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  • Sangzhi Salt Dried Beancurd

    Sangzhi Salt Dried Beancurd

    SangZhi salt dried beancurd is avwell-known local specialties. In xianfeng years, salt beancurd cake was made in SangZhi county. its industry has a best-selling in changsha, wuhan, guangzhou and other places. Once it regarded as a tribute, which got the famous name in beijing. Now, it can be available in the specialty store, and can also tasted in the restaurant.
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  • The most special cuisines-Tujia bacon

    The most special cuisines-Tujia bacon

    Actually , it is one of the most special cuisines-Tujia bacon in Xiangxi, Hunan Province, one thing that deserve your tramp over hill and dale.
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  • Hunan Nanyue Guanyin Bamboo

    Hunan Nanyue Guanyin Bamboo

    Hengyang nanyue guanyin bamboo is a small bamboo which unearthed in lunar February 19th (avalokitesvara birthday). It is a specialty flavor food of Nanyue. Nanyue hengyang has a lot of mountains and bambooes. In the temple, monks are vegetarians, so they become exquisite for the production of bamboo food, such as decocting, frying, pickling and boiling. Oil bamboo is the most unique bamboo. The meat of Guanyin bamboo is tender, delicious and very fragrant.
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  • Zhangjiajie Food Recommended

    Zhangjiajie Food Recommended

    Centuries Dayong Restaurant(Bainiandayong Jiulou) is located in Zhangjiajie Railway Station,Only 1 Km to Zhangjiajie Railway Station, Only 5 Km to Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport,Only 1 Km to Tianmenshan cable company.Convenient transportation and elegant environment, excellent dishes.Honest fair price, warmly welcome Foreign friends to Tujia taste delicious!
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  • Hunan Taojiang Mashed Tea

    Hunan Taojiang Mashed Tea

    Drinking mashed tea has become a kind of popularity long time ago in Taojiang County and Anhua County (Yiyang City), so almost every family there has some tools in store, allowing them to make mashed tea by themselves whenever they want.
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  • Zhangjiajie Special Food–Xiangxi Duck

    Zhangjiajie Special Food–Xiangxi Duck

    Pouring oil into a pot, then onion and ginger. Next, adding the chopped duck strips, keeping stir-frying about 8 to 10 minutes. Straight after that, soup-stock should be put into the pot as well. After which, the soup stock should be Boiled, about 5 minutes in big fire, so that salt, cooking wine and spicy sauce as well as wild pepper can be added. Changing to soft fire and keeping stewing until the duck strips become tender. Finally, dishing up when other prepared ingredients konjak and bean curd are put into the pot.
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  • Gourmet in Zhangjiajie

    Gourmet in Zhangjiajie

    Cuisine of Zhangjiajie Tujia nationality proves the distinct feature of local folk custom as well as the essence of Hunan cuisine. “Hot” can best represent Hunan cuisine, and undoubtedly, Tujia cuisine. Except this flavor, the unique preserved ham and pickle also contribute to a good bite. Zhangjiajie specialty, to name but a few, Preserved Pork, Tuan nian Cai (Assorted Dishes),Tofu Porridge, Pickled Fish, Loach in Tofu, Stewed Black-Bone Chicken with Gastrodia elata.
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  • Wulingyuan Honey Orange

    Wulingyuan Honey Orange

    As a mountainous city, Zhangjiajie boasts many of local products grown on the mountain, such as kiwi fruit, Qingyan green tea, lobster flower-scented green tea, pine mushrooms and wild arrowroot starch. We will introduce the honey orange.
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