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Bus travel Zhangjiajie to Xi’an

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Answer:Due to the long-distance, There is no bus running between Zhangjiajie and Xi’an. You’d better take a flight from Zhangjiajie to Xi’an.

  • China domestic airport flight inquiry phone number

    China domestic airport flight inquiry phone number

    Changsha 0731-96777Zhangjiajie0744-8238417Huaihua0745-6838028Tongren0851-5498908Beijing/Nanyuan    010-67978899Changde0736-7705000Guangzhou 020-36066999
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  • How about the visa to Chinese people?

    How about the visa to Chinese people?

    Countries list1,Unilaterally allow Chinese citizens to sign-free countriesAsia: South Korea (Jeju Island), IndonesiaAfrica: Benin, Morocco, SwazilandAmericas: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Cuba, Haiti, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (British Overseas Territories), Turks and Caicos Islands (British Overseas Territories), JamaicaOceania: American Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan, etc.), Samoa2,Ordinary passport mutual visa-free country with ChinaSan Marino, Seychelles, Mauritius, Bahamas, Ecuador, Fiji, Grenada, Tonga, Serbia3,Unilaterally allow Chinese citizens to apply for landing visaAsia: Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Timor-Leste, Cambodia, Laos, Lebanon, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand,Brunei, Armenia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, JordanEurope: UkraineAfrica: Egypt, Ethiopia, Togo, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Comoros, Côte d\'Ivoire, Madagascar, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, St. Helena (British Overseas Territories), UgandaAmerica: SurinameOceania: Palau, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Fiji4,Unilaterally allow Chinese citizens to apply for electronic visaAsia: Georgia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Singapore, IndiaAfrica: Côte d\'Ivoire, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, ZambiaAmerica: Saint Kitts and NevisSOURCE FROM 2017BAIDU
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  • How about for China Tourist Visa?

    How about for China Tourist Visa?

    China issues two kinds of tourist visas to foreign travelers - A family visit visa and a tourist visa.
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  • How to read your Chinese visa?

    How to read your Chinese visa?

    (1) Category(2) Validity(3) Date of Issuance(4) Name (In abbreviated format)(5) Date of Birth(6) Entries Permitted(7) Duration of Each Stay(8) Place of Issuance(9) Passport Number
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  • How to get Tourist Group Visa?

    How to get Tourist Group Visa?

    Tourist Group VisaTourist Group Visa is issued to a tourist group - which comprises at least five members-aiming to travel to China.Application-Issuing authoritiesA.Chinese embassies or consulatesB.Port cities of ChinaAuthorized port cities include: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Dalian, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Xi’ an, Guilin, Hangzhou, Kunming, Guangzhou (Baiyun), Shenzhen(Luohu, Shekou), Zhuhai (Gongbei), Haikou, Sanya, Ji’nan, Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai, Chengdu, Nanjing.Documents required1. Invitation letter-original or faxed copy2. Group’s itinerary and schedule (Including number of the group)3. Passports4. Names of the members of the groupVisit Group VisaThe Visit Group Visa is issued to an unofficial group - of at least nine members - who are visiting China for such purposes as performances, competitions and art exhibitions.Documents required for application1. Invitation letter-original or faxed copy offered by authorized Chinese unit (including number of the authorized unit)2. Group’s itinerary3. Passports4. Names of the members of the groupNote: Nationals of a third country cannot apply for a group visa.
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  • China Tourism Schedule (TOPTOURISM Recommendation)

    China Tourism Schedule (TOPTOURISM Recommendation)

    China's most Beautiful Five Peak Forest1, Guilin Yangshuo (Guangxi Province)Best season: April, October, August(Osmanthus open before and after)2, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan (Hunan Province)Best season: Four seasons3, Wanfeng Peak Forest (Guizhou Province)Best season: July - August4, Sanqingshan (Jiangxi Province)Best season: Autumn5, LuoPing Peak Forest (Yunnan Province)Best season: Late February - Early March(Rape blooming)China's most Beautiful Six Waterfalls1, Tibet Buba East Waterfall (Tibet Province)Best season: Autumn2, Detian Waterfall (Guangxi Province)Best season: June - July3, Yellow River Hukou Waterfall (Jingshan junction)Best season: May, September4, Luoping Kowloon Waterfall (Yunnan Province)Best season: Early February - Early March5, Novo Long Waterfall (Sichuan Province)Best season: July - August6, Huangguoshu Waterfall (Guizhou Province)Best season: July - AugustChina's most Beautiful Six Grassland1, Hulunbeier Eastern Grassland (Inner Mongolia Province)Best season: May - Mid-septemberIce and snow season: November - The following year in Mid-february2, Ili Grassland (Xinjiang Province)Best season: July - September3, Xilin Gol Grassland (Inner Mongolia Province)Best season: July - August4, Western Sichuan Alpine Grassland (Sichuan Province)Best season: Summer5, Nagqu Alpine Grassland (Tibet Province)Best season: May - September6, Qilian Mountain Grassland (Qinghai, Gansu Province)Best season: June - JulyChina's most Beautiful Five Lakes1, Qinghai Lake (Qinghai Province)Best season: Four seasons2, Enasi Lake (Xinjiang Province)Best season: July - Mid-september3, Namco Lake (Tibet Province)Best season: July - September4, Tianchi (Jilin Province)Best season: July - September.Other seasons are likely to be in the vast snow5, West Lake (Hangzhou)Best season: Four seasons scenery with its own characteristics.China's most Beautiful Ten Famous Mountains1, Namjagbarwa (Tibet Province)Best season: February - April, October - November2, Gongga (Sichuan Province)Best season: Late October - The following year in March(Snow season)3, Everest (Tibet Province)Best season: Late April - Early June, Mid-september - Early October4, Meri (Yunnan Province)Best viewing snowy season: January - May5, Huangshan (Anhui Province)Peak season: March 16 - November 16. Off season: November 16 - March 156, Daocheng sanshen mountain (Sichuan Province)Best season: April - June(Rainy season is July - November)7, Chogori (Xinjiang Province)Mountain climbing season: July - September8, Gang Rinpoche (Tibet Province)Best season: May - Early July, Mid-august - October9, Taishan (Shandong Province)Best season: Four seasons10, Emei Mountain (Sichuan Province)Best season: Spring and AutumnChina's most Beautiful Six Villages1, Danba Tibetan Village (Sichuan Province)Best season: May - November2, Hani village (Yunnan Province)Best season: November - The following year in April, Terraced landscape picturesque3, Tuwa Village (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Four seasons4, LiPing Zhaoxing Dong Village (Guizhou Province)Best season: Four seasons5, Wuyuan (Jiangxi Province)Best season: March - April, August - September6, Lijiang Dayan Town (Yunnan Province)Best season: Four seasonsChina's most Beautiful Ten Forests1, Tianshan spruce forest (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Spring and Autumn2, Changbaishan Red pine and broadleaved mixed forest (Jilin Province)Best season: Spring can be outing, Summer can watch scenery, Autumn can enjoy leaves, Winter can play snow.3, Jianfengling tropical rain forest (Hainan Province)Best season: November - The following year in April4, White Horse Alpine Rhododendron Forest (Yunnan Province)Best season: May - June5, BomiGang Ganoderma lucidum spruce forest (Tibet Province)Best season: March - April(Peach blossom season)6, Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest (Yunnan Province)Best season: November - The following year in April7, Luntai Populus euphratica forest (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Mid-october8, Libo Guest forest (Guizhou Province)Best season: Four seasons9, Daxinganling's North-Xingan Larch forest (Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia)Best season: Spring and Autumn10, Shunan Bamboo forest (Sichuan Province)Best season: Four seasonsChina's most Beautiful Five Deserts1, Badan Jilin Desert Hinterland (Inner Mongolia Province)Best season: Late September - Late October2, Taklimakan Desert hinterland (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Late October - Mid-november3, Gulbentonggut desert hinterland (Xinjiang Province)Best season: September - December4, Mingshashan, Crescent Moon Spring (Gansu Province)Best season: May - September5, Shapotou (Ningxia Province)Best season: Spring and autumnChina's most Beautiful Ten Canyons1, Brahmaputra Grand Canyon (Tibet Province)Best season: August - October2, Jinshajiang Tiger-jumping Gorge (Yunnan Province)Best season: Spring and Summer3, Three Gorges of Yangtze River (Chongqing & Hubei Province)Best season: Four seasons4, Nujiang Grand Canyon (Yunnan, Tibet)Best season: October - The following year in April5, Lancangjiang Meili Grand Canyon (Yunnan Province)Best season: January - May6, Taroko Grand Canyon (Taiwan)Best season: Four seasons7, Yellow River Jinxia Grand Canyon (Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi Province)Best season: January - April, September - November8, Daduhe Jinkou Grand Canyon (Sichuan Province)Best season: Autumn9, Taihangshan Grand Canyon (Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi)Best season: Spring and Autumn10, Tianshan Kuqa Grand Canyon (Xinjiang Province)Best season: Four seasons
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  • Zhangjiajie tour for useful telephone numbers

    Zhangjiajie tour for useful telephone numbers

    Alarm telephone:110; Fire reporting telephone:119; Emergency call:120Traffic barricade:122; Number infromating:118114; Weather forecast:12121 Price reporting:12358; Consumer right protection:12315; Sham and shoddy reporting:12365 Tourist complaint: 0744-8380193 (Urban area) 5712189 (Forest park) Inquire telephone of Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport:0744-8238294 Flight advisory telephone of Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport:0744-8220128 8227493 8227494 Airport ticket office:0744-8238293 Zhangjiajie Railway Station-master Office:0744-8512112 Zhangjiajie City Bus Station:0744-8290881 Zhangjiajie City Tourism Bureau:0744-8380188 Zhangjiajie Tourist Agency Industry Management Section:0744-8380185 Zhangjiajie Forest Park Police Station:0744-5712381
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    一.G20 Members(G20 Leaders Summit)Argentina、Australia、Brazil、Canada、China、France、Germany、India、Indonesia、Italy、Japan、Republic of Korea、Mexico、Russia、Saudi Arabia、South Africa、Turkey、The United Kingdom、The United States、The European Union.二.Guest countriesChad、Egypt、Kazakhstan、Laos、Senegal、Singapore、Spain、Thailand.三.International organizations 1.联合国(United Nations)2.世界银行(World Bank)3.国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund)4.世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)5.国际劳工组织(International Labour Organization)6.经济合作与发展组织(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)7.金融稳定理事会(Financial Stability Board)四.Summit theme1.构建创新(Innovative)2.活力(Invigorated)3.联动(Interconnected)4.包容(Inclusive)五.Key topics1.创新增长方式(Innovating upon growth patterns)2.完善全球经济金融治理(Improving global economic and financial governance)3.促进国际贸易和投资(Boosting international trade and investment)4.推动包容联动式发展(Promoting inclusive and interconnected development)六.About HangzhouA.西湖十景 Ten scenes of West Lake 1.苏堤春晓 Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring2.曲院风荷 Curved Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer  3.平湖秋月 Moon over the Peaceful Lake in Autumn  4.断桥残雪 Remnant Snow on the Broken Bridge in Winter 5.花港观鱼 Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond 6.雷峰夕照 Leifeng Pagoda in the Sunset 7.三潭印月 Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon 8.双峰插云 Two Peaks Piercing the Clouds 9.南屏晚钟 Evening Bell Ringing at the Nanping Hill 10.柳浪闻莺 Orioles Singing in the Willows B.新西湖十景 Ten new scenes of West Lake 1.宝石流霞 Precious stone hill floating in rosy clouds2.黄龙吐翠 Yellow Dragon cave dressed in green3.满陇桂雨 Sweet osmanthus rain at Manjuelong4.虎跑梦泉 Dream of the tiger spring5.九溪烟树 Nine creeks in misty forest 6.龙井问茶 Enjoying tea at dragon well 7.云栖竹径 Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi 8.玉皇飞云 Flying clouds over jade Emperor hill9.吴山天风 Sky wind over Wu Hill 10.阮墩环碧 Ruangong islet submerged in greenery C.杭州其他景点 Other sights1.楼外楼 Lou Wailou Restaurant 2.西泠印社 Xiling Seal—Engravers' Society 3.西泠桥和苏小小墓 Xiling bridge and Su Xiaoxiao tomb4.岳飞庙和墓 Yue Fei's temple and his tomb5.杭州植物园 Hangzhou botanical garden6.玉泉 Jade Spring7.灵峰探梅 Visiting Lingfeng for plum blossoms8.灵隐寺 Lingyin Temple9.杨公堤 Yang Gong causeway10.涌金池 Yongjin pool11.钱王祠 King Qian's temple12.长桥 Long bridge13.六和塔 Six harmonies pagoda (Liuhe pagoda)14.钱塘江 Qiantang River15.钱塘潮 Qiantang Tide16.丝绸城 Silk city17.胡雪岩故居 Hu Xueyan's Former Residence18.和坊街 Hefang StreetD.杭州特色美食 Special delicacies1.杭帮菜 Hangzhou dishes2.干炸响铃 Stir-Fried Bean Curd Rolls Stuffed with Minced Tenderloin3.西湖莼菜汤 West Lake Water Shield Soup4.西湖醋鱼 West Lake Fish in Vinegar Sauce5.南肉春笋 Home-made Salted Pork with Spring Bamboo Shoots6.叫化童子鸡 Beggar's Chicken 7.龙井虾仁 Fried Shelled Shrimps with Dragon Well Tea8.东坡肉 Dongpo Pork9.糟烩鞭笋 Braised Bamboo Shoots in Wine Sauce10.鱼头豆腐 Fish Head and Bean Curd Soup11.猫耳朵 Cat-ear Shaped Pasta12.吴山酥油饼 Wushan Hill Crispy Cake14.葱包桧儿 Shallot Stuffed PancakeE.杭州特产 Hangzhou specialities 1.杭州丝绸 Hangzhou silk 2.西湖绸伞 West Lake silk umbrella3.张小泉剪刀 Zhang Xiaoquan scissors 4.王星记扇子 Wangxingji fans5.西湖龙井 West Lake Longjing Tea6.西湖藕粉 West Lake lotus root powder
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  • How to Huangshan from Zhangjiajie

    How to Huangshan from Zhangjiajie

    The first way:TRAIN1.ZHANGJIAJIE TO CHANGSHA(By train)T8328   14:15-18:50K808    15:57-21:28T8318   16:56-21:42K9066   17:08-22:39K968    18:16-23:00K1374   18:26-23:48K9033   19:00-05:502.CHANGSHA SOUTH TO HUANGSHAN(By high-rail train)There are only one high-rail train to Huangshan north from Changsha south as followG636 11:58-16:14 The second way: BUSIt is about 105,5 km to Huangshan from Zhangjiajie city by bus,you can have a try to Zhangjiajie bus station during high-season(April 01-Oct 31)The third way: AircraftThere is no directly flight to Huangshan tunxi airport from Zhangjiajie hehua airport(DAYONG),You will make a choice to Shanghai or Beijing or Nanjing,then flight into Huangshan.
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  • Hunan Tour Destinations for Popular Valentine's Day

    Hunan Tour Destinations for Popular Valentine's Day

    Fenghuang (Phoenix) Ancient Town, famous for its stilt houses, folk culture and ethnicgroups, was ever praised as "The most beautiful small town in China".With a history of 1,300 years, the town features distinct residential buildings, elegant bridges plus several mysterious towers and pagodas.Located on the western edge of Hunan Province next to Guizhou, Fenghuang Ancient Town, also known as Phoenix Ancient Town, is one of the most beautiful towns in China.
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