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  • Tianmenshan Ghost-Valley plank road

    Tianmenshan Ghost-Valley plank road

    The ghost-valley plank road is located at the scenic area of Looking for the wonderland with a whole length of 800m and suspended from the cliff more than 1400m above sea level on the upper side of the Ghost-valley Cave.Here your hearts will be agitated by the extreme shock and stimulation.      
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  • Sangzhi County Kuzhu Village

    Sangzhi County Kuzhu Village

    In Tujia dialect, Kuzhu Village means “there are high mountains in both sides”. Kuzhu Village was an old market in the upstream of Li River. Ancient fire wall and low hanging house show Tujia people’s intelligence and wisdom to visitors.According to expert research, this ancient village was first built in Tang and Song Dynasties, and became flourishing in Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a history of about 2000 years. Kuzhu Village is constantly called the “throat land” of Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City.Over there, architecture features still have the reflection of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Different minorities live together. The people are simple, honest and unspoiled. Villagers are good at singing and dancing so that many Sangzhi folk songs are spread by singers coming from Kuzhu Village.In ancient times, water transportation is the only way to contact with outside world. Kuzhu Village had a commercial dork at that time, extremely prosperous. Stores and taverns were easily to be found there. So Kuzhu Village can be seen as a kaleidoscope of Ming and Qing society.In modern times, since the quick development of land transportation, water transportation gradually fades. At the same time, maybe Kuzhu Village is forgotten by a large number of people. Still, the antique original appearance of this village is there all the time.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie Wulei Mountain

    Zhangjiajie Wulei Mountain

    Wulei Mountain , one of the key religious sites that have been firstly recognized in Hunan province, is situated in the core scenic spot of eastern travel line which is located in the eastern part of the Cili County, 29 miles away from the east entrance of Cili on the Zhang-Chang highway, bordering on the north to Shimen , close to Linli on the east, adjacent to Taoyuan on the south. It is an evitable place to go to Zhangjiajie city.As I introduce this place,travelers may wonder what’s the differences between this mountain and others? Why they should go there through dale and hill? OK, here I will list reasons as follows:Firstly, it has a unique natural landscape with a pleasant climate, beautiful environment, flourishing vegetation, eroding canyons and fresh air. The Wulei Mountain is a famous summer resort which owns a name of the No.1 scenic spot of south of Chu kingdom( the ancient kingdom in the Warring States Period which was used to be located in the present Hunan)Secondly, it enjoys equal popularity of the Wudang Mountain in Hubei province. As the saying goes, the most outstanding mountain in Hubei is the Wudang Mountain while in Hunan it is the Wulei Mountain, both of them like a pair of brothers in hand to embrace a good reputation.Thirdly, several celebrities in the history has shown their compliments to it through various ways, such as the national history compiler in the academy of Yuan Dynasty, Zhangdui wrote down a praise as “Wulei Mountain ranking as the No.1 in the south of Chu kingdom“, and the Mingshenzong, emperor of the Ming Dynasty honored the Wulei Mountain as ” a mountain blessed with luck and happiness”, hailed as the Wudang Mountain in the south.To sum up , all these evidence has proved that it is really a gorgeous place that you can’t miss!By Brenda#gallery-1 {margin: auto;}#gallery-1 .gallery-item {float: left;margin-top: 10px;text-align: center;width: 33%;}#gallery-1 img {border: 2px solid #cfcfcf;}#gallery-1 .gallery-caption {margin-left: 0;}
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  • Zhangjiajie Sangzhi Badagongshan

    Zhangjiajie Sangzhi Badagongshan

    Mountain Badagongshan, located in the border area between Sangzhi County in northwest Hunan Province and Crane Peak in Hubei Province, constitutes a long narrow green strip on the top view of Google Maps. Within this green area Tianping Mountain, which extends toward northeast, boasts 25 ha special forest, i.e., a typical large sample plot of the subtropical mid-montane evergreen and deciduous broadleaved mixed forests.Due to the characteristic of adapting to wet habitats, Chinese dove trees, tetracentron sinensis and Taxus chinensis remain to live on for thousands of years.Mountain Badagongshan, located in the flora of central China with the most Chinese characteristics, is a shelter for relict plants and also an area rich of peculiar plants in China, with its original forests well-preserved.By dragonholiday
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  • Sanqingshan Mountain

    Sanqingshan Mountain

    Mount Sanqingshan is located in the northeast of Shangrao County in Jiangxi Province, which is known as “The top peak and the best place in the world.”The main peak is named Yujing Peak and is 1,817 meters above sea level.Mount Sanqingshan got its name because the Yujing, Yuhua and Yuxu peaks are lined just like the “Three Pure Ones” (Yuqing, Shanqing and Taiqing) sit on the mountains. Mount Sanqingshan experienced a geological movement that lasted 1.4 billion years before the rare granite peak landforms were finally formed. Odd-shaped peaks and spectacular stones, ancient trees and famous flowers, splendid springs and waterfalls, and cloud seas and mist are known as the four wonders of the mountain. Further more,Mount Sanqingshan also characterizes itself by its natural mountain viewand the Taoist manmade landscapes. Forty-eight odd-shaped peaks, 52 strange stones and more than 500 landscapes have been developed.In August, 1988, Mount Sanqingshan was approved by the State Council to become a key national scenic spot, and it covers a total area of 229 square kilometers with its highest peak,Yujing Peak, standing at 1,817 meters above sea level.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie ZhongHu Scenery

    Zhangjiajie ZhongHu Scenery

    Zhong hu, is surrounded by mountains. Its middle is a basin. If it is in the rainy season, the basin will be filled with water, like a lake, so it is called Zhonghu.The official explanation of zhonghu is formerly known as kang town.In 1953, it changed its name to zhonghu. In 1958, it incorporated into Qunli commune. Zhonghu town is located in the west of WuLingYuan zhangjaijie, with 43 kilometers distance from the city, which covering an area of 66.7 square kilometers. It has a population of 12000 people.Zhonghu town with the economy of tourism service industry and forestry. Yang Jiajie scenic spot in wulingyuan scenic spot is one of the four major scenic spots.Today, zhonghu is the back garden of the wulingyuan and the west door of wulingyuan. With the opening of Yang Jiajie cableway, zhonghu town will become a charming tourist town of wulingyuan, it welcome domestic and overseas tourists.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Crouching Tiger Cave

    Zhangjiajie Crouching Tiger Cave

    Zhangjiajie Crouching Tiger Cave, 3km away from the downtown of  Zhangjiajie, is an absolutely place for sightseeing and entertainment. It was named such a name just because there unbroken skeletons of south China tigers were found here. In the light of  recall of  the  aged, there were groups of tigers on the Ziwu Mountain about 50 years ago. However, they later gradually grew extinct for the change of climate.Apart from whole tiger skeletons, all kinds of stalactite shaped like bamboo shoots, pillars, curtains, waterfalls, croplands are as if out of hand of skillful craftsman. Besides, in the cave, over 30 precious antiques like copper instruments, potteries and so on were found here.Crouching Tiger Cave, cool in summer and warm in winter, is a good place to avoid hot days. Besides, this place is available for all kinds of entertainment activities like barbecue, bonfire party, outdoor cook and so on. it is waiting for you.By Patricia
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  • Charm Zhangjiajie Folk Show

    Charm Zhangjiajie Folk Show

    Do you want to know the culture of Zhangjiajie Tujia? Zhangjiajie Folk Show- Charm Zhangjiajie,It will give you full display in this show,You can learn the culture of Tujia marriage,Love Song Culture,Witchcraft Culture,Gui magic Martial arts culture and so on. Every night 20:00PM Welcome to the Theater of Charm Zhangjiajie.
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