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  • Sichuan Twice-Cooked Pork

    Sichuan Twice-Cooked Pork

    Twice-cooked pork is a Special Sichuan Cuisine but has a warm welcome in zhangjiajie. It is red and green in color, rich in taste. The pork slices in it is fat but not greasy.
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  • Xiangxi Bandit Duck

    Xiangxi Bandit Duck

    ZJJ Xiangxi Bandit Duck is a very delicious, popular and traditional food in Xiangxi.Speaking of Xiangxi Bandit Duck,many people wonder how could a duck be called as a bandit.It is really a very funny and strange name.
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  • Sangzhi Salty Dried Bean Curd

    Sangzhi Salty Dried Bean Curd

    Sangzhi is an important county of Zhangjiajie. And Sangzhi salty dried bean curd is a kind of local specialty in Zhangjiajie City,Hunan province. It owns a good market in Changsha, Wuhan, and Guangzhou, and enjoys a good reputation in Hunan province. During Xianfeng period in Qing Dynasty, Sangzhi salty dried bean curd is listed as articles of tribute.
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  • Loaches Inserting into Tofu( Ni Qiu Zuan Dou Fu)

    Loaches Inserting into Tofu( Ni Qiu Zuan Dou Fu)

    Ni Qiu Zuan Dou Fu is a course which is commonly favored by Tujia people.It is rich in nutrition,fresh and tender as well as full of delicious favor,acting as a yummy food for Tujia people to treat honored guest.The procedures to make such a food is as follows:Step 1: put several loaches into a jar or a pot, and then add clean water and a slight of salt.Step 2: Wait for one night until the loaches in a jar or a pot spitting out all the mud, sand and other impurities in their stomachs.Step 3: use clean water to wash the loaches, and then put living loaches into fresh and tender tofu to let them go through the tofu.Step 4: after a few small holes appearing, put them into the pan and stewed them.Step 5: add some ingredients like pepper, chopped green onion, monosodium glutamate, chopped fresh ginger, soy sauce etc.In many people’s view,this dish is very distinctive and innovative and it is really a very traditional and unique Tujia food.If you have not taste it yet,why not have a bite of it? I bet you will not regret.Translated by Emma
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  • Zhangjiajie Bayue Melon

    Zhangjiajie Bayue Melon

    Zhangjiajie Bayue Melon, wild fruits of akebiaquinata and Akebia trifoliate, is a kind of green food free of contamination. It will crack when growing ripe. Granted as the local banana, it shares the shape of the real banana. Blessed with fruit fragrance and sweet flavor, it consists of Sugar, vitamin C and 12 kinds of amino acids, as well as some acids that human body cannot synthesize,including valerian acids, methionine, isoleucine,and phenylalanine lysine.
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  • Zhangjiajie Pig Blood Porridge

    Zhangjiajie Pig Blood Porridge

    Pig blood porridge is a special food for tujia people. With the special significance, tujia people use it for ancestor worship and other specific occasion.
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  • Zhangjiajie Qiaoqiao (Knock) Liquor

    Zhangjiajie Qiaoqiao (Knock) Liquor

    Zhangjiajie Qiaoqiao (Knock) Liquor, both special in name and in appearance, is a kind of liquor with clear luster and light yellow color. When you have a taste of it ,a fresh and sweet bamboo fragrance will tease your taste bud. Its producing process is rather fastidious: people of Tujia nationality will inject rice wine into the bamboos which grow wildly in spring, which will ferment the liquor and integrate the fragrance of bamboo into the liquor at the same time. Thus, all the liquor in the bamboo tube will undergo the natural brewing of spring and summer, and wait until the coming of fall. When the bamboos have basically formed, people will cut them down and store the liquor in their cellar for drinking later.
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  • Fenghuang Peach Blossom Worm

    Fenghuang Peach Blossom Worm

    As a traditional dish in Hmong’s cuisines in Fenghuang, Xiangxi, the taste of peach blossom worm is delicious with the function of nourishing yin and tonifying yang, and it becomes the great treasure among Hmong’s dishes.
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