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  • Guangzhou Litchi Bay-style Congee

    Guangzhou Litchi Bay-style Congee

    Litchi Bay-style congee has fish, shrimp, fried peanuts, fried squid, fried rice noodles, fresh lettuce, jellyfish slices, coriander, spring onion and basil. Its name comes from a legend of a young man from a rich family in Litchi Bay, in the western suburbs of Guangzhou that has litchi trees planted on river banks.
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  • Changsha Zimei(Sisters) Dumplings

    Changsha Zimei(Sisters) Dumplings

    At the beginning of 20th century, two sisters, both young and beautiful, set up a stall selling dumplings in the market of Huogong Dian. Their dumplings were not only beautiful in appearance, but also delicious in taste, which had been praised and then gained its popularity ever since. With porcelain white color, it is crystally bright and exquisitely small. There are two kinds of stuffing, one with sugar filings and the other with meat filings. Tender in its texture, each one has a unique flavor.
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  • Zhangjiajie Tujia Ciba

    Zhangjiajie Tujia Ciba

    Ciba is a kind of glutinous rice cake. There is an old custom in Tujia nationality, when the spring festival approaches, every family will prepare some Cibas to welcome this grand festival. After finishing making the small Ciba, several ingenious women will be asked to do some big Ciba, which represents a golden harvest and the generosity of Tujia people. Generally speaking, the small usually weighs 2 to 3 kilograms, while the big weighs more than 5 kilograms. The process of making Ciba asks for great labor intensity, thus it always be accomplished by two young men.
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  • The Characteristics of Hunan Cuisine

    The Characteristics of Hunan Cuisine

    The Xiang school puts much emphasis on the appropriate combination of different foods and delicacy of shapes within dishes, as well as the mixing of ingredients and how flavors are combined. Xiang dishes especially emphasize sour and spicy flavors. As early as the Western Han dynasty, a variety of cooking techniques had been used in cooking Xiang dishes, such as, toasting, mincing, boiling, and salting and now chefs are especially skilled at the technique of simmering when cooking Xiang dishes.
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  • Changde Beiti spicy soyabean products

    Changde Beiti spicy soyabean products

    Changde Beiti spicy soyabean products, commonly known as Malarou, is a renown specialty in Changde. It is made of high-quality soyabean fried in plant oil with high temperature. And the made-up products is seasoned with special condiments, which is both tasty and spicy. This specialty, especially the Beiti Malarou, is warmly welcomed by local people.Therefore, when you go to Changde, never miss the chance to taste this delicacy!By Brenda
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  • A Bite of Zhangjiajie-Tujia Fried Bee Pupa

    A Bite of Zhangjiajie-Tujia Fried Bee Pupa

    Have you ever seen the propaganda film-A Bite of China? Then, are you interested in these appetizing foods? If you want to have a taste of these foods, you may come to Xiang Xi, where numerous special and palatable dishes meet all your flavors. Here, I would like to recommend you one type of dish -Tu Jia Fried Bee Pupa.
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  • Sweet and Sour Pork/Chicken

    Sweet and Sour Pork/Chicken

    Sweet and Sour Pork is a Chinese dish that is particularly popular in Cantonese cuisine and can also be found in Zhejiang cuisine,Sichuan cuisine, and Shandong cuisine. The dish is now popular all over the world. With its great look and taste, Sweet and Sour Pork takes the cake among foreigners’ favorite Chinese dishes.
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  • Zhangjiajie Litsea Cubeba Oil

    Zhangjiajie Litsea Cubeba Oil

    Litsea Cubeba can eat fresh fruit,also can fry oil. The main components of oil are limonene, JiaQuan heptenone. It can make all kinds of food, or be used as perfume for cigarettes, cosmetics,toothpaste and soap. It’s the best raw material for synthetic vitamin a ionone spices.
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