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  • Changde Liuye Lake

    Changde Liuye Lake

    Liuye Lake is Located in the northeastern urban area of Changde, Hunan Province, Liuye Lake is bounded by the Taiyang Mountain on the north and facing the Yuan River on the south. It is not only blessed by a combination of urban and rural ambience, but also by natural scenery featured by the beauty of both mountains and waters. 1994 saw its denomination as the Provincial Tourism Resort which owned an area of 16.93 square km.Facing the Dongting Lake to the east and near the Wulingyuan Scenic Reserve, it is a joint of those tourism hot lines connecting Changsha, Nanyue, Yueyang, Shaoshan, and Zhangjiajie.All in all, it is a gorgeous place to visit as well as the first stop for you to unveil a fantastic Changde.By Brenda
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  • Changde Huayan Stream

    Changde Huayan Stream

    Located in the southern part of Changde City, Huayan stream has convenient traffic. Over there, you can see traveling highway with concrete pavement.Huayan stream is originally Huayan stream tree farm in Dingcheng district, Changde City. The mountains in Huayan stream tourist holiday zone belong to Xuefeng Mountain. Famous Peach Garden is in the other side of the hills.There are less than four thousand residents in Huayan stream scenic spot. The area of mountain forest is more than 40 thousand mu. In the broad forest, 80 families’ cedars, catalpas and pines can be found, including 17 rare plants, such as taxus mairei and black bamboo. Hundreds of wild animals and precious medicinal materials are also seen there, such as leopards, pangolins, tu-chong and so on.Translated by Becky
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  • Shimen Jiashan National Forest Park

    Shimen Jiashan National Forest Park

    Jiashan National Forest Park locates at the southeast of the Shimen County 8 kilometers away. Since the mountain is between two peaks to the east and west and has a passway to the south and north, it was named as Mount Jiashan.With green mountains, lush trees, fresh air, elegant quiet environment and long cultural history, Jiashan National Forest Park was rated as China 3A scenic area.Based on natural forest resources, it has cultural history, giving expression to the holy place of Buddhism and simple original local customs. You can go on tour on horse, by boat. Besides, you are able to watch fish and fishing. You are also accessible to observe Buddhist things, trail King Chuang (Leader of a peasant uprising in the late Ming Dynasty.), enjoy martial arts, appreciate antiques and go on a meditation. In addition, you can look down from the peak, take a walk in forest and enjoy plants and take in the fresh air. The tour guide will introduce the rich connotation and tell a wonderful legend to you, making you enjoy yourself in fairy-like wonderland, lingering on without any thought of leaving.Traffic: A minibus passenger car across the county passing in every 10 minutesTicket price: 35 RMB per personOpen time: 8:00-18:00By Zumi
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  • Hengyang Fangguang Temple

    Hengyang Fangguang Temple

    Fangguang Temple, located in Hengyang City, is a famous temple which was originally built in 503 in Nanchao Dynasty. Although having been through up and down, it has remained a complete look till now. Walking about 5km towards south along Southern Tianmen Mountain, you will be entering into a holy land with flourishing old trees and murmuring silvery spring. Around the Fangguang Temple sit eight mounts which are just like lotus flower and Fangguang Temple is just like lotus nut which is just situated in the center of those eight mounts.Fangguang Temple is not beautiful in its sense of long and deep history but also in its not carved natural beauty. Flaming maples and blackish green cedars make this temple enthusiastic. Streams in ravine jump into bottomless pool. It sounds just like sound of hitting large bell. Down along the stream, many rare plants like horizontal bean fir, silver magpie, Emmenopterys henryi can be seen. Amazingly, a sal tree growing in rock gap should be of several years’ old. Ten miles away from Fangguang Temple hides Yellow Sand Pool, White Sand Pool, Black Sand Pool and other pools. Black Sand Pool, dark black, is too deep to see the bottom and a large waterfall originates from the pool.By Patricia
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  • Three splendors of the Huping Mountain

    Three splendors of the Huping Mountain

    The mountaintop is like the mouth of a bottle with a hollow in the middle, so it is called as Huping (the mouth of a bottle ) Mountain.For someone who wants to have a brief understanding of this marvelous place before they go, here I will list three wonders of the mountain and you can investigate by yourself if you suspect it is too good to be true!The first wonder lies in its canyons; it is really a kingdom of mountains with steep peek and shining green color. As is said that there are 266 mountains with an elevation of over 1000 m in the natural reserve.As to the second one, the primitive ecosystem may stun you with sunlight and sky screened by flourishing trees, a wide expanse of green moss and old vines twining around the trunk like dragons. It now possesses more than 2200 species of higher plant and many rare and endangered animals with 53 investigated.Last but not least, Huping Mountain will also give you surprises in its splendid waterfalls. More than 10 falls in various forms including waterfalls in line, in curtain, in fog and in spray will jump into your eyes if you visit this place. One thing to mention is that the mountain spring is very fragrant and sweet, so remember to take the chance to taste the manna of nature when you are there!By Brenda
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  • Shimen Huping Mountain

    Shimen Huping Mountain

    As the roof of Hunan province with an average elevation of more than 2,000 meters,it has been one of the Global 200 Key Ecotope and is crowned as the natural maze at the” Strange Circle on the Earth“( north latitude 30 degrees) and the ” Noah’s Ark” on the Eastern Hemisphere. Now, it has opened two tourism ecological lines including Shizhanzi groove and Xiangbizi groove. As the saying goes: speaking of the most beautiful scenery in China, the most gorgeous mountains are in Zhangjiajie, the most memorable water in Jiuzhai Village and the most splendid canyons in Huping Mountain.The national natural reserve of the Huping mountain in Hunan is situated in Shimen county and lies the longitude between 110 degrees 29 minutes and 110 degrees 59 minutes east and latitude between 29 degrees 50 minutes and 30 degrees 9 minutes north. It borders on the east to Taiping town in Shimen county, on the south to Suojie village, on the west to Luoping village and Dongshanfeng Directorial Area, and on the north to Wufeng county and Hefeng county in Hubei province and covers an area of 15 square kilometers.It became a provincial natural reserve in 1982 under the ratification of People’s Government of Hunan Province and was promoted as a national natural reserve in 1994 by State Council to protect wildlife such as the endangered south China tiger and their habitats , Gongtong and other rare plants and their communityBy Brenda
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  • Hengshan Jingang Stupas

    Hengshan Jingang Stupas

    Hunan Hengshan Jingang stupas lies in Ruiying peak which at the back of Nantai temple. It has an elevation of 600 meters, which is China’s largest Jin Gangli pagoda in jiangnan mountain. The tower is 48 meters high, which covers an area of 233 square meters. The building has eight points and nine floor. The tower has 256 steps.The cultural relics departments of the state and the Chinese buddhist association identified two Buddha sarira to serve on the top floor. The tower began in July 1993, formally finished on May 15th, 1998. At that time, more than ten thousand practitioners at home and abroad attended the event.Translated by Sophia
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  • Shimen Longwang Cave

    Shimen Longwang Cave

    Shimen Longwang Cave is located in Wangyangqiao Village, Baiyang Town of Shimen County. In fact, it is a peculiar big karst cave in the northern part of Wuling Mountain, lying in the same recreational route as Wulingyuan. The North-south Longwang Cave has a long history of about 0.6 billion years and a overall length of 10 miles. Over there, water flows through the whole cave. In total, more than 60 scenic spots are seen, sceneries by steps, treasures in every where. Favorable climate (warm in winter and cool in summer) makes Longwang Cave a wonderful resort.The constructing project of Longwang Cavewas begun in March, 1987. From the New Year’s Day in 1988,Longwang Cavewas open to the public. In the north of Longwang Cave, Xianren Cave and Xiannv Cave are still waiting for exploiting.Translated by Becky
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