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  • Charming Xiangxi-One of Zhangjiajie Irresistible Shows

    Charming Xiangxi-One of Zhangjiajie Irresistible Shows

    The show, named The Charm of Western Hunan (or Charming Xiangxi), is a royal performance combining young males’ professions of love-Climbing Suspended Buildings, the expression of missing parents before marriage-Crying before Marriage, the method of transporting deceased soldiers-Corpses Control, etc.
    Performance 2012-10-10 23:13 View:2752
  • Amidst Zhangjiajie-One of Zhangjiajie Irresistible Shows

    Amidst Zhangjiajie-One of Zhangjiajie Irresistible Shows

    In the ancient mountain of Zhangjiajie, there is an old Miao Village (a village of Miao Ethnic Group) in which live a girl named Ayiduo, as beautiful as a flower, together with a saint bird. As a legend goes: the one who will marry Ayiduo will be blessed by this saint bird to be peaceful and happy everlastingly, young Luobachong begins to search for this old village as well as Ayiduo, the mysterious girl. That is only the romantic beginning of this love story happening in this beautiful mountain, in the misty drizzle. And you are the one to witness the entire.
    Performance 2012-10-09 23:12 View:2155
  • Tianmen Fox Fairy-One of ZJJ Irresistible Shows

    Tianmen Fox Fairy-One of ZJJ Irresistible Shows

    This show, The Love Story of a Woodman and a Fox Fairy, is a romantic love story between a fox fairy and an ordinary woodman making a living by chopping woods. The fox fairy, different from other foxes, never hunts human and is very kind and incredibly beautiful, waiting for her Mr. Right (other words, her soul mate).
    Performance 2012-10-08 23:11 View:2473
  • The Impression of Liu Sanjie

    The Impression of Liu Sanjie

    Have ever known the famous performance Impression of Liusanjie? If you would like to know more about it, tell us and we will arrange you to see this glorious performance during your Guilin tour.Invested in by Guilin Guang Wei Wen Hua Tourism and Culture Ltd Company, and directed by Zhang Yimou, the grand performance named Impression of Liusanjie is the core part of the project Beautiful Li River and Folk Song Festival of Liu. Epitomizing the beauty of Li River, the cultures of ethnic groups in Guangxi and the creation of outstanding Chinese artists, the performance is really a brand-new one with a realistic view which is unique in the world.Translated by Sophia
    Performance 2012-05-16 14:01 View:1750
  • Charm Zhangjiajie Folk Show

    Charm Zhangjiajie Folk Show

    Do you want to know the culture of Zhangjiajie Tujia? Zhangjiajie Folk Show- Charm Zhangjiajie,It will give you full display in this show,You can learn the culture of Tujia marriage,Love Song Culture,Witchcraft Culture,Gui magic Martial arts culture and so on. Every night 20:00PM Welcome to the Theater of Charm Zhangjiajie.
    Performance 2011-06-30 16:51 View:7271