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Zhangjiajie Outdoor Exploration Resort: Bottomless Gorge (Wudi Gorge)

HOT Zhangjiajie Outdoor activities 2015/12/09 View:2268

Zhangjiajie Bottomless Gorge (Wudi Gorge) borders three villages of Bai Shi, Xi Lian, and Ren Chao Xi. Unmeasurable depth and towering ancient trees of the gorge fire people’s imagination. Still, rare people step foot on it owing to its unpredictable dangers.

The gorge is divided into three parts. The upper part, called Huangshi River, is a belt of rift valley and geofracture. It is about 3000 meters from the bottom of the gorge to the earth’s surface. Probably, that is why it is called Bottomless Gorge. The middle part is named Luoxiang Gorge where waterfalls and deep pools are attractive. Then the lower part is Five-mile Stream. The whole length of the gorge reaches to hundreds of miles.

In recent years, some outdoor exploration groups started to unveil this mysterious land. Following, I will recommend you a classical route for Bottomless Gorge exploration. The root is as follows: Downtown—Jiangya Reservoir—Five-mile Stream—No.1 Campsite—Five-mile Slope—Bamboo Slope—Yanmen Village—Machi River—No.2 Campsite—Luoxiang Gorge—Ancient Cliff Road—Jincang River—Renchao Stream—downtown (It takes about 3 days and 2 nights)