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  • The First China International Cultural Tourism Festival

    The First China International Cultural Tourism Festival

    Tourism Administration of Hunan Province Zhangjiajie Municipal People’s Governmentand other related municipal and prefectural people’s governments within the province
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  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Geological Parks in China

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Geological Parks in China

    2010-10-01Promoted by Enjoy World Magazine, and other media, "Most Beautiful Tourism Destinations of China" has attracted over 1 million netizens.With 30 categories; including mountains, geological parks and forest preserves, 238 of the top destinations were chosen from 509 scenic spots in China. Here, we will introduce the Top 10 Most Beautiful Geological Parks in China. They are famous for their excellent scenery as well as their unique geologic formations.1.Wulingyuan Geological Park in HunanWulingyuan Geopark is of scenic and historic interest. Located in Zhangjiajie City, about 270km away from the provincial capital of Changsha, in Hunan Province, this geopark is famous for its numerous quartzite sandstone pillars. Some of the over 3,100 pillars in this karst formation reach for the sky at over 800 meters tall.Inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1992, Wulingyuan forms part of the Wuling Range.Travel Tips:Pro-Tips:The best time to visit is in April or October.Hours: 6:30 am-6:30 pm.Addmission: 248 yuanGetting There:By bus: Buses rides departing from Zhangjiajie Bus Station bound for Wulingyuan Scenic Area last about 45 minutes and cost 10 yuan per person.2.Shilin Geological Park (Stone Forest) in Yunnan 3.Wudalianchi Geological Park in Heilongjiang4.Yandang Mountain World Geological Park in Zhejiang5.Mount Danxia Geological Park in Guangdong6.Yuntai Mountain Geological Park in Henan7.Xingwen Stone Forest Geological Park in Sichuan8.Cuihua Mountain Geological Park in Shaanxi9.Funiu Mountain World Geological Park in Henan10.Tengchong Volcanic Geological Park in Yunnan
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  • Ancient villages for National Day Golden Week

    Ancient villages for National Day Golden Week

    Located in the west of Hunan Province, Fenghuang (which means "Phoenix") is a small county renowned for its natural beauty, rich history and culture as well as colorful ethnic customs. The Tuo River flows through this old town, and wooden huts were built suspending over the river.
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  • Build Zhangjiajie into a World-famous Tourist Resort

    Build Zhangjiajie into a World-famous Tourist Resort

    2010-09-22  Xu Shousheng, acting governor of Hunan Province arrived at Zhangjiajie on Sept.19 for an investigation on the tourism industry, economic and social development there.During his two-day investigation tour, Xu urged that efforts should be intensified to build Zhangjiajie into a prestigious tourist resort both at home and abroad.He further put forward six suggestions on the issue. Firstly, environmental protection should be given priorities based on the domestic and international advanced experience and modern technological means in this field. Then, all-out efforts should be exerted to strengthen the tourism industry- the pillar industry of the city in a drive to promote the in-depth integration of the folk culture and natural landscape. Thirdly, the commitment to putting people first in the process of tourism development must be highlighted. Fourthly, centering on the advancement of tourism industry, work should be done to expand the role of the relevant supporting industries such as the emerging industry and modern service industry in driving consumption in the tourism sector. Fifthly, more attention should be paid to making this sector open wider to the outside world. And finally the development environment of the tourism industry should be optimized by strengthening the management of tourism market, rectifying market order, improving service quality and creating a reassuring consumption environment. 
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  • Zhangjiajie- SK Direct Tourist Charter Flights Launched

    Zhangjiajie- SK Direct Tourist Charter Flights Launched

    ​From this day on up till the end of November, there will be one direct tourist charter flight going to and fro between Zhangjiajie City and South Korea every day, making as short a journey as 3 hours to Zhangjiajie for the SK tourists. And the undertaker for this flight line is the China Eastern Air Holding Company.
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  • "Hallelujah"Concert Hall in Zhangjiajie Opens to Public

    "Hallelujah"Concert Hall in Zhangjiajie Opens to Public

    2010-09-16 The "Hallelujah Concert Hall" was established in the fairyland of Zhangjiajie following the establishment of the "Hallelujah Mountain" to form a splendid wonderland. The "Hallelujah Concert Hall" was officially unveiled at the Huanglong Cave scenic spot in Zhangjiajie on Sept. 15. Huang Yongyu, a famous painter, recently inscribed the name for the concert hall.The "Hallelujah Concert Hall" is located at the entrance of the Huanglong Cave Ecology Plaza in Zhangjiajie. It was designed by Yu Kongjian, president of the Architecture and Landscape Design College of Peking University and a professor from Harvard University. The hall was constructed by the Huanglong Cave Investment Company in accordance with international standards. Its construction area stands at 4,970 square meters and the total investment reached 160 million yuan.The concert hall is set against the backdrop of mountains with the lush vegetation of Huanglong Cave, faces rice fields with swirling smoke and is next to the water from Suoxi Valley in the south. It has an excellent environment as well as a novel and unique design. It has a beautiful and elegant style and a frame shear wall structure. Its sloping roofs are all covered with grass and flowers and its curtain walls are in the shape of the five-line staff formed by local shale rocks making the building melt with nature. The entire building looks like a culture collection of Zhangjiajie waiting to be read and a piece of jade embedded in Zhangjiajie. It is the concert hall with the most beautiful environment in the world."Hallelujah" Concert Hall bathes in the moonlight.Famous painter Huang Yongyu inscribes for the Hallelujah Concert Hall
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  • Zimbabwean Stone Carving Made its Debut in Zhangjiajie

    Zimbabwean Stone Carving Made its Debut in Zhangjiajie

    ​Recently, dozens of Zimbabwean stone-carving works have made their debut at the Yellow Dragon Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie, attracting a large number of tourists from home and abroad. Zimbabwe is honored as the "country of stone carving", and everyone in Zimbabwe is said to be skilled at this art. Its stone-carving works always surprise the world due to its original sense of life and unique visual experience.
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  • New Culture Fest

    New Culture Fest

    ​Preparations are underway for the first China International Culture Tourism Festival to be held in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province next month.Launched by the Ministry of Culture, National Tourism Administration and Hunan Provincial Government, the 20-day festival is scheduled to begin on October 23.
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