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Zhangjiajie Winter Tourism Suggestions

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1、Snow: late January to early March in the following year, it is the highest frequency snow season of zhangjiajie. After the Spring Festival every year, it will snow.

2、Accommodation: winter is off-season, zhangjiajie tourism hotel has a discount. Accommodation recommend Wulingyuan area hotel of Xibu street, high performance, Zhangjiajie tujia people’s food is also a special taste, looking very sweet.

3、Guide: self-help advice, please ask local guide to lead.

4、Equipment: zhangjiajie winter temperature is in 8 ℃ to 2 ℃ below zero, visitors will be done with warm measures, particularly noteworthy, that is the temperature will be lower than four or five degrees celsius. And when coming into the mountain, tourists have to pay attention to the weather forecast, to wear cotton wadded jacket and antiskid shoes, with neat gloves, scarves, hats, straw sandals and such necessary equipment.

Translated by Sophia

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    Zhangjiajie Launches Winter Tourism Activities

    On the afternoon of December 4, Zhangjiajie City held a press conference for the 2020 Winter Tourism Marketing Activities. It announced ten themed activities, two preferential policies, and six safeguard measures, to attract tourists from all over the world to enjoy snow scenery and hot springs
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  • Zhangjiajie Winter Tourism-A Snow Kingdom

    Zhangjiajie Winter Tourism-A Snow Kingdom

    Zhangjiajie Winter Tourism, peak forest barrier blocking north wind, which let us can see the scene of snow, and without severe cold of the north. Every year around December, zhangjiajie will continue to welcome snow, one thousand peaks are covered with evergreen forest, with less sun, it seems to be more profound. Swirlling snow covers thousands of mountains and eight hundred winding streams, continuous rolling mountains and precipices in the snow have the convergence of sharpness to send out a soft fruity curve.Austral unique ice and beautiful snow draw in an endless stream of visitors.Translated by SophiaZhangjiajie Entrance fee for winter discount price list1.Zhangjiajie core scenic(Avatar park)Peak season price:225yuan(Four Days Pass)Winter discount price: 115 yuan (From Dec 1st to next Feb 28th)2.Zhangjiajie Tianmen mountainPeak season price:261 yuanWinter discount price: 228 yuan (From Dec 1st to next Feb 28th)Off-season execution time:December 1st,to February 28th,next year.Online E-mail:
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