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Tianmenshan Tourism Guide Words

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Tianmen Mountain-天門山-Tianmenshan

Good Morning, (Name or Guys).  You look so fresh in another day. How are you doing? Did you enjoy your breakfast OR sleep well? Any interesting things happened when you were on your own yesterday?

OK,Yesterday we threw a tour to the main fame,the major attraction of this area: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, We have experienced the phenomenal scenery of Avatar, I think we've seen something unusual, all enjoyed it. so, is it all Zhangjiajie gets? Of course: No! We have much more to see.and I guarantee Then Where Eric is going to take you? I'm going to take you to 1500ms,the highest spot of this area to experience another must-see attraction in Zhangjiajie--The Tianmen Mountain--The very mountain famously featured by a huge natural hold in its body, seen as the "Heavenly gate" to the paradise, it's where we will be introduced to, and experience 4 World Guinness Records and 1 World Wonder in person at 1 single mountain,which are great combined works from Nature and Human, Believe me, we will have illusions from them.and it's  also the spot where we can enjoy gorgeous pictures of the entire Zhangjiajie City and its pretty countryside area with a bird's eye view. What's more for us? No doubt, Tianmen Mountain will be impressive both in terms of nature and culture.I know, Now you can not wait to get there, but we still need to drive 40kms,for 1 hour, back to Zhangjiajie Downtown,since the cable car station and bus station locates there.

After the cable car project finished. OK, memory test: Does anyone still really remember when did Zhangjiajie National Park Open(1982).(So there is a 23 years difference, you may wonder they are pretty close to each other and both have the world class landscape, why does it open to the public so late.

I understand your confusion, because you don't know this mountain actually has a very important cultural role in this area: It's the holy Mountain Of Tujia Minority. so it is always a huge concern to us. because it involves a legend of our ethnic origin about how we come to the world. we care for our birth place in a great way. so the Tianmen Company, which is a private one and now running this mountain, Actually, had put unbelievable efforts in negotiating with local government and promising people before it was made to be an attraction to tourists.

Now you may be very curious about the legend of our origin. Before telling you the story, I want to make sure whether there are vegetarians in this group? because at the end of the story, it would be a little meaty. but Later, you can cover your ears. This legend has been widely spread in the area of Tujia since ancient times.The beginning of the story really sounds like the Bible, it says: Long long time ago, There was a big flood happening and it destroyed everything on the earth. but only 2 people survived, there were brother and sister from the same parents. After they saw the messy situation on earth, They were feeling very depressed, Because they thought human being was going to extinct. They were unhappy every day. Until one day, "Now, you 2, have a destiny, to keep, the human race continue, You cannot let your people die out" After hearing the god's words, They were not feeling comfortable, Because, they were brother and sister. It's against the rule. They doubted: "Hey god, It's really a big issue for us, If it's a destiny, Can you prove it?" The old man went: "No problem, Now in my hands, There are two round stone wheels, each of you takes one to top of the West Hill and East hill and you roll them down at the same time, if the 2 wheels hit each other on the bottom, you 2 have babies, OK?" "OK" they agreed, then they ran to tops of both hill, then pushed the wheels down. Fortunately, for the human being, Unfortunately for them, the 2 stone wheels hit with loud sound. then the god came to them again, "See? It's a destiny...", But they still denied: "No, No, No, it's not a destiny, it's a coincident. If it's a destiny, it can be proved again. Show me the thing you ask us to do is right." " Do you believe it now?" the brother and sister went: “Yes, we do. we accept it" then they got married. 10 months later, the girl was giving the birth, and they finally had one, but guess what did they had. what came out from the girl's belly…OK, I give you a hint, it involves the shape of Tianmen Hole. and Actually Tianmen Mountain is regards as the east hill in this legend. so it must look like the hole...OK,you probably can guess wrong forever. Let me tell you: It's a meat ball. No head, no arms,no legs. IT'S A MEAT BALL!. it's a shame. They were so embarrassed, then the boy chopped the meat ball with a chopper, and spread the minced meat to the ground. Guess What? 6 people appeared right away from ground, there were 3 boys and 3 girls. they are the very ancestors of Tujia. That's why now we have a festival called June 6th, it's our ancestor's day. Actually, the legend of brother and sister marriage is well-known locally.

You know, When I was a child, I didn't understand why we had to climb the mountain from the rear side at least for once every year. It was a very hard trek. Now I get it. because it's the way we pay the honor to our ancestor, we believe their spirit lies in the hole, it's the very legendary meat ball. Right above the Tianmen hole, there used to be a very small temple for local to worship them. actually, it still is, it's  just not open, for the tourist No. tremendously increases after Tianmen Mountain becomes a top-popular attraction for tourist. but the temple has been moved to another location on the top which is bigger and flatter. and we do ceremony there every year. the biggest excitement People have for Tianmen Mountain, I think, is the 4 World Guinness Records and 1 Wonder. With in 5-6 hours tour, we will experience all of them in 1 mountain.

What are they? No hurry. I will show them at the scene.

Now, this mountain has been running by Tianmen Company for 12 years now from 2005. I have to say, they are doing very well in advertising it. Mt. Tianmen now has been turned into a new Legend Of Zhangjiajie's tourism, and the most well-known mountain in China. but you never know, how hard it was at the beginning of their business, due to Tianmen had no reputation at all in China even it held huge attractions which could rock the world, this company once was suffering from a very bad business and heavy debt, you know, only the cable car part has already cost them 2,20 million, the daily cost of running it is around 300,000 Yuan. Quite high. but Thanks to their smart and multiple promoting strategy, they have already fought their way through. and The major way to promote it is to invite different types of crazy people to do different the stunt activities, meanwhile, invite all kinds of social medias to report the event on live. It really works every time in attracting the attention from the public. Afterwards, there would be tons of visitors following here.

From 1999, the year when the first stunt happens, to 2016. it has been more than 10 different types of stunt happening at different parts of Tianmen Mountain. Almost every highlighted part involves one. and there will be definitely more in the future. Tianmen Mountain is also an paradise for stunt. We will see the a lot of pictures and videos at the spot,then you know what kind of stunt once took place before.Now Tianmen Moutain finally succeeded in opening the heavenly gate like its name to the outside world. It has caught up with Zhangjiajie National Park in terms of fame and becomes one of the main reasons for travelers to visit Zhangjiajie.

Compared with Zhangjiajie National Park again. The Tianmen Tour is much easier than the park honestly. because it's a single mountain standing there, unlike the large park with hundreds of trails, people lose their way often and easily, and sometimes have to go deep to specific platforms scattered at different locations. Quite complicated. but At Tianmen Mountain. there is only one walking trail and one platform for viewing, that is a circled cliff-path at the elevation of 800m and the entire trail is a 360 degree platform on the top offering nonstop visual experience of beauty. On the front side, we can see the whole downtown area of Zhangjiajie, On the rear side is the beautiful countryside view with a few villages dotted on the rice fields, surrounded by the endless mountain range. So almost every step on the walk way is accompanied with gorgeous sight. Tour,in fact, is very easy.(The only uneasy part is to reach the top when it's in high tourism season, There will be hours of line-up for the getting on the cablecar or bus. I think I have showed the pictures and information to you before. I hope we can be lucky today.

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