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  • Xianglushan Ancient Village of Miao Nationality

    Xianglushan Ancient Village of Miao Nationality

    There are numerous ancient villages of Miao nationality in western Hunan. Today I will lead you to a famous one-Xianglushan (Censer Mountain) Ancient Village of Miao Nationality in Fenghuang and will introduce more characterized Miao villages to you next time.Xianglushan Ancient Village of Miao Nationality, located about 16 km away from the Ancient Phenix Twon, has been regarded as “A Holy Land for Miao Village”.Behind the village, there is a mountain where there is a huge stone rising straight from the ground, which looks just like a censer, thus is called the Censer Mountain. With ancient trees of thousand years rooted here and mist hugging around the mountain, this holy land up to now still attracts yaabas and girls of Miao Nationality to pray their everlasting youth by burning incense every 7th July.Ancient and mysterious as the Miao village under the Censer Mountain is, people have been living a simple life without connection with outside world and just live themselves up by tillage. However, old people over one hundred years old are everywhere. A shocking statistic shows that there are 98 people over 80 years old counted from over 600 person in the whole village. More attracting mysteries may lie in the Dead-Driving, Evolution of Toxic Bug, Thanksgiving for God, Fairy Jump and so on.By Patricia
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  • Tongdao Wanfo Mountain(Huaihua City)

    Tongdao Wanfo Mountain(Huaihua City)

    Tongdao Wanfo Mountain, situated in Taipingyan village, Linkou town, Tongdao autonomous county, Huaihua city, Hunan province, is the biggest scenic spot in Tongdao with an area of 28.04 km² and one of the biggest Danxia landforms in China as well.Wanfo Mountain scenic area also won the laudatory title of “the Great Green Wall” for five scenic spots of Wanfo Mountain,Fairy Cave,Qixing Mountain,General Mountain and Ziyun Mountain scattering over the Danxia landform.In the scenic spot, “Sole Tall and Graceful Crag”, “Ancient Qixing Nunnery”, “Fairy House”, “Male Lion Looking Up at Moon”, “Heaven-Holding Pillar”, “Beauty Yearning For Husband”, “the Divine Land of Conch ”, “Golden Turtle Foraging for Food”, “Natural Bridge of Magpies”(the name is originated from a fairy tale and means a chance for meeting of lovers after long departure), “Forest Maze of Thirty-six Curves” are top ten exquisite scenic spots. And you must be indulge in its unique beauty and miracle landscape.By Brenda
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  • Fenghuang Wanshou Palace

    Fenghuang Wanshou Palace

    Wanshou Palace is also called Jiangxi Guild Hall. It is located in Fenghuang ancient city Shawan, with Tuo River in front. Wanshou Palace was firstly built in Ming and Qing dynasties. And then it got a mass construction in 1755.In 1854, A man from Jiangxi Yang Si built Xiachang Pavilion in the west. In 1928, Yang Storey was built on the north side of the gate.Wanshou Palace has grand architectural scale, distinctive design and exquisitely carved buildings. Yang storey adjoins the gate on the north and Xiachang Pavilion on the west. Inside the gate, the main hall stands upright above 9 footsteps, then the throne room. On the right of throne room, there are Xiaogong Hall, Yangong Hall, Caishen Hall, kitchen and temples for ritual purification. On the left, there are Mei Corridor, Tianfu, Leishen Hall, Xuanyuan, Weituo, Guanyin Hall and parlour. Over this 4000 square meters’ building, palaces stand tall, towers assemble, all can be seen as magnificent architecture art.Translated by Becky
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  • Xiangxi Jiemu Stream National Nature Reserve Zone

    Xiangxi Jiemu Stream National Nature Reserve Zone

    Xiangxi Jiemu Stream, A national natural reserve zone located in Jiemuxi Village, Yuanlin County, Hunan Province. Has enjoyed the laudatory title of “Nine-village valley in Hunan”. It is of excellent geographical positon that it is adjacent to world famous tourism site Zhangjiajie tourism zone and Xiaoxi National Nature Conversation Zone. What’s more, The stream is of unique scenery, which makes it a all dimensional sport square where you can enjoy hiking, river trekking, cave exploration, rock climbing, prompt landing,drift and so on.Apart from its inviting view spots, there also assembles the most concentrated and most comprehensive flora and fauna of eastern, southern and southwestern China. As researched by biological experts, The flora of Jiemu Stream Conversation Zone is mainly of valley forest with rich and rare species owing to evolution of valley plants. According to statistic, There are over 460 kinds of ornamental plants. A kind of vine plant which can only survive in South Africa was even found in Jiemu Stream Forest. Besides, A large quantity of rare animals lives in this valley. There are 108 species of terrestrial vertebrates, 29 mammals and 5 chicken shape birds, in which 10 species are of state protection. The most special first-grade protection animal must count to be Elliot’s Pheasant which is first found in this area.No matter for fun, adventure or scientific research, This is definitely a wonderful land for you!By Patricia
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  • Fenghuang Ganoderma Lucidum Valley

    Fenghuang Ganoderma Lucidum Valley

    Celebrated for its stalacatite-formed stone that looks like ganoderma lucidum, ganoderma lucidum scenic spot is located in Wugang village, Western Luo chaojing countryside, Fenghuang, and is 30m kilometers away from the county town. Via Southern Great Wall and Huang siqiao ancient city, it enjoys a favorable transportation.Rolled humanistic folk, landscape scenery and water-eroded cave into one, ganoderma lucidum valley forms a unique, ecological and nuatural three-dimensional landscape. Surranded by mountains and rivers, the valley just likes a natural air anion bar, birds’ nest nesting on the foothill, tranquil streams riding its way to the farest. Inside the valley, springs form a beautiful picture as if it was a water curtain cave before the opening. Stalactites present themselves in various forms: the longivety old man narrates enchanting legends in a poetic way; five finger mountain on the top acts an heroic posture, its emerald green pressing your breath. The one-thousand ancient Miao stockade gives you a full taste of Miao catering culture.Bestowed with beautiful scenery, babbling streams in the valley, overlapped mountains on both shores with bold cliffs, the valley embodies various forms of stones: steep tiger-lion cliff, monkey-liked wall, the hanging hat of Tang Monk and soporous Devine tortoise, all of which present a uncanny workmanship.For your appreciation, ganoderma lucidum valley has been waiting for thousands of years.By Crystal
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  • Fenghuang Tianlong Gorge

    Fenghuang Tianlong Gorge

    Before May, 2005, Fenghuang Tianlong Gorge has never been passed through.Fenghuang Tianlong Gorge is located in Ala Town, The western part of Fenghuang Ancient City. It is between Huangsiqiao Ancient Cityand the Southern Great Wall in China. Generally, The transportation there is convenient since it is only 7 kilometers’ away from Tongren Airport(Guizhou Province).Tianlong Gorge was exploited by local residents in 2005 and was officially opened to visitors in May, 2005. Tianlong Gorge is famous for its danger, mystery, height, beauty and quietness. Ridges and peaks rise one after another. The narrowest part in Tianlong Gorge is less than 2 meters. The unique landscape in Tianlong Gorge is just like being created by uncanny workmanship. Besides, Tianlong Gorge has long been known as the most dangerous gorge in Fenghuang Miao Nationality Region.All along, Tianlong Gorge is called as an ancient fortress. So you can not only experience special natural landscape there, not also local conditions and customs of Miao nationality.Translated by Becky
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  • Red Rock Forest

    Red Rock Forest

    Xiangxi Red Rock Forest locates in Jietong and Duanlong township in Guzhang county with an area of 30 kilometers square. Its opposite bank is the famous scenic spot“Fu Rong Town”. It is the unique red carbonic acid rock forest inChinaformed in Cambrian. Very long time ago, here spread over a sea of water.
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  • Xiangxi Gumiao River

    Xiangxi Gumiao River

    Xiangxi Gu miao River originates from Huayuan County, Xiangxi. According to legend, She is the daughter of mars Chiyou. After hearing that her father was defeated and was killed by Yellow Emperor using chains, she came to Chong Moutain, in which his father’s chains were abandoned. At that time, Chiyou became a god and was on the way to heaven. The daughter felt desperately sad and held her father’s feet to avoid his leaving. Chiyou cannot bear to leave then, so he magically changed to Stones together with troops. After that, The daughter became a river there.Xiangxi Gu miao River is the mother river of Miao people. She has stubborn characteristics and broad mind. Gu miao River looks dazzling and picturesque. Over there, thick forest and high mountains are here and there, which make its summer without too high heat and winter without severe cold. Its annual temperature is about 11.4 ℃. The average temperature in summer does not exceed 30 ℃. So Xiangxi Gu miao River is also a good choice for being away for summer holidays.Translated by Becky
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