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  • The Beginning of Winter

    The Beginning of Winter

    The Beginning of Winter is the time when winter officially arrives. When vegetation withered away, the weather becomes colder. Everything in the natural world falls into this cycle. In ancient agricultural society, the beginning of winter, spring, summer and autumn are called the “Four Beginnings.” They are all important days. For our ancestors, the beginning of winter is not just the start of a cold season but also a time to rest, a time when living things witness a period of dormancy and self-renewal.
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  • Heroes return home culture

    Heroes return home culture

    “The walking dead”is one of the three old mysteries of Western Hunan in ancient times,it was difficult to transport back home the coffins of heroes who died the Wizards made the corpses walk back home and be buried.this is called“The walking dead”.
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  • TuJia Gan Nian

    TuJia Gan Nian

    Gan Nian is the most grand festivel for TuJia people,It is a lunar day before Han spring festivel.They celebrate this day on the night of Dec.29th or Dec.28th.
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  • Tujia Rock Fungus Spider

    Tujia Rock Fungus Spider

    With the natural climate and the environment,there are plenty of nutritious rock fungus on the rock.The people,who live on picking rock fungus by generations get an unique skill of flying over the walls.They deserve the name of "Rock fungus Spider".At present,Wulingyuan "Rock fungus Spider" has been succeeded in declaring National Intangible Cultural Heritage.
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  • Three-great drum

    Three-great drum

    Three-great drum is from the three-stick drum in Tang Dtnasty,Its birth and development really reffects a way of singing that people struggle against the past rulers of feudal society,It is listes as the third bath of Chinese national intangible cultural heritage list.
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  • Tujia Welcoming

    Tujia Welcoming

    Wulingyuan Tujia people have always been hospitable and welcoming guests in a variety of which,wine bar and local trumpet are the highest manner for reception.
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  • TuJia Nationalty

    TuJia Nationalty

    The aboriginals of Wulingyuan are from TuJia Nationalty.They have development in feudal society(AD900-1,000) They call themselves "BiZiKa"TuJia luanguage is an old and special has no characters for writing.Most people of TuJia nationalty can speak Chinese.
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  • Mao Gusi

    Mao Gusi

    Mao Gusi is an ancient and original dance,It really reflects a life which Tu Jia ancestors hunted and farmed on the mountain of the forest park,Tianzi mountain,Yuanjiajie and etc.It also reflects the custom of their marriage.
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