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  • Changde Liuye Lake Resort

    Changde Liuye Lake Resort

    Liuye Lake Resort lies in the northeastern corner of Changde City proper. It is a harmonious integration of lake, city as well as hills. It has a planning area of 175 km2, in which water area occupies 21.8 km2. It is one of the largest city lakes in China. In ancient times, the belt-shaped lake was well-known for its beautiful scenery with the “willows on the bank swaying in the wind, songs of fishermen spreading from the boats on the lake, pine trees singing in the gentle breeze, and the lake framing a belt of water.” At present, it is recognized as “A Jewel of Hunan”, and “The Best Wonder of Changde”. It is also one of the “Best Natural Aquatic Sports Fields”, as wells as an “Urban Aquatic Paradise”. In 2001, the Liuye Lake was officially recognised as a national AAA tourism spot; in 2006, it was selected as one of the “New Top Eight Scenic Spots of Hunan”. After its construction, it hosted a series of important sports events, including: The Aquatic Sports Events of the Eighth Sports Meeting of Hunan Province, the Eighth Asian Kayak Championship, the All-Star Chinese and American Water Skiing Competition, and the First Short Track Rally of China, etc. Within the resort there are Baihe Hill, Huashan Hill, and Taiyang Hill, all covered with pine and fir trees, and islands in the lake shimmering like emeralds in blue water. Also, Yinyuan Garden, Wujianping Terrace and Mount Zhangjia, a graveyard since the Warring States Period, add a rich cultural atmosphere to the natural scenery. It enjoys convenient transportation links, only 10 km away from Taohuayuan Airport and a 10-minute drive from the downtown area from where tourists can reach all parts of China by train or bus.
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  • Changde Reshi Hot Spring Resort

    Changde Reshi Hot Spring Resort

    Reshi Hot Spring Resort lies in Reshi Town, Taoyuan County. It boasts 5 hot springs with a temperature of 47℃, the amount of flowing water being 0.5 m3 per second, and 1,800 m3 per hour. The spring water is of a high-quality calcium metasilicate type and contains various useful microelements like bromium, iodium, radium, etc. It meets the No. GB8537-87 State Standard for safe drinking water and is good for bathing. In this resort there is Xingdeshan Mountain, which is a Provincial Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit. It boasts a marvelous natural beauty and profound culture. The elevation of its major peak reaches 843.5 meters at the summit. The tectonic setting is of the Danxia Landform with a bright red colour, which makes for a glorious lustre. The neighbouring regions are of typical karst topography, silver in colour and shaped like bamboo nodes. Between the mountain peaks, there are mysterious canyons and gigantic old trees. It is noted for its Taoist culture, with the ancient Xingzi Palace, having a 638-year history, standing at the top of grotesque and fantastic stone peaks. Xingzi Palace is made of stones, and has a unique architectural style, built by delicate carving skills and fine craftsmanship. There are altogether 72 scenic spots in Xingdeshan Mountain, which is a good place for climbing, worshiping, and sightseeing. It enjoys convenient transportation links, 50 km away from Taohuayuan Airport to the South, 104 km away from the Hehua Airport in Zhangjiajie to the north, and 35 km away from Shimen Railway Station to the east. The Changde-Zhangjiajie Expressway and No. 306 Provincial Highway pass through it.
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