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  • Tianmenshan Yunmeng fairy summit

    Tianmenshan Yunmeng fairy summit

    The summit of Zhang Jiajie---Yunmeng Fairy Summit, 1518.6 m above sea level, is the summit of Tianmen Mountain and Zhang Jiajie. Looking around, the sixteen peaks of Tianmen Mountain are different in shape; looking afar, the scenery of Wulingyuan comes into view; looking into the city, the new appearance of Zhang Jiajie is taken in at a glance.
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  • Yongding Longfeng Terrace

    Yongding Longfeng Terrace

    ZJJ Longfeng Terrace is located in Longfeng Village,Zhangjiajie Yongding Luoshui Town.In Golden Autumn Day, People will be intoxicated by the picturesque idyllic scenery in Longfeng Terraces where more than 3,000 terraced fields row upon row with murmuring of the running water in the creek, some folk houses of primitive simplicity interspersing among them and two or three farmers in the fields. What a fairyland it is! This is what people are familiar with Longfeng Terrace as an important project of leisure agriculture and rural tourism development.In Longfeng Terrace,There is totally different scenery at all seasons when aroma of the rape flowers permeates into your nose in spring, rice shoots dance along with the breezes in summer, the ripe and golden ears of paddy blink in autumn and blowing snow float over the terraces in winter.And all of these natural beauties will not be a privilege only to the local people. In order to let the world to witness its beauty, Government of Yongding District will develop Longfeng Terraces according to 5A criteria by expanding its area to 10.000mu and equipping it with high-standard tourists’ reception facilities in order to create a miracle of leisure agriculture and rural tourism.By Brenda
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  • Tianmenshan Glass Plank Road

    Tianmenshan Glass Plank Road

    Glass Plank Road is located in the top of Zhangjiajie Tianmen mountain,West road, Long 60 meters, The highest elevation 1430 meters. It is another special attractions in tianmenshan scenic area.
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  • Zhangjiajie Qixing Mountain

    Zhangjiajie Qixing Mountain

    Zhangjiajie Qixing Mountain– An expedition of outdoor mountain hiking Adjacent to Tianmen Mountain, Qixing Mountain’s highest elevation stands at 1528.6 meter, 10 meter higher than Tianmen Mountain. It covers an area of 19,044 mu in the National Land and Resource Level Diagram and its actual total area reaches 35,000 to 40,000 mu, 3 times lager than Tianmen Mountain.On the top of the mountain is a huge mesa hill with an average elevation of 1400 meter and arable area of 280 mu. The average temperature on the mountaintop hovers at 9 C°. And summer also never kisses the land throughout the year. Forest coverage rate is 87%, most of which are shrub wood and about 2000 mu primitive forest has been reserved.Qixing Mountain also abounds in wildlife and is listed as one of the Four Main Chinese Herbal Medicine Library (Tianmen Mountain, Badagongshan, Zhangjiajie, Qixing Mountain)Having imagined for a long time, we finally get the chance to unveil the mystery of Qixing mountain. Our group including 18 memebers excitedly starts our expedition to this splendor!Our starting point lies in this seclusive area, and there is no road to get to the mountaintop, so we need to find ways by ourseles! What a blood- curdling adventure!Looking! this is a special rock looking like the head of a horse, isnn’t it?The most dangerous path developed by us, and a slender figure will help you a lot when you are in such a circumstance!Resting ~Pose~Snap!Aha~ a patch of reeds meets our eyes! Romatic?By Brenda
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  • Zhangjiajie Yuhuang Cave

    Zhangjiajie Yuhuang Cave

    Yuhuang Cave is located in Makong Mountain, West of Zhangjiajie downtown. It is 8 kilometers away from the downtown. Yuhuang Cave is main culture relic protection site in Hunan province and is another scenic spot in Zhangjiajie city. Generally, Yuhuang Cave is famous for the Jade Emperor chiseled in this cave. This cave is 10 meters high.Yuhuang Cave is just one of nine caves there. Others are Fengquan Cave, Yujin Cave, Haobi Cave, Mochi Cave, Hulong Cave, Xiongshi Cave, Kongsheng Cave and Yinguo Cave. These nine caves almost enjoy equal reputation. As for the reason why set Yuhuang as their name overall, one is for the Jade Emperor who has the highest status among all Buddhaholy, the other is for Yuhuang Cave is the highest when judging from their location.Yuhuang Cave is preserved the most intactly in all ellora caves in Hunan province. Tens of various human beings and animals are chiseled in the grotto, including supernal, world and nether world. This cave was shaped in about AD1807.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie Old Courtyard

    Zhangjiajie Old Courtyard

    Have you ever seen the famous TV series called “Legend of the Western Hunan” and “Putting Down Bandits inWulongMountain”? If yes, maybe many scenes in these teleplays impressed you deeply. Precisely, the Old Courtyard is just the filming base of both.Located in the urban area of Zhangjiajie, the Old Courtyard witnessed the legend of a prominent family among thousands of years. Thus, it is commonly identified as “the first cartilage in the western Hunan”, “the best-preserved Tujia ancient mansion within the western Hunan even within our country”, “the living fossil of Tujia buildings” and so on. Uncovering the quiet Old Courtyard’s memories, surprisingly, our former premier of the state council also once left countless footprints here in his precious student hood.Walking in the Old Courtyard, you can not only appreciate the rich heritage left by predecessors, but also taste delicious Tujia foods. Meanwhile, there are a series of great local programs waiting for you, which may shock your heart and soul.Since its opening in 2006, all sectors of the community speak highly of it. Thanks to its great contributions to our social education and family education, more and more families come together to learn all kinds of knowledge. It seems that the Old Courtyard gives us surprise here and there. Especially the residential culture of Tujia: The Old Courtyard is typically built in accordance with Tujia building style. The mode of ventilation and lighting are incomparable all over the world. Standing here, seeing our ancestors’ wisdom sparkling, what a magical sceneTranslated by Becky
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  • Tianmen cave's Five Miracles

    Tianmen cave's Five Miracles

    In zhangjiajie nationalforest park, thepeakofTianMenmountain, there is a huge cave, this is the world-famous Tianmen cave. In 1999, the pilots fromRussia,United States,Hungary,kazakhstan, theCzech republicandLithuaniapassed through it, creating a new list in Guinness Book of World Records. This hole has the odd characteristics.First of all, majestic and tall appearence. The cave is 131.1 meters tall, 30 meters wide, 37 m deep , which can accommodate 300 people. In other words, it can build a buiding with 16 floor height. In qing dynasty, LiJin stood at the yongding city ,seeing the moon was swallowed half by the cave.Secondly, open and bright feeling. Before and after TianMen mountains, are very low. But the mountain stand brightly. A hole is very empty just like the peaceful water. It only accompanies with the spotless blue sky in addition to the white clouds. As a result, it provides good conditions to 1999 years of the plane through this hole.Thirdly, the rainy day of plum flower. No arrival, no man would believe cliff, a day to night, all the year round, a ticking, landing “plum rain”. It is said that, as long as open to pick up 48 drops, one can become immortal. Here comes a question: where does the plum flower rain come from? It is a mystery, which attracts quite a few scholars and scientists to explore.What is more, bamboo hangs upside down. South eaves of the cave, was covered by green and not tall green bamboo. The root as QiuLong, the leaves like willow clusters, the rows of droop like shade. Screaming with the wind, it commonly known as the LongZhu.The last but not the least, changeable. At TianMen cave, when it is a sunny day, a small cloud with mist wipes weakly. It does not seem to a big trouble. However , if meet the rainy weather, crazy cloud and angry fog chat with the blows of rock. The terrible sound wisphers, the cold wind blows up, which like the dragon jumping and celvin dancing. All of this give a horrible feeling. If meet the sun just after raining, cloud and mist seal, TianMen hides invisiblily, even cannot measure the right direction.With five miracles, they give booming and vigorous vitality to the mountain. If TianMen mountain is the soul of the wuling mountains. Anyway, we cannot deny the fact that the TianMen cave is the soul of TianMen mountain.Translated by Sophia #gallery-1 {margin: auto;}#gallery-1 .gallery-item {float: left;margin-top: 10px;text-align: center;width: 33%;}#gallery-1 img {border: 2px solid #cfcfcf;}#gallery-1 .gallery-caption {margin-left: 0;}
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  • Jade Emperor Grotto

    Jade Emperor Grotto

    Jade Emperor Grotto is located in the south of Makong Mountain which lies about 7 miles away from western city of Zhangjiajie in Hunan province. It was solely-sponsored by local squire, Lijing in Qing Dynasty. Lijing, also called Li wurui and Jiudongyue, was born in the sixth year of Qianlong (1742), died in the forty-sixth of Daoguang (1825), at an age of 83. Mr.Li had a substantially well-off family which was the richest locally. He was diligent and talented as a youth, but failed in civil service examination time and again after decades of strenuous efforts for his official career. Since there was no hope in official circles, he had no illusions towards it any more, and then started to rest his comforts with the construction of Yuhuang Grotto. Based on the natural karst cave of Makong Mountain, he spent large amount of money hiring craftsmen to build three layers of“heaven”, “earth” , “hell” including eight holes under the artistic layout of upper, middle and below. In addition, three miles away from the Fengquan Cave, he also created another cave. Thus, Jiudongyue also refer to the whole Jade Emperor GrottoThe eight caves consisting of the upper layer of Jade Emperor Grotto, Jade Emperor Cave, the middle layer, Jade Gold Cave, Haobi (a kind of writing brush) Cave, the Inkwell Cave, Tiger Dragon Cave, Lion Cave, Saint Confucius Cave and the lower level of Karma Cave, made up a whole Chaotic World. The No.1 Cave, Jade Emperor Cave engraved with a statue of Jade Emperor stood for the supreme of “the Heaven” who was in charge of the middle layer of “the Earth” and the lower of “Hell”, so the entire grotto was named after it.It had been under construction for eight years from 1799 to 1807, a great deal of historical figures statues and poetry inscribed board in the cave not only represented the exquisite and unique stone carving skills by the vivid description of personages and powerful and grand calligraphy, but also on its artistic theme conveyed the main sponsor, Lijing’s frustration for his talents, his cynicisms of the society and longings for a peaceful and prosperous world. What’s more, it flayed the decaying civil service examination system which would provide historical materials for the study of social and imperial system of Qing Dynasty as well as the state of intellectuals then.The whole grotto is over a length of 300m from east to west, possessing 19stone statues and more than 50 stone carving now, which is the only one grotto art group in good keep in Hunan province and has been listed into the key units of cultural relics protection of Hunan province in 1959.By Brenda
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