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Zhangjiajie Fengxi Mountain

Wulingyuan District 2012/06/06 View:2971

Situated in the west of Tianzi Mountain inside of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Mount Fengxi is named for a stone being semblable in shape with phoenix head. Being puce in color, the stone extrudes out at top which makes it look just like phoenix mouth. With green trees and fresh bamboo covered on the stone, it looks just like unfolding phoenix screen. Plenty in caves, flourish in forest and elegant in mountain, Fengxi Mountain is a land full of wild joys. Down from west of the mountain, it will lead you directly to Golden Whip Stream.

Fengxi Mountain is not only of natural beauty, It’s also charming because of its legendary past. At the waist of the mountain, King Xiang, the leader of uprising army of Tujia nationality ever built yard here. It is called Great Courtyard of Family Xiang. Now, Only relics remains. Opposite this mountain towers another precipitous mount on where your eyesight could far reach to five kilometers. It is said that King Xiang once set sentry post on it to monitor situation of enemy. Thus, this mountain is called Sentry Mountain. Besides, In the Fengxi Mountain, There are also scenic spots called Walking and Chanting Quzi, Tianzi Well, Chaplin Rock, Solitary Girl with Umbrella and so on.

Mount Fengxi is a scenic spot you have to visit. There’s folk song which fully expresses the charm of it that “Picturesque Fengxi Mountain is beautiful with mount top to heaven and people looking like fairy”. Once you comes to Mount Tianzi, Don’t miss Fengxi Mountain, A place worthy of your visit.

By Patricia