy who deeply fall in love with her. They are like a happy couple who has the tree frogs as their pets and the butterfly as their love messenger and has accompanied each other for thousands of years.

3,yeah,last but not least, it is really a welfare for those foodies like me, there are many wild fruits like kiwi fruit and Bayezha the mountain. And when autumn comes, they are ripe and then you can have a feast on organic fruit here!

by Brenda