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Zhangjiajie Specialty Mandarin Orange

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Zhangjiajie orange is not only fragrant, but also full of all kinds of nutrition.

Generally speaking, mandarin orange contains various nutritional ingredients, such as sugar, vitamin C, protein and carotene and so on. What’s more, its content of vitamin C is 6-20 times as that of apple.Orange can even be cooked with other vegetables, so that a unique dish is present. Therefore, mandarin orange becomes one of the most popular fruits in Zhangjiajie.

In 1990, world output of orange achieved more than 69 million tons, which ranked the first among all fruits. Meanwhile, the consumption per head hit over 13.3 kilograms. In almost every season, we can see people eat oranges frequently.

In a word, Zhangjiajie mandarin orange is a strong performer in different kinds of fruits.

Translated by Becky

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