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  • Lengshuijiang Boyue Cave

    Lengshuijiang Boyue Cave

    Hunan Lengshuijiang Bo Yue Cave, located in northern suburbs of Lengshuijiang City in Hunan, 3.8 km away from its downtown, is a world lava museum where densely covered karst and towered stone pillars weave an excellent picture for tourists.Bo Yue Cave resort zone is an integrated garden mainly characterized by karst landscape dotted by ground scenic spots. Around Bo Yue Cave lies Dachengshan Forest Park, and Stannary known as waterfalls and capital of stibium, where tourists have access to climbing, cave appreciation, waterfall watching and karst research at the same time.Bo Yue Cave has been developed into three layers and developed underground tour route is as long as over 1800m with 27 halls, 81 scenic spots covering an area of over 40 thousand square meters and the height of the cave generally extends from 3 to 10 meters with a maximum height of over 20 meters while the width from 5 to 10 meters with a maximum width of over 70 meters.In a word, the cave is very attracting with karst cave shaped like fields, waterfalls, mountains and rivers and is very cheap that it only costs you 45 yuan. It deserves of your visiting.By Patricia
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  • Lianyuan Mei River Scenic Zone

    Lianyuan Mei River Scenic Zone

    Mei River Scenic Zone in Lianyuan City,located in the interior of Hunan Province,was confirmed as the provincial famous scenic zone in 1993.What’s more,convenient services for eating,accommodation,transportation,travelling,entertainment and shopping make it a paradise for tourists.What makes Mei River Scenic Zone a wonderful land is the karst landform with grotesque ground and underground scenery which is totally different from scenery of rock forest of Yunnan, Guilin in Guangxi and Zhangjiajie in Hunan. It’s also rare to see such enormous and miscellaneous karst caves here in the whole nation.In Mei River Scenic Zone, there are some rare, amazing scenic spots you can’t miss. Ten-mile Gallery, rare and unique geological and geomorphologic landscape, is of great scientific value. Fairy House is characterized by rare thin limestone and siliceous rock. What’s most inviting is bound to be the ceaseless Lotus Fountain under the Buddha’s Rock, which just sounds like boiling water. The most spectacular spot is undisputedly the Stone Pillar which is as tall as 16 meters and can only be hugged around by 12 persons. The next nature’s gift must be the Natural Bridge with four layers. Then, it comes to the most mysterious and miraculous spot that is the Mount Censer. There is a Waving Stone. It can be shook by hands of one person but can’t be pushed down by dozens of people.By Patricia
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  • Leiyang Cailun Bamboo Forest

    Leiyang Cailun Bamboo Forest

    Located at the southeast of Hunan province,near the midstream of Lei River,Cailun Bamboo Forest covers 100 square kilometers, Among which the core scenic area is 66 square kilometers. It is a comprehensive tourist attractions that combines with sightseeing, leisure, exploration and treasure-hunting. For the moment, it is a provincial scenic area, a provincial forest park and a provincial Mountain bike training base and national water recreation area.With a area of 10672 hectares, Cailun bamboo forest is the biggest contiguous bamboo forest park, known as the title of “Vast Bamboo Forest in Asian” and “Natural Oxygen Bar”. It has 200 hilltops, stretching ups and downs with luxuriantly green trees. The bamboo forest is rich in various breed. For instance, phyllostachys pubescens owns more than 20 kinds. If you love bamboos and nature, why not come here? I bet you will never regret.Ticket price:50RMBOpening time:08:00-17:00Address:Customer Center of Huangshi Town, Leiyang, Hunan.Telephone:0734-2816666By Zumi
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  • Chenzhou Feishui Stockaded Village

    Chenzhou Feishui Stockaded Village

    Feishui Stockaded Village, located in Reshui Town, Rucheng District which is the hometown of hot spring, is famous for waterfalls in primitive forest and alpine meadow in southern land. Having a tour in Feishui Stockaded Village, 60km away from Danxia Mountain, is quite suit for self-drive travel for the flat road and picturesque scenery. In the scenic zone, minor nationality likeYaoand She ethnic group has lived here generation after generation. Walking through the zone, beautiful sceneries like ancient stockaded village of She nationality, sea of bamboos, top-to-sky tree, terraced fields, glacier gorge, and primitive forest give a feast of eye. Then walking along a stream, clear and sweet spring, magic stones, unmeasurable deep pool, flourish bamboos and flowers welcomes you into a fresh and romantic land. Waterfalls in Feishui Village are the grandest one around Danxia Mountain. The most special waterfall counts to the Feishui Village Waterfall. It is of 26-meter width and flies down from 235 meter cliff with thundering water sound.Source water of the grand waterfall is from Alpine Meadow of Southern Land in Wanshi Mountain which is 1600-meter high. The alpine meadow locates in ancient battlefield in Wanshi Mountain near the north of Shaoguan and is 65km away from Danxia Mountain and is 5km from waterfall group in Feishui Village. It is the highest meadow in Chenzhou which is 1600-meter high. Climbing onto the alpine meadow, you will be fascinated by sea of cloud, amazing mist, the morning sun, sun setting, rime, silver thaw, drifting snow, sea of bamboo, red maple. What’s more, visiting here in different season, you will have chance to experience various unique sceneries.By Patricia
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  • Hangzhou Su Causeway

    Hangzhou Su Causeway

    We visited Hangzhou on one of its hottest days on record,so activity was going to be hot. At least Sudi is 80% in the shade with numerous willows and other trees flanking the path. Not many people ride their bikes along here (At least when I went) and the yellow elongated golf carts are driven with care.From the map it seems very long. But worthwhile to walk across. Many local people walk there for exercise. Also very good view for the lake.It is actually a wide paved bridge across the West Lake. A good place for evening or morning stroll. Try not to go in the afternoon as it could get really hot. And try to go during the weekday as it could get quite congested with people on weekends.Translated by Sophia
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  • Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfall

    Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfall

    Huangguoshu Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in China and East Asia located on the Baishui River in Anshun, Guizhou province. It is 77.8 meters high and 101 meters wide. The main waterfall is 67 meters high and 83.3 meters wide.There are eighteen waterfalls in the area around Huangguoshu Waterfall and the area has become a national park known as the Huangguoshu Waterfall National Park. It is 45 kilometers southwest of Anshun City. There are four main areas in this park: Huangguoshu Waterfall, Waterfall cluster, Water Curtain Cave, and Rhinoceros Pool. Together with minor waterfalls, The charms of the waterfall is a natural tourist draw, classified as a 5A scenic area by the China National Tourism Administration.Translated by Sophia
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  • Shaoyang Nanshan Scenic Zone

    Shaoyang Nanshan Scenic Zone

    Nanshan Scenic Zone, situated in southwest of Chengbu Autonomous County of Miao Nationality, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, consists of Nanshan Grassland, Double River Gorge, White Cloud Cave, Silver Fir Park, Changan Camp and Wutuan Miao Village. Those six scenic spots, covering an area of 199 square kilometer, have been audited as provincial scenic zone. Within the Nanshan Scenic Zone, high mountains, tablelands and grasslands are primary sights. Due to the moderate climate and abundant rainfall, 48 level grounds and 48 streams are formed in continuous mountain. Nanshan Scenic Zone, integrating gorge, cliff, lava, fantastic rock, primeval vegetation, flying waterfall and flowing spring, artificial lake together, enjoys the laudatory title “A Bright Pearl in Southern Land”Apart from its natural beauty, Nanshan Scenic Zone is also rich in ecological sport resources. Located in subtropical zone with warm climate and altitude of most land between 1600 to 1900m with moderate gradient, Nanshan, benefit by this unique landform, is build as an ecological sport land which suits for various plateau trainings and sports competitions for athletes of different training level and age. In comparison with western plateau training base, Nanshan enjoys advantage of location, climate and environment. In recent 10 years, Nanashan Scenic Zone has fully taken advantage of these resources to develop more experienced ecological sports.By the way, in busy season, the ticket entering into Nanshan Scenic Zone is 55RMB and 45RMB in off season. Children under 1.2m and aged people over 70 years can enjoy free ticket while children whose height is between 1.2m to 1.4m can buy preferential ticket.By Patricia
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  • Yongzhou Golden Cave Drifting

    Yongzhou Golden Cave Drifting

    As the top drifting in Asia, Golden Cave Driftig has attracted a number of tourists who are abosorbed by its thrilling, Exciting and safe drifting experience. It is located in Yongzhou, 83km away from Yongzhou Railway Station and 66 km away from Qiyang Railway Station.After reconstruction, Golden Cave Drifting has been built into a brand new and charm scenic spot by taking full advantage of the natural beauty. Drifiting starts at Mount Tongzi and ends at Qiao Pai Dang. Drifting course is as long as 12 km with drop height as high as 108m. Coves are as many as 28, dangerous shoal are 16 amd green pools are 11. Meandering coves leads you to a world just like driting in your winding stomach. The turbulent river crashes its way through and sprays into dancing spoondrift. At the deep of pool, fish freely swim in pool and shadow in pool is just like a beautiful drawing.Under the foil of those beautiful natural scenery, Golden Cave Drifting is more charming and enjoyable.By Patricia
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