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  • China's most Beautiful Ten Canyons

    China's most Beautiful Ten Canyons

    1, Brahmaputra Grand Canyon  2, Jinshajiang Tigerr 3, Three Gorges of Yangtze River 4, Nujiang Grand Canyon 5, Lancangjiang Meili Grand Canyon 6, Taroko Grand Canyon 7, Yellow River Jinxia Grand Canyon  8, Daduhe Jinkou Grand Canyon 9, Taihangshan Grand Canyon 10, Tianshan Kuqa Grand Canyon.
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  • Tianmenshan Tourism Guide Words

    Tianmenshan Tourism Guide Words

    Good Morning, (Name or Guys). You look so fresh in another day. How are you doing? Did you enjoy your breakfast OR sleep well? Any interesting things happened when you were on your own yesterday?
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  • Hunan Food Discovery Tours

    Hunan Food Discovery Tours

    Jiao Yan San Zi(椒鹽饊子);Stinky Tofu(臭豆腐);Deyuan Dumplings(德園包子);Chili Fish Head(剁椒鱼头);Spicy Chicken Cubes(麻辣子雞);Crisp Sesame Duck(麻仁香酥鴨);Dong'an Chicken(東安雞);Huangxing Road(黃興路);Shuguang Road(曙光路美食街) ;Pozi Street(坡子街)
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  • China Travel Schedule

    China Travel Schedule

    China's most Beautiful Five Peak Forest; China's most Beautiful Six Waterfalls; China's most Beautiful Six Grassland; China's most Beautiful Five Lakes; China's most Beautiful Ten Famous Mountains; China's most Beautiful Six Villages; China's most Beautiful Ten Forests
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  • China's most Beautiful Ten Forests

    China's most Beautiful Ten Forests

    1, Tianshan spruce forest 2, Changbaishan Red pine and broadleaved mixed forest 3, Jianfengling tropical rain forest  4, White Horse Alpine Rhododendron Forest 5, BomiGang Ganoderma lucidum spruce forest  6, Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest 7, Luntai Populus euphratica forest 8, Libo Guest forest 9, Daxinganling's North-Xingan Larch forest 10, Shunan Bamboo forest
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  • Golden Whip Stream Tourism Guide Words

    Golden Whip Stream Tourism Guide Words

    Jinbianxi is one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. It is about 7.5km long and 30-50m wide. Jinbianxi is like a blue silk ribbon around the matchless beauty, which displays the beauty of "3000 strange peaks and eight hundred fine waters" to the utmost.
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  • Huangshi Village Tourism Guide Words

    Huangshi Village Tourism Guide Words

    Huangshi Village. It is also one of the concentrate scenic spots here. People always say: "It is no avail of your trip to Zhangjiajie, unless you come to the summit of Huangshi Village. "A famous poem said :"For a better view of a further distance, ascend one more level. "So, to appreciate the fantastic scenery, please follow me to climb up the mountain through a narrow and zigzag way. There was only one way to come to the top of the mountain in ancient time, today the road we are going was paved about 10 years ago.
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  • Baofeng Lake Tourism Guide Words

    Baofeng Lake Tourism Guide Words

    Baofeng lake is located in the heartland of Zhangjiajie scenic area, named after the Baofeng Buddhist holy mountain which is in the south of the lake.The Boafeng lake is different from other lakes,it is half-natural, half man-made, located halfway up the mountain range, 85 meters above the ground and has an altitude of 585 meters.
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