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Changsha Lusheng International Hotel

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  • Rate:★★★★
  • Price:¥380
  • Tel:+86 744-8362222
  • Address:No.39 Guyuan Road, High-tech Zone
  • Nearby:West Town,Yuelu Mountain,Orange Isle
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Lusheng International Hotel is located in Changsha West Town,At the foot of Yuelu Mountain,Tongzipo Road and Regency Road Interchange.She is a luxury star hotel, and gathering rooms, business, conference and leisure.Our hotel has a warm and romantic themed rooms and exquisite stylish business rooms.Luxurious, large-screen LCD TV, WIFI wireless Internet access,and so on.Lusheng International Hotel offers Hong Kong-style tea, Hunan style, Cantonese style, Western style and Buffet dinner.Here, A cup of tea, A dessert, You can do business, Also you can be literary Petty.

Hotel Traffic:

No.39 Guyuan Road, High-tech Zone, Changsha 410001,China

40KM from Changsha Huanghua Airport;

28KM from Changsha South high-rail Train station;

11KM from Changsha City Wuyi Square.

Hotel Reservation:

Room Type



Deluxe   Standard Room



Business   Standard Room



Business   King-size Room



Book tips:

1.High-season: March01-November 30

2.Off-season: December 01- February 28(Next year)

3.Holidays: May(01-05); Oct (01-07); The Spring Festival (01-07) Mid-autumn festival

4.Booking Notes: Our website supports online booking,also we help you saving time & worry & money, and doing integrity price & quality service...