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Tianmen Fox Fairy

HOT Performance 2021/10/15 View:3070

This show, The Love Story of a Woodman and a Fox Fairy, is a romantic love story between a fox fairy and an ordinary woodman making a living by chopping woods. The fox fairy, different from other foxes, never hunts human and is very kind and incredibly beautiful, waiting for her Mr. Right (other words, her soul mate). She was arranged to marry the king of the fox empire but she never loves him. Instead, she gradually falls in love with this kind and diligent man so she uses her supernatural power and shapes into a woman. Everyday, she sneaks into his house and does all the housework and makes a delicate dinner for him. He finds her eventually and they start to write a story about happy life together but only suffer from the cruel reject of all the other villagers because a lot of villagers and children were hunted by fox fairies, as well as the trouble made by the fox empire. So what about the ending? You certainly are going to find out yourself!

Combining the local music, the indigenous life style and the ancient love story, with the marvelous valley as the background, this show, out of question, stands out from the entire classics. It is more than an opera, a concert, or a love story. You will see if you watch it.

This show is available every night almost all year long and it begins at 8:15 p.m. in Tianmen Mountain Valley Theatre. Hesitate no more and come to enjoy!

Adress:Zhangjiajie City(8KM from Downtown)

Staging venue:Tianmen Mountain Valley Theatre

Staging Time:20:00 (Beijing time)

Ticket price:238rmb

Translated by Vincent Chou

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    Do you know about Zhangjiajie cultural heritage?

    June 9, 2018 is China's "Cultural and natural heritage" Day,In order to publicize and demonstrate the results of cultural heritage protection, the public will learn more about the cultural heritage of Zhangjiajie. With the approval of the municipal government, a series of series of cultural heritage exhibition activities will be held in Zhangjiajie.You will know about Zhangjiajie's cultural heritage as follow.
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  • Zhangjiajie Old Yard

    Zhangjiajie Old Yard

    Zhangjiajie old yard is founded in the early years of Qing dynasty. Its architectural style is four damp down wall tujia architecture, an organic whole of tujia garden and tujia condole watchtower. It is a typical bi nazca (Tujia Nationality).It is the most preserved old house which survived in Xiangxi and even the whole country. It is a living fossil of tujia architecture, known as “Tujia first curtilage”. Zhu Rongji, former premier of the state council, once studied here.The old courtyard has a range collection, such as pottery and porcelain, ancient bed, bronze, silver, yarn, calligraphy and painting, which accounted for 14370 pieces. Its value has amounted to 1 billion yuan.Translated by Sophia
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia Folk Custom Park

    Zhangjiajie Tujia Folk Custom Park

    With an area of over 5 hectares,ZJJ Tujia Folk Custom Park is a large-scale cultural tourist attraction, which is mainly bulit to demonstrate Tujia people’s folk custom in various aspects such as Architecture, Food, Agriculture, Military art etc. Most of the buildings in Zhangjiajie Tujia Folk Custom Park are constructed with wood and stone with the characteristics of carved girder and painted columns, upturned eaves, especially the exquisite workmanship and ingenious construction are greatly acclaimed by the tourists.What’s more, Tourists express much admiration on the programs held in the park of its splendid culture and magnificent folk custom, In April, 2001, former premier Zhu Rongji visited the park and gave his lavish comments on it. In September, 2002, The park successfully held a large-scale Maogusi Dance Party, and 1,000 dancers participated. This activity and the Nine-layer Diaojiaolou Building were listed in the Record of World Genis. The park was rated as one of the 4A National Tourist Attraction in China in January, 2004.Translated by Sophia
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  • Sangzhi County Kuzhu Village

    Sangzhi County Kuzhu Village

    In Tujia dialect, Kuzhu Village means “there are high mountains in both sides”. Kuzhu Village was an old market in the upstream of Li River. Ancient fire wall and low hanging house show Tujia people’s intelligence and wisdom to visitors.According to expert research, this ancient village was first built in Tang and Song Dynasties, and became flourishing in Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a history of about 2000 years. Kuzhu Village is constantly called the “throat land” of Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City.Over there, architecture features still have the reflection of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Different minorities live together. The people are simple, honest and unspoiled. Villagers are good at singing and dancing so that many Sangzhi folk songs are spread by singers coming from Kuzhu Village.In ancient times, water transportation is the only way to contact with outside world. Kuzhu Village had a commercial dork at that time, extremely prosperous. Stores and taverns were easily to be found there. So Kuzhu Village can be seen as a kaleidoscope of Ming and Qing society.In modern times, since the quick development of land transportation, water transportation gradually fades. At the same time, maybe Kuzhu Village is forgotten by a large number of people. Still, the antique original appearance of this village is there all the time.Translated by Becky
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  • Zhangjiajie Xiuhua Museum

    Zhangjiajie Xiuhua Museum

    Located in the central part of Zhangjiajie, Xiuhua Museum is the first private Tujia nationality museum, renowned as “the Soul of Tujia Nationality” and “the epitome of Tujia culture. Over there, historical Tujia culture and full-bodied folk customs are united harmoniously.The body building ofXiuhuaMuseumadopts a courtyard structure of Tujia people’s dwellings, strewn at random. All windows, doors, eaves and footstones are collected from western Hunan, beautiful and antique. At the same time, Xiuhua Museum beaks through the inherent pattern of other commonly seen museums, instead, it combines static ancient antiques with dynamic Tujia folk customs. This is also whyXiuhuaMuseum, as a cultural landscape, has enjoyed a high reputation in Zhangjiajie for a long time.Translated by Becky
    2011-05-18 09:36 View:3168