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Yellow Dragon Cave Tourism Guide Words

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Yellow Dragon Cave-黃龍洞-Huanglongdong

If(Guide's name) is not wrong. we have experienced the gorgeous Zhangjiajie? from outside for quite a while. I think it's time to impress you guys with the inner area of Zhangjiajie. sentered the cave with torches and found a fantastically new world inside the mountain. Now it's a very hot attraction. Before 1983, nobody dare to go inside,because it involves a legend about Yellow Dragon which once caused a huge flood disaster in old times. so the locals name the cave? following the legend: Yellow Dragon Cave.

So? what's the legend like, that could scare people away in the past time. It's said: There was very severe drought in one year. All the rice and fruit tree were about to die because of no water.? and the villagers could do nothing about it themselves, but they knew there was a yellow dragon living in the cave nearby which could make rain. so they begged a wizard to go inside to have a contact with the dragon and asked it from some rains. then they could be saved, otherwise, no harvest would lead to a terrible famine. the wizard agreed to  so the wizard jumped over with his sword and slashed the dragon on the head. Then this really irritated the dragon. Then the dragon sprayed the water to defend. then the whole cave was fully filled with the water. outside, the waterfall-liked rain was pouring from the sky. Fortunately, the wizard drifted out from the cave, alive. but unfortunately, quite a lot of the villagers drowned, dead. The whole area was deeply covered with water. After it, a local saying started to spread, that is: "We would rather see the fields suffering from drought than beg the yellow dragon for rain".

Legend is always legend. just for fun. The next year in 1984, the government opened it for tourists. The whole Yellow Dragon Cave has 3 layers, 2 underground rivers, 13 Grand Halls,and 15kms long. Every kind of cave formation could been in this one, so it's praised as: The cave champion of all-round", and listed as 1 of 10 top cave scenery in China. From 1997, Only thing to pay attention in the cave: Do mind your head, don't get knocked out by the stone. If your head is broken, it would be fine. but if the stone is broken, it would be a big fine for you.100yuan. Since the stone grows only a centimeter in 100year. 1 Yuan for 1 year. OK, I think I have given your enough information already. Any questions? If none, just get ready for the inner world tour of Zhangjiajie.

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