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  • Zhangjiajie city to Fenghuang ancient town by regular bus

    Zhangjiajie city to Fenghuang ancient town by regular bus

    Zhangjiajie city to Fenghuang Town. A distance of about 220 km.It is about 4-hour Drive.The cost is CNY80+3 Insurance.There are 6 regular buses every day during April to November.
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  • Zhangjiajie tourism for  TOP 5  hiking places

    Zhangjiajie tourism for TOP 5 hiking places

    Tianzishan Shentang Bay is also named Shentang Fort. It is located between Yuanjiajie and Tianzishan. It is a gorge shaped like a huge basin walled by lofty precipices. The bottom of the gorge is veiled in mists and clouds all day, adding to its mysteriousness.
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  • Zhangjiajie's best places for sunrise & sunset tour

    Zhangjiajie's best places for sunrise & sunset tour

    Old House Area(Laowuchang老屋场) is one of the best place to enjoy sunrise in Zhangjiajie National National Forest Park, which is also a classic off-the-beaten-track place in the park.You need to get up around 4:00 am in summer and 5:00 am in winter to shoot the sunrise, there is no tourism bus you can take to arrive in Old House Area, you can hire a private car in Dingxiangrong Downtown, the cost is about 100rmb/pax.
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  • Zhangjiajie glass bridge guidance advice during peak season

    Zhangjiajie glass bridge guidance advice during peak season

    The first is located in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, It is the real Zhangjiajie glass bridge.It is building between Lishuya and Wuwangpo of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.It is a landscape bridge, but also the scenic pedestrian traffic, tours, bungee jumping, Liusuo, T station, and other functions.Zhangjiajie glass bridge main span of 430 meters, 375 meters long bridge, 6 meters wide, height of about 300 meters. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon entrance fee is CNY118,Glass bridge fee is not included in Zhangjiajie grand canyon's total ticket
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  • Zhangjiajie travel attractions focus recommended

    Zhangjiajie travel attractions focus recommended

    The real gems of this province and the inspiration of floating mountains in Avatar, Zhangjiajie preserves world natural heritage, forests, karst pinnacles, wildlife and landscapes.
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  • Zhangjiajie tourism main attractions collection

    Zhangjiajie tourism main attractions collection

    Wulingyuan Core Scenic SpotsZhangjiajie national forest parkYellow stone village(Huangshizhai) Golden whip stream(Jinbianxi)Yaozi village(Yaozizhai)Yangjiajie(Peak wall) Yuanjiajie(Avatar mountain)Yuanjia ancient villageTianzi mountain(Tianzishan)Ten-mile gallery
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  • How about representative scenic spots in Zhangjiajie?

    How about representative scenic spots in Zhangjiajie?

    Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Ticket Price: Four Days Pass: CNY248, Seven Days Pass: CNY298 Sight spot grade: AAAAA Recommendation index: ★★★★★
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  • China Tourism Schedule-TOPTOURISM Recommendation

    China Tourism Schedule-TOPTOURISM Recommendation

    China's most Beautiful Five Peak Forest1, Guilin Yangshuo (Guangxi Province)Best season: April, October, August(Osmanthus open before and after)2, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan (Hunan Province)Best season: Four seasons3, Wanfeng Peak Forest (Guizhou Province)Best season: July - August4, Sanqingshan (Jiangxi Province)Best season: Autumn5, LuoPing Peak Forest (Yunnan Province)Best season: Late February - Early March(Rape blooming)China's most Beautiful Six Waterfalls1, Tibet Buba East Waterfall (Tibet Province)Best season: Autumn2, Detian Waterfall (Guangxi Province)Best season: June - July3, Yellow River Hukou Waterfall (Jingshan junction)Best season: May, September4, Luoping Kowloon Waterfall (Yunnan Province)Best season: Early February - Early March5, Novo Long Waterfall (Sichuan Province)Best season: July - August6, Huangguoshu Waterfall (Guizhou Province)Best season: July - AugustChina's most Beautiful Six Grassland1, Hulunbeier Eastern Grassland (Inner Mongolia Province)Best season: May - Mid-septemberIce and snow season: November - The following year in Mid-february2, Ili Grassland (Xinjiang Province)Best season: July - September3, Xilin Gol Grassland (Inner Mongolia Province)Best season: July - August4, Western Sichuan Alpine Grassland (Sichuan Province)Best season: Summer5, Nagqu Alpine Grassland (Tibet Province)Best season: May - September6, Qilian Mountain Grassland (Qinghai, Gansu Province)Best season: June - JulyChina's most Beautiful Five Lakes1, Qinghai Lake (Qinghai Province)Best season: Four seasons2, Enasi Lake (Xinjiang Province)Best season: July - Mid-september3, Namco Lake (Tibet Province)Best season: July - September4, Tianchi (Jilin Province)Best season: July - September.Other seasons are likely to be in the vast snow5, West Lake (Hangzhou)Best season: Four seasons scenery with its own characteristics.China's most Beautiful Ten Famous Mountains1, Namjagbarwa (Tibet Province)Best season: February - April, October - November2, Gongga (Sichuan Province)Best season: Late October - The following year in March(Snow season)3, Everest (Tibet Province)Best season: Late April - Early June, Mid-september - Early October4, Meri (Yunnan Province)Best viewing snowy season: January - May5, Huangshan (Anhui Province)Peak season: March 16 - November 16. Off season: November 16 - March 156, Daocheng sanshen mountain (Sichuan Province)Best season: April - June(Rainy season is July - November)7, Chogori (Xinjiang Province)Mountain climbing season: July - September8, Gang Rinpoche (Tibet Province)Best season: May - Early July, Mid-august - October9, Taishan (Shandong Province)Best season: Four seasons10, Emei Mountain (Sichuan Province)Best season: Spring and AutumnChina's most Beautiful Six Villages1, Danba Tibetan Village (Sichuan Province)Best season: May - November2, Hani village (Yunnan Province)Best season: November - The following year in April, Terraced landscape picturesque3, Tuwa Village (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Four seasons4, LiPing Zhaoxing Dong Village (Guizhou Province)Best season: Four seasons5, Wuyuan (Jiangxi Province)Best season: March - April, August - September6, Lijiang Dayan Town (Yunnan Province)Best season: Four seasonsChina's most Beautiful Ten Forests1, Tianshan spruce forest (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Spring and Autumn2, Changbaishan Red pine and broadleaved mixed forest (Jilin Province)Best season: Spring can be outing, Summer can watch scenery, Autumn can enjoy leaves, Winter can play snow.3, Jianfengling tropical rain forest (Hainan Province)Best season: November - The following year in April4, White Horse Alpine Rhododendron Forest (Yunnan Province)Best season: May - June5, BomiGang Ganoderma lucidum spruce forest (Tibet Province)Best season: March - April(Peach blossom season)6, Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest (Yunnan Province)Best season: November - The following year in April7, Luntai Populus euphratica forest (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Mid-october8, Libo Guest forest (Guizhou Province)Best season: Four seasons9, Daxinganling's North-Xingan Larch forest (Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia)Best season: Spring and Autumn10, Shunan Bamboo forest (Sichuan Province)Best season: Four seasonsChina's most Beautiful Five Deserts1, Badan Jilin Desert Hinterland (Inner Mongolia Province)Best season: Late September - Late October2, Taklimakan Desert hinterland (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Late October - Mid-november3, Gulbentonggut desert hinterland (Xinjiang Province)Best season: September - December4, Mingshashan, Crescent Moon Spring (Gansu Province)Best season: May - September5, Shapotou (Ningxia Province)Best season: Spring and autumnChina's most Beautiful Ten Canyons1, Brahmaputra Grand Canyon (Tibet Province)Best season: August - October2, Jinshajiang Tiger-jumping Gorge (Yunnan Province)Best season: Spring and Summer3, Three Gorges of Yangtze River (Chongqing & Hubei Province)Best season: Four seasons4, Nujiang Grand Canyon (Yunnan, Tibet)Best season: October - The following year in April5, Lancangjiang Meili Grand Canyon (Yunnan Province)Best season: January - May6, Taroko Grand Canyon (Taiwan)Best season: Four seasons7, Yellow River Jinxia Grand Canyon (Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi Province)Best season: January - April, September - November8, Daduhe Jinkou Grand Canyon (Sichuan Province)Best season: Autumn9, Taihangshan Grand Canyon (Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi)Best season: Spring and Autumn10, Tianshan Kuqa Grand Canyon (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Four seasons
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