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Hunan Food Discovery Tours

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Jiao Yan San Zi(椒鹽饊子)

This is a wheat pasta dish fried in oil. Noodles are made from flour, fat a little water and some salt together with spicy flavoring and a little sugar. These are twisted together and then fried in oil. It is a popular dim sum that the local people have for breakfast.

Stinky Tofu(臭豆腐)

Don't be scared away by the word' stinky' in its name, although it does not smell very good and has an awkward appearance, it tastes quite pleasant. The outside is crisp with a little salty savor and the interior is tender. It was said that Chairman Mao Zedong tried this snack when he visited the city in 1958.

Spicy Crayfish(口味蝦)

If the Stinky tofu of Huogongdian (Fire Palace) with a 250 year old history tells of the city's past,Kou Wei Xia (Stir-fry Spicy Crayfish) another popular choice near the area of Nanmenkou and Shahejie is a present day story.

Deyuan Dumplings(德園包子)

Deyuan, a teahouse in the busy area of Huangxing Nanlu, is said tobe a century-old place. The traditional Chinese dumplings they make are boastedthe best in the city and have a really toothsome appearance. They have fillings of meat, vegetables, shrimps or sweetened beans and others.

“Spicy” is usually the first word that comes into people's mind when it comes to Xiangcai(Hunan Cuisine). Nevertheless, there are also many dishes that are not spicy but attract countless people. Spicy-loving is an attitude but not a foregone conclusion.

Chili Fish Head(剁椒鱼头)

A common (And frightening) sight in Hunan restaurants is the classic‘Fish head’ dish: a steamed whole fish (Complete with head!) cut in half and cloaked in a sheet resplendent with red chillies. While you may be alarmed at first, the red chillies prove quite addictive and soon you'll be coming back for more!

Spicy Chicken Cubes(麻辣子雞)

This is probably the most typical local dish. It was said that theone who hasn't eaten this dish equals is one who has never eaten Hunan Cuisine.

Simply stir-fry the chickendices with pepper, capsicum, vinegar, shaohsing wine over high heat. Thefinished dish should have a bright color and spicy flavor. It is easy todescribe, but very hard to cook. The best place to enjoy it is Yuloudong Restaurant.

Crisp Sesame Duck(麻仁香酥鴨)

A duck is fried in peanut oil until its skin turns golden. Spicy seasonings and sesame oil are then added to the fried duck. The finished duck is cut into pieces and made into assorted cold dishes. It is crisp, tender and has a savory taste.

Dong'an Chicken(東安雞)

Dong'an Chicken is one of Hunan's most famous dishes. It a delicacy consisting of parboiled chicken, chili peppers, and spices, all stir-fried with vegetable oil and rice vinegar which is said to have originated in Dong'an county. Well-prepared, it is fragrant, sweet, sour, hot, tender and crisp. Dong'an chicken is one of the signature dishes of Hunan chefs.

Huangxing Road(黃興路)

Shop on one of the inland region's most popular pedestrianstreets and eat hot food while you shop. The little Chinese shops giveeconomical prices. The atmosphere is lively, and friendly local people frequentthe area. You can snack on Huangxingjie street also. It is the most popular snack street in thiscity of 6 million.

Pozi Street(坡子街)

Now, Changsha Pozi Street is created as a gourmet street headed by Huogong Palace.The main special snacks there mainly include plum syrup, fermented bean curb, Candy baba, Zongzi, taste shrimp, hotpot and so on.

Shuguang Road(曙光路美食街) 

This street is located in Furong District. You can find sea food with acceptable price here and local cuisine. Per capita consumption here is approximately 50RMB.

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  • Management of wildlife strengthened amid epidemic

    Management of wildlife strengthened amid epidemic

    Zhangjiajie, a well-known tourist city in northwestern Hunan province, issued a circular on Friday banning the trade and consumption of the Chinese giant salamander, a species on the national second-class protection list and Appendix I in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, according to a report from Rednet
    2020-02-09 15:38 View:2594
  • Oil-paper Umbrella Exhibition in Daoxian County

    Oil-paper Umbrella Exhibition in Daoxian County

    As Spring Festival approaches, colorful and elaborate oil-paper umbrellas are arranged to decorate the Xingqiao Sakura Garden, Gongba County, Daoxian County. The intensive festive atmosphere attracts many tourists.
    2020-01-25 15:33 View:2277
  • Hunan Hot Springs Guide

    Hunan Hot Springs Guide

    The guide provides you with the locations to the most popular Hunan hot springs. Discover Hunan?s natural hot springs and experience a new method of relaxation.
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  • Changsha’s Night Tour Popularity Ranks 4th in China

    Changsha’s Night Tour Popularity Ranks 4th in China

    The closing ceremony of “Lighten Up China’s Night Economic Map” (Changsha Stop) and the award ceremony of the 2019 Changsha Cultural Tourism Consumption Brands was held at the Meixi Lake International Cultural and Art Center on the evening of December 20.
    2020-01-02 18:23 View:2498
  • 3rd Hunan (Xiangyin) Traditional Folk Culture Tourism Festival

    3rd Hunan (Xiangyin) Traditional Folk Culture Tourism Festival

    On December 20, the 3rd Hunan (Xiangyin) Traditional Folk Culture Tourism Festival and the “G240 Local Delicacies Corridor” Zhangshugang New Year Celebrations kicked off at Liuzhuang Scenic Area—former residence of Zuo Zongtang, a prominent statesman and military leader in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).
    2019-12-31 18:15 View:1814
  • Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Changde High-railway Opens to Traffic

    Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Changde High-railway Opens to Traffic

    The China Railway Corporation announced on December 24 that the Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Changde Railway is to open and put into operation on December 26. Passengers can begin to book tickets on Dec. 24. Starting from Dec. 26
    2020-01-03 18:14 View:2294
  • What are the 5A scenic spots in Hunan Province?

    What are the 5A scenic spots in Hunan Province?

    Hunan has nine 5A-level scenic areas: Zhangjiajie’s Wulingyuan-Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area; Hengyang’s Hengshan Mountain Scenic Area; Xiangtan’s Shaoshan Scenic Area; Yueyang’s Yueyang Tower-Junshan Island Scenic Area;
    2020-01-01 18:05 View:2195
  • Hunan Zhuzhou-made EMU Trains Ordered by the Philippines

    Hunan Zhuzhou-made EMU Trains Ordered by the Philippines

    On December 18 local time, the CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. and the Philippines National Railways reached a supply contract of three EMU trains in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. This is the first bullet train order that a Chinese company won from the Philippines.
    2019-12-18 15:28 View:2352
  • Hunan’s First International Hiking Trail Opens

    Hunan’s First International Hiking Trail Opens

    Hunan (Huaihua) Xuefeng Mountain Hiking Development and Construction Promotion Conference and the 2019 Huaihua Winter Tourism Marketing Activities were held at Chuanyan Mountain Scenic Area, Xupu County. Hunan’s first international hiking trail was opened.
    2019-12-15 19:35 View:2258
  • Bullet Train Runs Across Bridge in Longshan County

    Bullet Train Runs Across Bridge in Longshan County

    shows a CRH bullet train crossing Xihuchong Grand Bridge at Hongyanxi Town, Longshan County. The bridge is part of the Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Changde Railway.
    2019-12-06 19:05 View:1499