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  • Xiangxi Zuolong Gorge

    Xiangxi Zuolong Gorge

    Xiangxi Zuolong scenic spot is located in Guzhang County, Hexi Town. Actually, there is only a river between another well-known resort inWestern Hunan–Furong Ancient Town. Overall, the length of Zuolong Gorge is about 6,500 meters.Until 1993, Zuolong Gorge was found by an herb digger. According to textual research, its landform is shaped by crust changes and wind erosion in 3 million years.As time goes by, Zuolong Gorge gains a good reputation of “the first peculiar gorge in south eastern China”. Because of its original ecological environment, fresh air and mysterious Tujia customs, Zuolong Gorge is also called “fairyland on earth”, “ideal world”. In addition, Zuolong Gorge has a special type of visiting line, that is, all the lines are built in the deep valley, taking full advantage of steep mountains, just like the sculpture carved by nature carefully looking from a distance. So, as you can imagine, walking along this kind of visiting line, you can not go through all the cliffs solely relying on your hands and feet. Meanwhile, strong will and appreciation to the nature are also essential, that’s what makes Zuolong Gorge “a class about life”. Only when you have an exploration by yourself someday, can you discover how it is like on earth.Translated by Becky
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  • Xiangxi Liusha Waterfall

    Xiangxi Liusha Waterfall

    Located in the source of Xiangxi Jiulong Stream, Liusha Waterfall has a level difference of 216 meters, which makes its reputation as the highest waterfall in China.Liusha Waterfall flies straight down from the cliff and scatters into quicksand shape then. Walking along Liusha Waterfall, you will get a sense of entering into a water curtain cave.In wet season, surging running water flies down to deep pool from the cliff, grand and magnificent. In low water season, running water falls down from the cliff, which gives you the feeling of being touched by fine gauze when you get close to it. Looking up at Liusha Waterfall from the right side, it looks like falls down from the cloud.Tips:In April and May, this is to say in Spring, Liusha Waterfall enjoys the maximum water yield. On the contrary, in August and September, Liusha Waterfall usually experiences dry season.Translated by Becky
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  • Qianyang Ancient City

    Qianyang Ancient City

    Xiangxi Qianyang ancient city, knowing for “the first ancient city in Western Hunan”, is located in Hongjiang City,Hunan province. Actually, Qianyang ancient city is about 1400 years elder than Dayan ancient city (Yunnan Province), and nearly 1000 years that of Fenghuang (HunanProvince). Since 202 BC, Qianyang ancient city has already been developed to some extent. Because of its vital geographical location, Qianyang ancient city has been a place of great military importance all along.More than 12 minorities live here, such as Dong,Yao, Tujia, etc. whenever there are some significant festivals or joyous occasions, girls skilled in dancing and singing will dress up in their ethnic costumes to celebrate it together.Translated by Becky
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  • Fenghuang Yang Ancestral Memorial

    Fenghuang Yang Ancestral Memorial

    Yang Ancestral Memorial is located in the northeast side of Tuojiang River Fenghuang town. Originally built in 1836, It covers an area about 770 sq meters. The elaborate structure and considerable design makes Yang Ancestral Memorial as an outstanding building till now.Whole of this family temple features the special ethnic characters and the high valuein architecture field. This temple is a wood-made courtyard with two floors, consisting of the gate, opera stage, corridors, main hall and subsidiary rooms.It is strongly showing the local tradition and carving art of archite cture.Currently it is the cultural site under the county-level protection.Yang family was the second largest family in the Fenghuang Ancient Town. It is said that people with family name “Yang” are descendents of the famous patriotic Yang family in Song Dynasty. Yang Ancestral Memorial is the best preserved temple in Ancient Phoenix City.Translated by Sophia
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  • Xiangxi Longshan Xiche River

    Xiangxi Longshan Xiche River

    Located in Longshan County of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Xiche River Area is renowned for the river named Xiche River. With excellent spring water which is a good material for making delicious mildewed tofu, it has been covered by CCTV original western Channel (CCTV12).There are still some quaint buildings along the river. Xiche River Area is a Tujia ghetto, and Tujia language is widely used here. As Tujia language has no charater, so its ethnic culture is passed on by their mouths, which reuslts in a unique Tujia culture. At 4km north away from Xiche River lies the famous Big Waving Hall of Tujia nationality-Sanyue (March) Hall.Tasha, Ding Fang and Po Jiao are well-known for Da Liu Zi, A kind of traditional percussion. Dian Fang has been granted as The Township of National Folk Art by Ministry of Culture for this.The township of Miao Er Tan, near Xiche River rich in brocade was conferred as the Township of mass arts and culture in Hunan province. Therefore, A cultural landscape fostered by profound Tujia customs has come into being around Xiche River.By Brenda
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  • Fenghuang National Geological Park

    Fenghuang National Geological Park

    On September, 19th, 2005, Fenghuang National Geological Park was and set up and nationally authorized. It is located in Xiangxi autonomous prefecture Fenghuang County,Hunan Province, With a gross area of 157 square kilometers. Fenghuang National Geological Park takes gorges, peak forests, platforms, karst caves, waterfall, structural features and many geological relics as its main landscape and takes natural ecology and cultural landscape as supplements. Overall, Fenghuang National Geological Park is a comprehensive geological park that combines scientific values with aesthetic values.In Fenghuang National Geological Park, Typical mesa-canyon karst physiognomy can be seen. What’s more, mesa-canyon karst physiognomy is a peculiar one first discovered in Fenghuang National Geopark. It shares the feature of peak forests and peak clusters grow in platform margin shadowing holes, clints, stone forests, thaw depressions and ponors grow in platforms. Underground, underground rivers and karst caves exist. In total, there are more than 30 gorges with unique forming conditions and complete forming process, including young narrow gorges and prime canyons and old broad valleys.Besides, Fenghuang National Geological Park’s forest coverage rate is above 85%, including 91 precious tree species, 106 old trees and famous wood species, 29 national protected tree species and 28 national protected animals.Translated by Becky
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  • Xiangxi Furong Town

    Xiangxi Furong Town

    Furong town is a home of Tujia and Miao minorities in the west Hunan. Furong Town has a history of more than 2,000 years, and it an ancient town where people of the Tujia and Miao ethnic people live together. It is originally named as Wangcun until a famous movie entitled “Furong Town” was filmed there in 1986.Furong Ancient Town, Furong (Hibiscus) Town is originally named Wangcun. It is an ancient town where Tujiazu people live together. Until now, in the town, pavement laid with black flagstones and ancient domestic house (mainly Diaojiaolou) are well preserved. The famous movie Furong Town directed by Xiejin is shot here. At Furong Town, you must take the local specialty,“rice tofu”It is said that the most genuine shop is in the vicinity of torii. That shop is the rice tofu shop in the movie.The scenery in the town has unique bearing. Shops with trap doors are on the both sides of five-mile street of black flagstone. Tujia Diaojiaolou (stilted house) are set up against the slope. The simple bearing of Tujiazu is very charming. In the Warring States Period,“Xizhou Copper Pillar” set as a war covenant made between the emperor of Chu, Maxifan and the King of headman remains as before. On “Xizhou Copper Pillar”, key cultural relic under state protection, more than 2300 characters are inscribed, the covenant of dismissing troops and reconciling made between the emperor of Chu, Maxifan and the King of headman in 940 A.D. is recorded. It is a precious object data of studying nation relation in ancient China. Besides, there is Wangcun waterfall which is about 60 meters high and 70 meters wide here. Walking behind the hanging screen of the waterfall is like placing oneself in a crystal palace.Translated by Sophia
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  • Huaihua Jingping Ancient Village

    Huaihua Jingping Ancient Village

    Jinping Ancient Village, located in the west bank of Wushui River in Central Town, Huaihua City, is 15km away from the downtown of Huaihua City. It is called Central Town because it is just 30km away from Anjiang in the east, 30km away from Qiancheng in the south, 30km away from Zhijiang in the west and also 30km away from Luyang in the north, which is just in the center of all sides. Here was the commercial and cultural center in south-west of Hunan.In the Jingping Ancient Village, ancestral temples, ancient post roads, Fubo (A general in Han Dynasty) Palace, Chamber of Cultural Prosperity, Virgin and Filial-piety House, Ancient Well in Tang Dynasty, Hydrology Stele, Dragon and Phoenix Bridge, Goddess of Mercy Pavilion, Bottom Bracket Temple and relics of the Paleolithic Age and the Neolithic Age have remained the same just like thousands of years ago. What’s more, ancient folk culture like Drinking Song, Nuo Drama, percussion instrument made of bamboo and Rattle Stick Dance have invited countless tourists to visit.Jinping Ancient Village, a unique and peaceful land even in current China, will definitely bring you a special experience of Ancient China, which you can never experience in your own country.By Patricia
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