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Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station

Bus schedule 2016/03/31 View:10997

Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station is located in the west part of the new train station square in Guan Li Ping Street, Yongding District of Zhangjiajie city,It is a neighbor with Zhangjiajie Railway Station, the new-built Central Bus Station which is invested by Zhangjiajie Economic Development Investment Group, covers an area of 300-odd mu (Approximately 20 hectares) with a main building of 8,000-odd square meters.

Enjoying a 2,000-odd-capacity waiting room and a 300-odd-capacity parking lot, the new bus station is designed to reach a passenger flow volume of more than 15,000 in rush hours. It is a huge step forward in terms of bus station construction concerning its well-equipped facilities.

1.Zhangjiajie Bus station to Zhangjiajie Park is about 35 km, take the bus 12RBM per person,10 minutes 1 time.

2.Zhangjiajie Bus station to Wulingyuan is about 38 km, take the bus 15RBM per person,10 minutes 1 time.

3.Zhangjiajie Bus station to Yongshun Village ( Hibiscus Town ) is about 80 km, take the bus 50RBM per person;

4.Zhangjiajie Bus station to Jishou is about 150 kilometers, take the bus 65RBM per person, about 150 minutes;

5.Zhangjiajie Bus station to Phoenix is about 228 kilometers,take the bus 80RBM per person, about 4 hours;

6.Zhangjiajie Bus station to Changde is about 180 kilometers,take the bus 70RBM per person, about 2 hours;

7.Zhangjiajie Bus station to Changsha west bus station is about 350 kilometers,take the bus 125RBM/pax, about 4 hours;