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How to Zhangjiajie from South Station of Changsha(High-speed Rail Station)

FAQ 2014/03/25 View:1915

There are three ways for your choice. Please note the recommendation as follow.

The first route: 

Go to west station of Changsha from South Station of Changsha(High-speed Rail Station) by taxi or public bus for 40 minutes. There are a lot of scheduled buses bounding for Zhangjiajie at west station. It will take you 4 hours ride.

The second route: 

Go to Lituo Bus Station which is 100 meters away from south station of Changsha. There is also bus bounding for Zhangjiajie. But the bus schedule is not stable. You can have a try.

The third route: 

Go to east station of Changsha from South Station by direct bus or taxi. You can take a night train here and arrives at Zhangjiajie in the morning(there are more train choices at night). The best train in the daytime is T8308 of which departure at 8:15am and arrival at Zhangjiajie at 13:06pm. Besides, you can also take bus at East Bus Station of Changsha(Chang-Zhu-Tan Bus Station) to Zhangjiajie.

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