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  • Zhangjiajie Ghost Valley Glass Plank Bridge

    Zhangjiajie Ghost Valley Glass Plank Bridge

    Zhangjiajie tianmen mountain ghost valley glass bridge is located in the west of zhangjiajie tianmen mountain national forest park. It is 60 meters long and the high peak is 1430 meters above sea level. All visitors are asked to put on shoe on the bridge, in order to keep clean glass bridge.As a new attractions, unlike other plank road, the wonder of ghost valley glass plank road neither in the cliff top, nor in the side cliff. It is that all the line growing in the middle of the cliff, which gives a horrible sense to a person.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Glass Plank Road

    Zhangjiajie Glass Plank Road

    Zhangjiajie Glass Plank Road lies in the west of Tianmen Moutain. Its overall length is 60 meters. The highest point of this bridge arrives about 1430 meters. Glass Plank Road is seen as another masterpiece after Ghost Path, Glass deck and wooden bridge over the gorge.Zhangjiajie Glass Plank Road can compare favorably with world-known glass corridor in American Grand Canyon. In fine days, the shadow of blue sky and white cloud overspread the whole Glass Plank Road, which can bring visitors a feeling of walking in the edge of cloud. In mist days, Glass Plank Roa is partly hidden and partly visible.In order to insure the transparency and cleanness, all visitors are required to wear shoe covers when walking on Glass Plank Road.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie Xianren Stream

    Zhangjiajie Xianren Stream

    Xianren Stream is located in the south of Yongding district, Zhangjiajie city, Hunan province. It is only 4 kilometers’ away from Zhangjiajie downtown. Looking around from Xianren Stream, green hills and clear rivers lie here and there. The further you go, the more mysteries you could feel. Particularly, after the rain, Xianren Stream will show you a wonderful fairy land.Since Xianren Stream is still waiting for further development, self-driving tour or outdoor exercises would be better if you want to pay a visit here.Here are two eye-catching scenic spots in Xianren Stream:1, Fairy Cave——On a cave named vacant shell, there stands a natural generated stone bodhisattva, which is called immortal by locals friendly . Thus this cave wins its name Fairy Cave.2, the Heavenly Southern Gate——Walking along the stream, in the deepest place of it, you can look up at the Heavenly Southern Gate hiding in cloud and mist.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Road

    Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Road

    The Most Spectacular Road in China–Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount is the highest mountain in Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City, with a main peak of 1518.6 meters. It is just 8 kilometers away from Zhangjiajie urban area. Tianmen Mount is famous for its natural wonder Tianmen Cave. In ancient times, Tianmen Mount was called Songliang Mount and was the earliest famous mountain written into annals of history.In May, 2005, Tianmen Mount sky way was completed finally. This sky way which is called heaven-linking avenue has 99 turns, directly drifting into sky. Thus “The most spectacular road” turned out splendidly. In September, the world’s longest mountain cableway—Tianmen Mount sightseeing cableway was also completed. This cableway has a length of 7455 meters and has an altitude difference of 1279 meters. It straightly gets to the top from downtown, just like a rainbow.Generally, heaven-linking avenue is dangerous. It crookedly passes through mountains and cliffs. After walking through this heaven-linking avenue, senior vice chairman of Chinese Calligraphy Association Shen Peng joyfully inscribed four words for it, which integrates with amazingTianmen Mount Road.Translated by Becky
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  • Tianmenshan Garden in the air

    Tianmenshan Garden in the air

    Tianmen Mountain  is an integrated synclinal geological unit which has the landform of middle-mountain karst platform with peak groups and canyons. The top of Tianmen mountain is a cliff sight of karst platform. The karst hillocks and karrens spread wildly to form wonders of stone forests in the air. Moreover, with moss spreading all over the ground, wild vines twining and twisting, what come into sight are natural bonsais like grand gardens which were as if created by the immortals. The tourists can relish the natural wonders and feel the miracles of the Creator to their hearts\' content.  
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  • Zhangjiajie Tianmen Cave

    Zhangjiajie Tianmen Cave

    Tianmen Cave is the natural water-eroded cave with the highest elevation in the world. In the year 263(the sixth year of Wuyong Period of Three Kingdoms), the thousand-meter high cliff of Songliang Mountain suddenly broke open into a door-like cave which became a rare wonder of the world. Hence Songliang Mountain is change to Tianmen Mountain.    Tianmen Cave runs south-northward with a height of 131.5 meters, a width of 57meters and a depth of 60 meters. It rises above the ground and nears the sky with a lofty and towering posture. The shadow of it reaches the north of the vast sea, the clouds over it near the south of the handle of the Dipper. It\'s much like a gate towards the heaven. The wonder attracted the visits and appreciations by emperors, officials, sages, hermits, dignitaries and men of letters of different dynasties. After the accumulation over the dynasties, the unique profound Culture of Heaven is built up.  In 1999, the masters of international stunt flying piloted the planes to fly through Tianmen Cave. The activity gave rising to sensational reactions in the world. There were 800 million audiences watching the live telecast.On March 17-19, “The 2006 Russia Air Force Aerobatics Performance ” entered ceremoniously in Tianmen Mountain of Zhangjiajie , the Soviet-27 heavy battle plane and Russia air force warrior composed a world-shaking legend here once more.
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  • Zhangjiajie Taihua Great Gorge

    Zhangjiajie Taihua Great Gorge

    ZJJ Taihua Great Gorge, A back-land of Wuliang District, situated at bank of Lishui River in Zhangjiajie City, is of splendid and primitive sight with precipitous gorge, flourishing forest and densely distributed streams.The whole gorge is as long as 8km and the altitude difference at the deepest gorge is over three hundred meters and the narrowest place only allows one person to pass. What amazing is that flourishing forest and ancient vine accompany you all along when climbing down from the top of gorge to its bottom. But, when be ready to go, you should prepare well to conquer the steep road. Sheltered from forest shade,deep gorge and steep cliff, a lot of places in the gorge are even shielded from sunlight all year round. Owing to this, the gorge is pregnant with countless sky eyes and crypts.When fascinated by the beauty of Taihua Great Gorge, you will also definitely surprised by strong and amazing spirit of Tujia People who excavated artificial canal on the steep cliff of this gorge. The canal is built along the mountain waist, so the other side of canal is 200-meter high cliff. People who are afraid of height and of heart disease had better not visit this gorge for the sake of safe.By Patricia
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  • Zhangjiajie Junsheng Painting Institute

    Zhangjiajie Junsheng Painting Institute

    Zhangjiajie Sandstone Painting Introduction: Ancestors of Tujia nationality have lived on this quartz sandstone land for thousands of years and no one has ever expected that there is a son of Tujia people, who changes the sleeping sand into a new type of world recognized art — sandstone painting. Li Junsheng, born in 1963, grew up in a very poor family and likes drawing since his childhood. One day, he found people like to spread color cobblestones on the wall when repairing houses and it’s very pretty, which inspired his idea of painting with sandstone. Li Junsheng’s sandstone paintings break through the using of traditional painting materials and use nature materials by making use of the hue of natural plant creatively, are of great artistic values.
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