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  • Loudi Meishan Cave

    Loudi Meishan Cave

    Feature: Karst CaveTime: All the year roundTicket: 80 yuanPhone: 0738-8313881Opening Time: 8 a.m.Address: Xinhua County, Loudi, HunanMeishan Cave, a subterranean limestone cave, is situated on the side of Zijiang River, which is rare in the world. Having the structure of several storeys in the cave with marvelous spectacles, it is proven to be 2,876 meters long, of which 1,896 meters long routes is open to the tourists with a unique underground river of 466 meters. In the cave, there are spectacular flowstones of surprising shapes and all kinds of stalactites, stalagmites and plane sections.  Professor Lu Cunyue from the National Tourism Administration expressed his surprise by acclaiming the cave as “the most beautiful geological garden in the world”. Now, the cave is renowned as one of the world\'s three largest caves.The landscape along the river is also unparalleled in China. Quasi-physical landscape includes Dragon Princess Washing Silk, Auspicious Kylin and Jade Tree, Dragon Kissing Crane, Confucius Preaching, Lotus-gate Half-opening, Great Minds Quizzing, Lotus Bridge Boating, Lotus Screen Drooping, Lofty Lotus Hall, Watery Lotus and Budding Golden Lotus.  Artistic landscape includes Greeting Guests, Amazing Caves, Mount Tai scenery, Dragon temple& Jade Tower, Dunhuang Frescoes, and Lotus Palace of Clear Water. Allusions landscape includes The Eight Fairies and The Mighty Naozha.
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  • Rafting in Xinhua

    Rafting in Xinhua

    Youxi River RaftingTel: 0738-3716229River rafting is one of most exciting adventure sports for adventure enthusiasts. Located at the middle range of Youxi River of Xinhua, Youxi River Rafting zone is about 12km in length with a fall of over 300 meters. There are 8 valleys, 36 puddles, 48 pools and 39 turns on the rafting course, along which are some beautiful spots like Greeting Warship, Double Arches, and Drinking Elephant. It takes about two and a half hours to enjoy the whole rafting course.Ziquejie River RaftingTel: 0738-3912789/3384958Situated at Fengjia Town, Ziquejie River Rafting is about 28km from another famous scenic spot “Ziquejie Rice Terrace”. The length of the Rafting is 6.8km and it takes 90 minutes to enjoy the whole course. Clear and cool water, exciting twists and turns and tree-lined riversides, all these provide tourists full enjoyment.
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  • Loudi Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park

    Loudi Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park

    Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park is located in the north of Xinhua, 62 kilometers away from the county seat. It covers an area of 8,100 hectares and the forest coverage rate is almost 93%.Its main peak “Jiulongchi” rises to a height of 1,622 meters, making it the highest peak in central Hunan. It grows more than 30 kinds of national protected fauna and flora like millennium ginkgo, clouded leopard and Chinese yew. Mountains, rivers, plants and temples together depict a fascinating three-dimensional painting. Daxiong Mountain is the hometown of Chi You, an ancient tribe head, who once fought with Emperor Huang and Emperor Yan. Statistically, the Park is the area with the largest volume of negative oxygen ions in Hunan.Ticket: 56 yuanTel: 0738-3782063
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  • Shaoyang Yunshan Mountain

    Shaoyang Yunshan Mountain

    Yunshan Mountain is a famous mountain in southwest of Hunan. Located about 7.5 kilometers away from the south of Wugang City, Yunshan Mountain is a scenic spot full of historic value, covered by forest.Wugang Yunshan Nature Reserve is known as provincial level nature reserve, which was approved and established by Hunan People’s Government in 1982. It was established as a national forest park by the Ministry of Forestry in 1992.Yunshan Mountain enjoys a long history and is noted as a Blessed Place in south Hunan. There are still 14 stone-built Buddhist pagodas, over 50 epigraphs and inscriptions and 3 cliff inscriptions and five-kilometer-long slabstone path in the mountain.Yunshan Mountain is famous for pure environment, clear water, luxuriant forest and fickle clouds. This is a land for worshipping Buddha, scientific research and leisure.
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  • Shaoyang Mount Huxing-Huayao Scenic Area

    Shaoyang Mount Huxing-Huayao Scenic Area

    The scenic area in Longhui County is one of the New Eight Grand Sights in Hunan Province. Main tourist attractions in this area are the ancient villages of the Yao ethnic group, the former residence of Weiyuan, Weiyuan Lake, Gaozhou Hot Springs, ancient town of Tantou and Mount Jiulong. New Year\'s pictures, fragrant powder paper and colored paper are known as local Three Marvels which have been put on the list of Chinese cultural heritage for salvation.Transport: Visitors can take a bus from Longhui County to get thereTel: (86)739-8891045
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  • Shaoyang Huangsang National Nature Reserve

    Shaoyang Huangsang National Nature Reserve

    Huangsang Provincial Geopark in Suining County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, the third geological park in Shaoyang after Baishuidong in Xinshao County and Langshan Mountain in Xinning County, was opened to the public. Huangsang Geopark features tectonic denudation eroded medium-low mountain ravines, covering an area of 137 square kilometers. The park houses 14 national level and 59 provincial level geological relics.Suining County is hailed as an unpolluted oasis by UNESCO, for its beautiful eco-environment and splendid natural scenery. Covering an area of 381,300 mu (about 25,547 hectares), Huangsang National Nature Reserve integrates natural landscape with cultural richness, covering five scenic spots, ten karst caves, three waterfalls, myriad picturesque peaks, rocks as well as ancient trees. In recent years, lots of outdoor enthusiasts have been attracted by its favorable eco-environment, to explore and visit its scenic vicinity.
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  • Chenzhou Introduction

    Chenzhou Introduction

    If this will be your first time in Hunan, then you should definitely include Chenzhou in your itinerary. This city, a shining jewel of scenery inlaid in south Hunan, will amaze you with its incredible hotsprings, marvelous mountains, exciting rafting, beautiful lakes and delicious food.Chenzhou is known as a city blessed with beautiful scenery, a lively environment as well as convenient transportation.Boasting serene lakes,  beautiful mountains and rocks, mysterious caves, and numerous enjoyable hot springs, Chenzhou has gained a high reputation both at home and abroad as a must-go resort in Hunan for recreation and sightseeing.Some spots of interest include Mount Suxian, reputed as the “18th blessed land in China”; Dongjiang Lake, nicknamed “The Switzerland of the East”; and Mangshan National Forest Park, known as “Hunan’s Shangrila” for its incredible flora. In addition, the Wugaishan International Hunting Ground is the only authorized hunting field in south China.Mangshan MountainDongjiang Lake
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  • Chenzhou Silver Tower

    Chenzhou Silver Tower

    A glittering tower in Yongxing, Hunan province attracts hundreds of tourists every day since it opened to public as a silver museum last July. The tower was made of 2,500 kilograms of silver and it took 10 artisans more than 100 days to finish the design.The silver tower is in the Silver Garden of China in Yongxing County. It has two floors with total area of 140 square meters. A gold adirondack love chair is placed on the second floor, which glitters in sunshine against all silver-wrapped carved windows. Except tiles on the roof, all the structure and decorations are made of silver recovered from waste water in factories.
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