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  • Shaoyang Huangsang National Nature Reserve

    Shaoyang Huangsang National Nature Reserve

    Huangsang Provincial Geopark in Suining County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, the third geological park in Shaoyang after Baishuidong in Xinshao County and Langshan Mountain in Xinning County, was opened to the public. Huangsang Geopark features tectonic denudation eroded medium-low mountain ravines, covering an area of 137 square kilometers. The park houses 14 national level and 59 provincial level geological relics.Suining County is hailed as an unpolluted oasis by UNESCO, for its beautiful eco-environment and splendid natural scenery. Covering an area of 381,300 mu (about 25,547 hectares), Huangsang National Nature Reserve integrates natural landscape with cultural richness, covering five scenic spots, ten karst caves, three waterfalls, myriad picturesque peaks, rocks as well as ancient trees. In recent years, lots of outdoor enthusiasts have been attracted by its favorable eco-environment, to explore and visit its scenic vicinity.
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  • Chenzhou Introduction

    Chenzhou Introduction

    If this will be your first time in Hunan, then you should definitely include Chenzhou in your itinerary. This city, a shining jewel of scenery inlaid in south Hunan, will amaze you with its incredible hotsprings, marvelous mountains, exciting rafting, beautiful lakes and delicious food.Chenzhou is known as a city blessed with beautiful scenery, a lively environment as well as convenient transportation.Boasting serene lakes,  beautiful mountains and rocks, mysterious caves, and numerous enjoyable hot springs, Chenzhou has gained a high reputation both at home and abroad as a must-go resort in Hunan for recreation and sightseeing.Some spots of interest include Mount Suxian, reputed as the “18th blessed land in China”; Dongjiang Lake, nicknamed “The Switzerland of the East”; and Mangshan National Forest Park, known as “Hunan’s Shangrila” for its incredible flora. In addition, the Wugaishan International Hunting Ground is the only authorized hunting field in south China.Mangshan MountainDongjiang Lake
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  • Chenzhou Silver Tower

    Chenzhou Silver Tower

    A glittering tower in Yongxing, Hunan province attracts hundreds of tourists every day since it opened to public as a silver museum last July. The tower was made of 2,500 kilograms of silver and it took 10 artisans more than 100 days to finish the design.The silver tower is in the Silver Garden of China in Yongxing County. It has two floors with total area of 140 square meters. A gold adirondack love chair is placed on the second floor, which glitters in sunshine against all silver-wrapped carved windows. Except tiles on the roof, all the structure and decorations are made of silver recovered from waste water in factories.
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  • Chenzhou Feitian Mountain

    Chenzhou Feitian Mountain

    Located 20 kilometers away from the downtown area of Chenzhou, this scenic area is a typical karst landform. The red rocks covered with green trees are extraordinarily eye-catching. In addition, this scenic area has thousand-year-old suspended coffins, statue of Buddha on the bank of the river, rock pictures and ancient tombs from the Ming and Qing dynasties.Transport: Take special bus at Chenzhou General Bus StationTel: (86)735-2850333Admission (for reference):RMB70 yuan/adult
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  • Chenzhou Longnv Hotspring

    Chenzhou Longnv Hotspring

    Legend has it that it is a spring bestowed by Heavenly God to the third daughter of Dragon King for her to drink and bathe in.The hot spring is located in Tongkenghu Village, Shijiao Township, Beihu Distric, about five km away from the city center of Chenzhou, and 1.5 km away from national highway No. 107, which provide  convenient transportation. It is a theme park integrating sightseeing, holiday spending, business, leisure, recreation and health care. The spring water is limpid and transparent and rich in mineral resources, which is suitable for drinking or taking a bath and the temperature of it is about 40℃. The spring water has unique therapeutic effects for many diseases.Address: Xianchitang of Tongkenghu Village, Industrial North Road, Chenzhou.Traffic Route:Take No.2, No.3 or No 4 bus directly there, or take a taxi.Tel: (86)735-2328518
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  • Chenzhou Suxianshan Mount Scenic Area

    Chenzhou Suxianshan Mount Scenic Area

    Located at the northeast corner of Chenzhou, this scenic area is 1.5 kilometers away from the downtown area and is famous as the 18th blessing land under heaven.The main scenic spots in this scenery include Suxian Temple, Peach Blossom Chamber, White Deer Cave, Three Forever Stele, Immortal Stone, etc. They are all valuable attractions and destinations. The famous patriotic general Zhang Xueliang (1901-2001) was once confined here and his picture and inscriptions are still on display in one of the wing-rooms today. Because of Mount Suxian \'s relations with immortal affairs, every year many tourists pay a visit here to experience the ancient culture and the gorgeous natural sceneries.Transport: Take public bus Nos. 15, 29 and 28 in ChenzhouTel: (86)735-2885797Admission: (for reference): RMB 40 yuan /adultOpening hours: 05:00 -22:00
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  • Yongzhou Introduction

    Yongzhou Introduction

    The unique landscape and fantastic culture make Yongzhou a wonderful place to visit in Hunan Province.Linking Hunan Province with various coastal cities in Southern China, Yongzhou is famous for many sites of historic and cultural interest, including Mount Jiuyi where Emperor Shun died during his southern trip, Liuzhi Temple built in memory of the distinguished writer Liu Zhongyuan (773 AD-819AD) of the Tang Dynasty, and the Wuxi Park where hundreds of stone carvings have been left by many celebrities across history.The city’s unique landscape and fantastic culture make Yongzhou a wonderful place to visit in Hunan Province. Mount Jiuyi, Mount Emperor Shun and Mount Yangming all have amazing scenery. The King Pan Hall is a holy place for the Yao people to worship their ancestors. The ancient battlefield in Qianjia Cave exhibits the Yao people\'s unconquerable spirit. Female scripts in Jiangyong County, a unique writing system only learned and used by local women, show the diversity of human culture. All these splendid scenes and rich cultures have attracted many tourists from home and abroad.
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  • Yongzhou Yangming Mountain National Forest Park

    Yongzhou Yangming Mountain National Forest Park

    Located in the northeast of Shuangpai County, Yangming Mountain National Forest Park is a natural tourist resort with high mountains, clear water, dense trees and fascinated scenery. On mountain top, you may find undulant mountains penetrate into the clouds and unique hillside trees.At the peak of Yangming Mountain, there are numerous wild azalea. It is known as the best azalea in China. At May, the azaleas are seen booming here.Yangming Mountain in Shuangpai has always been known as a famous mountain since ancient times, enjoying unique sceneries featuring \"ancient, rare, smart, and elegant\", a long-standing \"harmony\" culture tradition, as well as a profound Buddhism origin.The Mountain has long been known as the blessing land and honored as the most harmonious Mountain by overseas guests. It is said that Wangshou Temple on the mountain is the place where the seventh Buddha died. It has been attracting many people from all over the world for hundreds of years. There are also many spectacular wonders and fantastic scenic spots in Yangming Mountain National Forest Park. As one of the eight recommended new tourist attractions in Hunan, Yangming Mountain is a good place for sightseeing.Yangming Mountain in Hunan Province shares the same name and has profound historical ties with the other Yangming Mountain in Taiwan. In 2006, Yangming Mountain on the mainland established the brotherhood relationship with Yangming Mountain in Taiwan. By now the Mountains have become platforms for promoting harmonious cross-strait ties.
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