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Phoenix Blue Print Cloth

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Fenghuang (Phoenix) Miao Autonomous County, located in the remote mountain area of Xiangxi (northwestern part of Hunan province), is noted for rustic folkway and rich products. A great number of visitors who have been attracted to this area always buy blue print cloth on departure.

Boasting a long history, Fenghuang (Phoenix) Blue Print Cloth has a wide range and can be broadly classified into the following five types: traditional Stone dyeing, a kind of pattern printing frequently used to dye quilt covers and door curtains; orthodox discharge printing, a traditional printing art form, often used for dyeing traditional Chinese paintings; colored drawing batiks, skilled in alternation of colors; pad & dip dye, an integrated pad dyeing art form, mainly used to showcase traditional Miao culture; and modern pad dye, a kind of dip dyeing art.

  • Dark Tea(Hei Cha 黑茶)

    Dark Tea(Hei Cha 黑茶)

    Dark Tea(Hei Cha 黑茶) is an unique type of tea made by most fermentation with a more than 400 years history,in is usually called Border-Sale tea(Bian Xiao Cha 边销茶),literally,tea sold on borders as it is commonly compressed into forms of bricks and sold in western minority areas of China.
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia Collage

    Zhangjiajie Tujia Collage

    Zhangjiajie Tujia people use a piece of good quality wood as the surface for the collage. Then put the skins, roots, brunches of trees and some other materials to stick onto the surface. With all these materials put onto the board it formed a beautiful picture about natural sceneries.
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  • Fenghuang Plangi

    Fenghuang Plangi

    As an ancient craft, dye used in Fenghuang Plangi is the same as batik. But plangi has much more vivid methods. Instead of adhering depends on wax, plangi uses strings to wrap part of the lining and this part will not be put in the dye. Other parts also form the same color as dye. Wrapped part has transition of color because of liquid’s soakage. It has no harm to human health since the dyeing adopts radix isatidis and other natural plant.
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  • Honey Bee Pupae

    Honey Bee Pupae

    Having bountiful nutrition and a flavor of crispy and delicacy, honey bee pupae is really a pure natural ambrosia. In recent years, honey bee pupae has been sold for 600 RMB per Kg in Jishou and Zhangjiajie, Xiangxi. It has become another famous specialty that sends to friends and guests.
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  • Zhangjiajie Maoyanmei tea

    Zhangjiajie Maoyanmei tea

    Named Tujia dew tea and Tujia magical tea, Maoyanmei has its vulgos like: longevity cane, glossy ganoderma, mee tea and bitter sweet dew. It is a kind of wild plant grown in the primeval forest of Zhangjiajie. The tea made from this plant has the freshness and simplicity from the climate.
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  • Zhangjiajie Eucommiae Tea

    Zhangjiajie Eucommiae Tea

    Zhangjiajie can be said to be the origin of tea with various kind of teas; such as Chun-ming emerald green tea, lobster scented tea, tippy tea, dew tea and Tujia cloud tea, to name a few, of which“the King of Tea”is Eucommiae tea.
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  • Fenghuang Batik

    Fenghuang Batik

    With a long history of its arts, pure, beautiful, ancient and plain, Fenghuang batik is an exquisite article in Fenghuang’s folk arts and crafts.Thanks to its bountiful patterns, elegant tue and unique style, batik is applied to making apparels and various living utilities. When looking a piece of batik, you feel its simplicity but no lack of freshness and pleasure to your eyes, especially with ethnic features. At the same time, as a folk art in the ancient time, batik has a history of over 1,000 years. Its unique ethnic style and bountiful national identity are poplar among tourists.
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  • Fenghuang Red Rice Wine

    Fenghuang Red Rice Wine

    There are three major specialties in Fenghuang,Hunan: Ginger candy, silver-ware and rice wine, of which the two former can be purchased in many places across the country, but the last one that made by Fenghuang people themselves with rice can not be reproduced.
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  • Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone

    Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone

    Chrysanthemum Stone, A unique handicraft of Liuyang,Hunanis cut and polished by chrysanthemum carving stone which formed 270 or 275 millions years ago. It is generally distributed among southern parts of China, such as Hunan, Jiangsu, and Guizhou. Among those, the one that bears most of the fame is Hunan Liuyang Chrysanthemum Stone.
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  • Zhangjiajie Sealand Karp

    Zhangjiajie Sealand Karp

    Zhangjiajei Sealand Karp, Special Needlepoint of Tujia,In Tujia language, “Sealand” means the bed-clothes, and “karp” means a flower, so this phrase means the tujia’s bedclothes which decorates flowers.
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