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  • Changde Huayanxi National Forest Park

    Changde Huayanxi National Forest Park

    50 kilometers southwest of Changde City, not far away from Taohuayuan Scenic Area is Huayanxi National Forest Park, in which mountains are covered with nearly 700 hectares of primeval mixed forests. In the north of the park is Wuxi Lake and in the South is Longfeng Lake. From March to September every year, thousands of egrets come to this place, presenting a fascinating sight.Transport: Take a bus from Changde to Dingcheng District Stadium and and with a transfer you can get to the park.Tel: (86)736-7490018Admission (For reference): RMB20yuan /adult
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  • Changde Introduction

    Changde Introduction

    Whether you would like to enjoy the flourishing peach blossom in spring or to experience the splendid cultural atmosphere, Changde has it.Changde is located in the northwest of Hunan, with the Dongting Lake on its east, and bordering on Hubei province on the north, Hunan Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture on the west and Yiyang city on the south.It is a key city in the west of the vast alluvial plain around the Dongting Lake. Its output of grain, cotton and oil ranks first in Hunan, making it a major base for the production of such commodities in the whole country. Its production of fish, pigs, oranges, tabacco and sugarcane also holds an important position in the province.The most famous scenic spot in Changde is Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Valley). It is a well known scenic area with lush woods and tranquil environment, which was depicted vividly by TaoYuanming (365AD-427AD), a great poet in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. In his prose \\\\\\\"Peach Colony\\\\\\\", Tao described a fairy valley with enchanting natural scenery where people lived a simple and peaceful life.Changde is also the birthplace of the eminent writer Ding Ling. With its unique culture and beautiful scenery, it attracted numerous great men of letters, such as Qu Yuan, Tao Yuanming, Fan Zhongyan, Wang Changling and Liu Yuxi, who toured or stayed here and wrote a large number of masterpieces in praise of this land.Whether you would like to enjoy the beautiful peach blossom all over the mountains and plains in Spring or to experience the splendid culture and humanity atmosphere, Changde has it.
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  • Hengyang Introduction

    Hengyang Introduction

    With spectacular mountains, tranquil rivers, and religious beliefs, the city has always been called a \\\"Bright Pearl in Southern China\\\".Hengyang is the second largest city in Hunan with a history of more than 2,000 years. With a mild climate, spectacular mountains, tranquil rivers, and a picturesque landscape, the city has always been known as the \\\"Bright Pearl in Southern China,\\\" as well as \\\"Wild Goose City\\\". According to the legend, every winter wild geese come and stay here for a short rest before they continue to fly southward.This historic and cultural city, known for its profound wisdom, deep religious tradition and  rich culture, is also an agriculturally prosperous area producing an abundance of fish and rice.Hengyang is richly endowed with natural beauty. Mount Hengshan is one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China. In winter, the soft rimes on the mountain make up a rare and marvelous natural phenomenon in Southern China. Buddhist and Taoist religious traditions were once practiced in numerous large and small temples on the Mountain. These ancient temples and traditions continue to attract followers and tourists from all over the world, winning it the title of \\\"The Peak of Longevity\\\". In addition, the Jiangkou Bird Isle, a paradise famous for housing thousands of birds in lush trees and bamboo, also attracts thousands of researchers and tourists from all over the world.  
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  • Hengyang Fuyan Temple

    Hengyang Fuyan Temple

    Established by Master Huisi, Fuyan Temple is located at the foot of Zhibo Peak. Inscribed on the temple gate is a vertical couplet which reads \"an ancient temple for six dynasties\" and \"a holy place for doctrine transmitting\", while the horizontal scroll reads \"court of China\" which shows the significant status of the temple in Buddhism history.At the back of the temple is Hupao (Tiger Running) Spring. Inside the temple, there is a 1,400 year-old ginkgo with a circumference of 5 meters. Legend has it that the tree was converted into monk by Master Huisi. The tree has been well preserved in the temple.
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  • Hengshan Zhurong Peak

    Hengshan Zhurong Peak

    Zhurong Peak is ranked top of the Four Wanders of Mount Hengshan. It was named after the God of Fire, Zhu Rong. Legend has it that he is an officer in the ancient times. At that time, people knew to set up fire by drilling woods but did not know how to store fire for future use. Zhu Rong solved the problem. He was therefore, appointed by Emperor Huang, the officer in charge of fire, He was also appointed as Minister of Land and People, administrating the southern area of the kingdom. He lived in Mount Hengshan and was buried there after his death.In order to memorize his great contribution to people, the highest peak of Mount Hengshan, Zhurong Peak, is named after him. According to the archaism, the character \'zhu\' stands for permanence and \'rong\' for light, making him shinning for ever.Transport: Take tourist coaches from Hengyang to Mount HengshanTel: 86-734-5675588Admission (for reference): RMB258 yuan/adult (Through ticket)Zhurong ShrineLocated on the top of Zhurong Peak, Zhurong Shrine was converted into a shrine in Qing Dynasty in 1751. The building was constructed on a huge stone with granite. There are more than 30 steps from the peak to the shrine gate, where the gateway is engraved in three Chinese characters \"zhurongfeng\". Zhu Rong, the God of Fire, is worshipped in the main hall.Behind the main hall is a small door that leads to the corridor at the back of the shrine. The steep Sheshen Cliff (Sacrificing Cliff)  is just behind the corridor. To the right of the main hall is another small door which leads to Wangyue Tower-the tip of the Zhurong Peak. Tourists can have a rest here and enjoy the beautiful moon and stars at night.
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  • Hengshan Mountain in Hengyang, Hunan

    Hengshan Mountain in Hengyang, Hunan

    Hengshan Mountain, one of China’s Five Great Mountains, situated in Nanyue District,Hengyang City,Hunan Province, is China’s famous natural and human landscape.Hengshan Mountain consists of 72 towering mountains including Yuelu Mountain in Changsha City and Mount Huiyan in Hengyang City.Henshan Mountain’s beauty is its elegance. Not only the green mountains and flourish forest with over 1700 plants like pseudolarix, Chinese yew, parlex tree, silvery magpie tree, Szechuan Lovage, evergreen camphor tree, Thoreau tree, sugarbush, Chinese wisteria and other rare species but also over 1400-year old ancient trees which can not even be hugged around by three people and magnolia of about 500 years old make the Hengshan Mountain elegant.Hengshan Mountain’s beauty is also in its inclusiveness. It is a holy land not only for Buddhist but also for Taoist. Over 200 temples, nunneries and Taoist abbey covering an area of over 9800 square meters make there the largest ancient building complex in Southern China. Coiling incense smoke and sound of wooden knocker and toll, it is really a holy land to baptise yourself and escape earthly disturbance.Not only this, poem forest with over 40 poems carved on stones, Dragon and Phoenix Waterfall even higher than world famous Huangguoshu waterfall and Mount Zhurong, the peak of Hengshan Mountain are also great attractions. What’s more,Hengshan Mountain is emerald in summer, flaming in autumn and white in winter. Changing view in a day and various scenes in different season make Hengshan Mountain a charming and inviting land.By Patricia
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  • Yueyang Shiniuzhai National Geo-park

    Yueyang Shiniuzhai National Geo-park

    It situated at Pingjiang county, Yueyang, Hunan, the Shiniuzhai National Geo-park is the biggest among all the newly-discovered Danxia landform in China–The Danxia landform refers to various landscapes found in southeast and southwest China that “consist of a red bed characterized by steep cliffs”. It is a unique type of petrographic geomorphology found in China. Danxia landform is formed from red-colored sandstones and conglomerates of largely Cretaceous age. Shiniuzhai scenic area lies at the cross of Hunan, Sichuan and Jiangxi Province, with 65 kilometers away from Changsha.It has a height of 523 meters and stretches over 10 square kilometers. Because there stands a huge stone that resembles a yellow cow to the west in the area, the place was called Shiniuzhai(In Chinese, Shi means ston;niu means cow;zhai means stockade). In 2011, the geo-park was authorized as a national geo-park.It is a representative park renowned for five kilometers precipice and 50 kilometers Danxia landform and an old stockaded village with about a thousand year. The geo-park owns beautiful and charming sights. It is a world made up of by strange stones, unusual mounts and stone caves, different in thousands of ways, fantastic and breath-taking. With a rugged and steep geographical position, some people would call Shiniuzhai as “little Mount Hua” — Mount Hua is a very famous scenic spot in Shandong, China. Besides, it was tinted with mystery with light red tops and dark brown cliffs.By Emma
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  • Hengyang Jiulong Gorge Rafting

    Hengyang Jiulong Gorge Rafting

    Hunan Jiulong Gorge, located in remote mountains and valleys between Mount Zhurong and Mount Goulou in Hengshan Mountain in Hengyang City, for drifting, is a wonderland with whole course as long as 5km and ogham as high as 110m.Jiulong Gorge Rafting has absorbed essence of drifting abroad and at home by applying modern design and more humanized drifting way. Internationally popular self-aiding rafting is brought in and also the most advanced and safest double-man rafting boat at home. It will give you a great sense of safety when enjoying the joy of adventure. Apart from modern design and safety guarantee, Jiulong Gorge Rafting will also offer you a feast of eyesight that verdant pinewoods compete in elegance and sea of bamboo dance softly. What’s more, overlapping rafting course bring you an experience of heart-striking. As Hengshan Mountain being first in elegance, Jiulong Gorge is top in rafting.By Patricia
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