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  • Shaoyang White Water Cave

    Shaoyang White Water Cave

    White Water Cave scenic zone, situated in Xinshao County, Shaoyang City in central Hunan, long before Ming Dynasty, is a resort favored by poets and literary men.“A Journal of White Water Cave”by poet in Qing Dynasty ever recorded beauty of White Water Cave.Shaoyang White Water Cave is famous for its elegant mountain and serene water, magical cave and stone, rich human landscape and literary. At present, here stands over 480 scenic spots with 30 first-grade spots and 8 important provincial preserved cultural relics. Natural scenery includes Luoshan Reservoir, flowing spring and flying waterfall, underground karst caves group, thin strip of sky, heaven’s door in cave, white dragon cave etc.Shaoyang White Water Cave is of splendid beauty. The most wonderful waterfall must be flying rainbow waterfall and water curtain waterfall. It does not exist in Zhangjiajie,Nor Suoxiyu scenic zone. It belongs to White Water Cave’s unique beauty. Flying waterfall down from one-hundred mile cliff with foggy water spraying and colorful rainbow formed when sunlight shoots in weave picturesque scenery. Walking through under rock inside waterfall, tourists could see another higher, larger, more beautiful waterfall. It’s really a wonderful experience.By Patricia
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  • Linxiang Southern Desert

    Linxiang Southern Desert

    Linxiang City, located in northeast of Hunan Province, as been regarded as the portal of Hubei Province. As a glory land which has bred many great people, there exists the biggest artificial desert and mystic under ground maze of 6501 project.Amazingly,Hunan Province is not adjacent to sea, but there exists a beach. Actually, this beach was formed due to the pile-up of ore sand which was left during mining development of lead zinc ore in Linxiang over half a century. In 1958, Linxiang started mining of lead zinc ore. Hundred tons of sand had been transported to massif via ore washing pipeline per day, then, massif and ravine has been filled up by wind year after year, and finally, the beach of dozens of meters took shape.Oresand scattering in mountain ridge everywhere and winding as long as several miles is the biggest man-made desert until now.The color of Oresand is close to silvery. Especially under the moonlight, the ore sand is dazzled with silver light. That is why it is called “SilverBeach”. However, under sunlight, the beach glitters, thus is also called “Golden Beach”. Sand grains here is fine and smooth and is tested harmless to people by national authoritative organization. This artificial beach is composed by mountain, water and sand. Water is at the border of sand and mountain is at the end of water. Pretty beach bathing field matches perfectly with grandeur Gobi desert.By Patricia
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  • Chenzhou Mount Feitian National Geo-park

    Chenzhou Mount Feitian National Geo-park

    Situated at Chenzhou,Hunan, Mount Feitian National Geo-park features Danxia landform and Karst caves stretching about 110 square kilometers. Surrounded by green hills, flowers, grass and trees, the Geo-park is ubiquitous in Danxia landform with red rocks, green water, red cliffs and usual caves.Speaking of Mount Feitian National Geo-park, it is necessary to introduce Wanghua Karst Cave. The cave has a length of 9 kilometers, the main cave 2245 meters. Developing from the Carboniferous limestone in 350-320 million years ago, the Tufa deposition type is various in the cave, full of stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates, curtains with numerous shapes and poses. There is a waterfall rushing through a cave above 50 meters, forming a curtain in front of the cave.In addition, the park is rich in cultural sights. To the west of Fengxing Mountain, 200 meters away, there lie 2 wooden hanging coffins which were set in caves of cliffs, above the river with tens of meters high. With a history of 800 years, the hanging coffin has a great many legends and stories.By Emma
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  • Shaoyang Yunshan Mountain

    Shaoyang Yunshan Mountain

    Hunan Yunshan Mountain, A famous mountain in southwest of Hunan province, is located in Wugang City. The peak altitude is 1372.5 m and the annual average temperature is 15℃ that makes the climate here agreeable. Since 1992, Yunshan Mountain was approved to build National Forest Park.Yunshan Mountain is of long history. It is also called the “resort of south of Hunan”. Far from Sui and Tang Dynasty, Buddhism had been advocated. The peak time is at Song and Ming Dynasty that temples were ever as many as five hundred. Now, 14 stone monk tower, over 50 epigraphs and inscriptions, 3 inscriptions on precipices and five-kilometer Ancient Road of Qin Dynasty are completely preserved.Yunshan Mountain is also rich in flora and fauna. In 1921, famous Austria botanist Han Madi ever found over 80 new species. According to present investigation, plants of 1518 species, 203 families and animals of 211 species.66 families are found here. Moreover, over 10 rare plants and animals are of First-grade State Protection.Yunshan Mountain is famous for miraculous mountain, clear water, luxuriant forest and fickle clouds. This is a land for travel, worshipping Buddha, scientific research and leisure. What are you waiting for? Just come and enjoy yourself.By Patricia
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  • Winter sunny beach

    Winter sunny beach

    Just look at this… ..Wow,really! Wait till you see outside this place Let’s appreciate our sunny weather……Yep it’s all in there…Haha unbelievable? Believe it!Tropical Islands is located inside this giant hangar-With the actual weather a far cry from the conditions inside.The “resort” is actually located on the site of a former Soviet military air base in Krausnick,Germany.
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  • Xinhua Purple Magpie Field

    Xinhua Purple Magpie Field

    Purple Magpie Field, located in Xinhua County,Hunan Province,belongs to the mountain chain of the middle part of Xuefeng Mountain.There the highest altitude is 1585.2m. Purple Magpie Field is unique in its terrace scenery which can’t be replicated around the world.The terrace field has been assarted since Chin Dynasty, the first feudal kingdom of China. It now covers an area of over 5300 km2 between the altitude of 500m to 1200m. There are over 500 layers of terrace and its gradient is mainly about 30°.It is amazing that such grand terrace even doesn’t exist a hilly pool and all depend on natural irrigation system.Visiting Purple Magpie Field, you can enjoying magical and grand view of terrace of which ticket price is ¥68. At the same time, drifting is also available here. The total cost of visiting terrace field and doing drift is ¥256.By Patricia
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  • MangShan Hot Spring Holiday Village

    MangShan Hot Spring Holiday Village

    Having a hot spring bath must be an excellent choice in winter, which drives away the cold and enjoys yourself at the same time. However, which is the best place to choose is a matter worthy of your consideration. Today I will recommend you a hot spring holiday village which will absolutely give you a never experienced feeling. That is MangShan Hot Spring Holiday Village which locates in Mang Shan Forest Park in Chenzhou city,Hunanprovince.The first eye-catching sparking spot is that it is the only spring which is of the highest altitude inHunanand Guangxi districts and of high quality which is rarely seen in high mountain springs. The Mang Shan Hot Spring Holiday Village situates in the center of Mang Shan Forest Park from where the spring water flow to the hot spring village. Hot water spring up from the fourth geologic belt so that temperature of the spring reaches up to 55.5C.The second unique attraction is the global unique Noah’sArkCliffSpringwhich is also the main attraction in winter. The Noah’s Ark Spring is equipped with high technology and gives you an exciting and kinetic feeling as if experiencing in a magic and adventurous world. Imagine on the snow covered cliff and having a spring bath on it, what a wonderful experience it would be! Besides, over 60 spring pools of various types will also provide you with unparalleled enjoyment.What are you waiting for? Just come and enjoy yourself!By Brenda
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  • Loudi Oil Stream Rafting

    Loudi Oil Stream Rafting

    Hunan Loudi Oil Stream, as the second largest tributary of Zijiang River in Jiqing Town, Xinhua County,Loudi City, is named as the stream is clear as oil. It is as long as 67 km and its drop height is as high as 281 meters, which makes Oil Stream a wonderful rafting zone.Now, Chetianjaing Reservoir and auxiliary projects have been built on the upstream of Oil Stream owing to its abundant water volume and big drop height, which has solved problem of irrigation and water conservancy of 6 townships. What’s more, 5 stair power stations have been constructed on its midstream.Oil Stream, deep and serene, is characterized by that its headstream and exit are hills and upstream and downstream are gorges and flat beaches and dangerous shoal are both valleys. Along the both sides of the stream towers green mountains with greenery covering the sky and dangerous cliffs fingering up to the heaven, and lies serene and twist riverbed, which make Oil Stream Drift full of excite and mystery.By Patricia
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