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2017 Zhangjiajie helicopter tour itinerary

FAQ 2017/09/08 View:1016


Flight time:7 mins,Quotation:RMB880/PER PERSON

Description:Fairy stream reservoir


Flight time:12 mins,Quotation:RMB1580/PER PERSON

Description: Tianmen mountain canyon,Tianmen cave,East glass plank road,tianmen mountain


Flight time:15 mins,Quotation:RMB1880/PER PERSON

Description: Tianmen mountain canyon,Tianmen cave,East glass plank road,Tianmen mountain temple,Hilltop like a chinese bonze wear hat,Yunmeng fairy summit,Plank road alongside guigu cliffts,East glass plank road, Wing outfit flight diving platform,Tianmen mountain cableway,Tianmen mountain.


Flight time:30 mins,Quotation:RMB15000/sorties

Description: Charter


1.Operation period (Mail confirmation).

2.Above all the route according to the person time calculation.

3.The whole time: refers to the start of the helicopter rotor rotation to the floor off the car.


Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan National Forest Park North Gate parking lot (Heliport).

Concrete implementation method:

Please contact with our company after payment, clear the opportunity to date, phone number and route, before the guests check in with our company to complete the ticket settlement.

The final explanation belongs to our company! If there is adjustment, our company will inform you one week in advance.