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  • Zhangjiajie ZhongHu Scenery

    Zhangjiajie ZhongHu Scenery

    Zhong hu, is surrounded by mountains. Its middle is a basin. If it is in the rainy season, the basin will be filled with water, like a lake, so it is called Zhonghu.The official explanation of zhonghu is formerly known as kang town.In 1953, it changed its name to zhonghu. In 1958, it incorporated into Qunli commune. Zhonghu town is located in the west of WuLingYuan zhangjaijie, with 43 kilometers distance from the city, which covering an area of 66.7 square kilometers. It has a population of 12000 people.Zhonghu town with the economy of tourism service industry and forestry. Yang Jiajie scenic spot in wulingyuan scenic spot is one of the four major scenic spots.Today, zhonghu is the back garden of the wulingyuan and the west door of wulingyuan. With the opening of Yang Jiajie cableway, zhonghu town will become a charming tourist town of wulingyuan, it welcome domestic and overseas tourists.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Crouching Tiger Cave

    Zhangjiajie Crouching Tiger Cave

    Zhangjiajie Crouching Tiger Cave, 3km away from the downtown of  Zhangjiajie, is an absolutely place for sightseeing and entertainment. It was named such a name just because there unbroken skeletons of south China tigers were found here. In the light of  recall of  the  aged, there were groups of tigers on the Ziwu Mountain about 50 years ago. However, they later gradually grew extinct for the change of climate.Apart from whole tiger skeletons, all kinds of stalactite shaped like bamboo shoots, pillars, curtains, waterfalls, croplands are as if out of hand of skillful craftsman. Besides, in the cave, over 30 precious antiques like copper instruments, potteries and so on were found here.Crouching Tiger Cave, cool in summer and warm in winter, is a good place to avoid hot days. Besides, this place is available for all kinds of entertainment activities like barbecue, bonfire party, outdoor cook and so on. it is waiting for you.By Patricia
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  • Charm Zhangjiajie Folk Show

    Charm Zhangjiajie Folk Show

    Do you want to know the culture of Zhangjiajie Tujia? Zhangjiajie Folk Show- Charm Zhangjiajie,It will give you full display in this show,You can learn the culture of Tujia marriage,Love Song Culture,Witchcraft Culture,Gui magic Martial arts culture and so on. Every night 20:00PM Welcome to the Theater of Charm Zhangjiajie.
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  • Tianmenshan Misty Yuhu Peak

    Tianmenshan Misty Yuhu Peak

    Yuhu Peak,one of the sixteen famous peaks of ZJJ Tianmen Mount,is named after its shape which similar to a kettle.The legend goes that this kettle belongs to Fairy Magu who left the kettle in Tianmen Mount.That day was Queen Mother’s birthday,when Fairy Magu toasted Queen Mother and she felt tipsy then forgot to bring the kettle back.YuHu peak is one of the most beautiful sightseeing position.Its west,east and south parts are surrounded by dangerous cliffs.Its north part is facing Tianmen Mount and with forty-eight horse head shaped peaks in its south-eastern direction.It was said that forty-eight horse head shaped peaks were the embodiments of Qin shihuang’s (The first emperor of Qin dynasty 259-210B.C.)war-horses.During the morning of summer days,Yuhu peak is usually enveloped by clouds and mists which compound a beautiful and fascinating view for tourists.Here are the misty pictures of Yuhu peak in ZJJ Tianmen Mount.By Aileen
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  • Zhangjiajie Xiuhua Museum

    Zhangjiajie Xiuhua Museum

    Located in the central part of Zhangjiajie, Xiuhua Museum is the first private Tujia nationality museum, renowned as “the Soul of Tujia Nationality” and “the epitome of Tujia culture. Over there, historical Tujia culture and full-bodied folk customs are united harmoniously.The body building ofXiuhuaMuseumadopts a courtyard structure of Tujia people’s dwellings, strewn at random. All windows, doors, eaves and footstones are collected from western Hunan, beautiful and antique. At the same time, Xiuhua Museum beaks through the inherent pattern of other commonly seen museums, instead, it combines static ancient antiques with dynamic Tujia folk customs. This is also whyXiuhuaMuseum, as a cultural landscape, has enjoyed a high reputation in Zhangjiajie for a long time.Translated by Becky
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  • Tianmenshan Plank Road

    Tianmenshan Plank Road

    Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan West Plank Road-Guigu Plank RoadZhangjiajie Tianmenshan East Plank Road-Bi Ye Yaotai area Yuhu peak Viewing platformVisitors walk on the Quiet path
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  • Western Hunan Liye Town

    Western Hunan Liye Town

    Xiangxi Liye Town–Stepping to Mysterious Western Hunan “Liye” means developing this land in Tujia language. Liye town is the hometown of the slips of Qin Dynasty.Located in the back-land of Hunan Wuling Mountain, Liye belongs to Longshan County, Tujia-Miao autonomous prefecture of Western Hunan. Together with WangVillage, Pu City and Cha Dong, these four places are called four ancient towns inWestern Hunan. Dating back to 6000 years ago, habitants have already started to live in Liye. Thus, Magical natural landscape and unique folk custom are formed as time goes by.Liye is rich in natural resources and cultural heritage. It can be regarded as a natural museum of various historical relics. Liye is the unique place in Hunan province that not only inherits Qin-Han culture, but also mixes Ba-Shu culture with Tujia culture. And Liye is the birthplace of Tujia nationality. That’s to say, it has a long history and abundant folk culture.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie Guigu Gorge Hole Rafting

    Zhangjiajie Guigu Gorge Hole Rafting

    Situated at the south of Zhangjiajie,a three-mile distance from the central city, Guigu gorge hole backs against the Tianmen Mount and closes to Lishui river .At the entrance of Guigu gorge hole ,there are a wooden corridor for rest , a row of bathroom and a room for preserving tourists\\\' luggage ,cellphones etc with staffs.When rafting begins, staffs would help you arm yourself safely with helmet and life vast.Guigu gorge hole reaches 1200m long and 300m depth .Tourists walk along the winding road, can constantly catch gorgeous natural sceneries. Moreover,a beautiful orchard near the top of Guigu gorge hole waits for your coming.A circled waterway is the first journey, then get ready for a fantastic rafting .Somewhere the water drops over 10 meters, which absolutely make you scream and relaxed.During the whole rafting , lifeguards at thrilling corners are ready for your service.Tips:1,carry clean clothes with you in necessary.2,not take your camera and worthy stuffs while rafting.
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