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How about Zhangjiajie park entrances and opening time?

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1、Zhangjiajie National Forest Park entrances opening time

During peak season time(May to October),opening is usually between 6:30am to 18:00pm.

During off season time(Nov to March), opening is usually between 7:00am to 17:30pm.

2、There are 4 entrances of ZJJ national forest park(Avatar park) as follow:

①、Zhangjiajie national forest park entrance

②、Wulingyuan entrance(Biaozhimen)

③、Zimugang entrance

④、Tianzishan entrance

Pls note: 45% of tourists enter by Zhangjiajie national forest park entrance.50% of tourists enter by Wulingyuan entrance(Biaozhimen), The rest 5% of tourists enter by Zimugang entrance and Tianzishan entrance. Zhangjiajie national forest park entrance. After entering, you can go directly to Yellow stone village and golden whip stream by walking, no need to take buses to scenic areas, so there has no crowded suituation and no need to queue for touring. Wulingyuan entrance(Biaozhimen) is different,after entering, need to queue for bus which lead you to different scenic areas, such as bus to Bailong elevator(Up to Yuanjiajie) or bus to Tianzishan cable car station(Up to Tianzishan) or bus to Ten-mile Gallery and so on.